Michael Horn Live, EP 25

Creativity in Communication: An antidote to the relentless bombardment of garbage

Tonight’s show will primarily be an interactive discussion about how to engage our creativity in dealing with the increasing pressures of everyday life.

Michael Horn Live, EP 25

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

6:00 PM Pacific Time 

6 Replies to “Michael Horn Live, EP 25”

  1. It`s getting to the point where I don`t even read the news on the internet let alone even on TV or even the radio! the news is so mushy and bad that it`s just not worth even to bother with anymore If I have to live,better to think positive thoughts as the people from Erra do after all the people from Erra has definitely got my ticket! “Hurray for Planet Erra.:))) Iwish I were living there now! Salome:)))

  2. This is the strangest blog site leaving a feeling of fitting in %)

    Just listened to your YouTube of yesterday, Michael. I really enjoyed it! It’s like sitting with you personally… something about the vulnerability….

    As you will see from the group email sent just before seeing it, this is the REAL meaning of synchronicity, or rather a Unified Feild… %)

  3. Hi MH Just saw EP 25. Great show as usual. I love the opening where you sing and play the guitar and the end where you recite a poem. “WOW MH you are so very talented and wonderful and joyful. Keep up the great work you`ve been doing all along. Salome Terry

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