Paris Burning as Billy Meier Predicted in 1981

The ceaseless fulfillment of Meier’s prophecies and predictions continues

1981: “Paris will be destroyed from within and burnt down.”


You can expect the usual cynicism and skepticism, such as, “Well it hasn’t really burned down completely yet.”

Don’t argue with them. Just be grateful that fools are willing to identify themselves so you can avoid them.

Paris May Day riots see far-left anarchists smash windows and loot a McDonalds as thousands of mask-wearing protesters bring chaos to the French capital


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  1. Edit: Hi John, this comment will not be approved in its original form since you are suspended from posting here.


  2. Perfect choice, Jedi. Posted. (Today’s global anthem) – It’s up to you – yeah YOU!

    Know that the deep state did everything the could to program us. But some went on to create Green Peace, Save the Whales (without their waste we could not have a biosphere) and into alternative therpaies and psychotherapy to work out WTF was going on.

    A few years ago, in the fake Hippie dive of Rishikesh, India, I met a 20 year old from London dressed as if he had just stepped through a time portal from 1967. He told me how he was one of over 10,000 that tried to march to Trafalgar Square but were aggressively dispersed by the police. He said it didn’t make the news.

    He wanted to know how it was in the 60’s when every Sunday, we were there in droves protesting about nuclear war etc.

    Anyone who speaks truth – anywhere in the world – who has the ability to reach people’s hearts to evoke change – has been taken out by the CIA/America. Even though Billy has had many threats, so much conspiracy was placed around UFO’s, this in itself protected him.

    Why do people like so many willingly sacrifice themselves? Because it’s better by far to leave this world a hero than to live in it as a coward. Meaning, they know that how we act at this critical point in time determines where we end up next.

    My heart goes out to you, Jedi, and all the young today bearing the full weight of humanity’s follies.

    1. Hi Mary I used to believe in the movement foir peace back in thelate 1960s on onwards. In October 2001 I did volunteer work for the Wespac foundation because of my belief in a good peace movement. Six months later I joined wespac, to this very day I still believe we can accomplish the mission to stop all these nefarious dark energies from from fulfilling their desire to kill every living thing that ever lived on this planet not just for peace but also to clean up our environment and sve al life on Earth humans,floura and fauna etc. My wish is that we could all join the Plejaren Federation and be like Erra so we could have peace and a clean healthy envionmnet that is non polluting and safe for all living things here on Earth. So far these nefarious cabals and shillk are doing everything they can to destroy us all here on Earth. That is why I ask MH if this is what is left over from the Orion wars thousands of millions of years ago and these Bafa Giza Jerks only made matters worse and niow look where we are,destroying ourselves and not heeding the warning signs of an impending nuclear war by 2020! Cause and Effect. Seems to me we are still behaving and acting like those gorilas froi the opening seans from the movie 2001 A Space Oddesy and getting worse and worse and worse,etc,etc,etc!!!

      1. Lovely to hear that, Terry. I had a feeling we are from the same wave…

        That era was so special. It’s been formed in our blood and bones, hasn’t it?

        I blame most of what’s happening today on the wispy self-centred new age movement; the ‘I love me because everything is Maya’ jokers and ‘abundance theorists’ – and all from the bones of a dying plastic sodden Earth…

  3. Dear Melissa,

    You feel like a kindred sister, indeed.

    Yes, it does seem incredulous how we can become so easily programmed, but unfortunately, it doesn’t just begin with parents or the media but quite literally, begins at birth in relation to the way we perceive.

    It’s an in-depth subject but has been collectively researched by psychotherapists in particular. To even touch upon the way in which we perceive from birth while getting used to this gross meat-suit would sound nuts, so complex is the phenomenon we are subject to.

    This is a favourite poem easier to digest.

    ‘I am not yet born; oh, hear me! Let not the bloodsucking bat or the rat or the stoat or the club-footed ghoul come near me. I am not yet born; console me. I fear that the human race may with tall walls wall me, with strong drugs dope me, with wise lies lure me, on black racks rack me; in blood-baths roll me.

    I am not yet born; provide me with water to dandle me, grass to grow for me, trees to talk to me, the sky to sing to me, birds and a white light in the back of my mind to guide me. I am not yet born; forgive me for the sins that in me the world shall commit, my words when they speak me, my thoughts when they think me, my treason engendered by traitors beyond me, my life when they murder by means of my hands; my death when they live me.

    I am not yet born; rehearse me in parts I must play and cues I must take when old men lecture me, bureaucrats hector me, mountains frown at me, lovers laugh at me, the white waves call me to folly – and the desert calls me to doom – and the beggar refuses my gift -and my children curse me. I am not yet born; oh, hear me! Let not the man who is beast or who thinks he is God come near me.’

    Louis MacNeice 1907 – 1963; philosopher, poet and writer

    To give a sense of how cunning the buggers have been; over seventy years ago, scientists carried out numerous experiments where they connected the nervous systems of rats to two buttons. If the rats pressed one button, they experienced an artificially induced orgasm. If they pressed the other button, it gave them food and fluids.

    Once they got the hang of it, the rats always opted for momentary orgasm. But more enlightening was discovering rats would starve themselves to death in order to experience up to 7,000 orgasms a day, often having heart attacks in the process.

    These tests were applied to both genders. When rats, who had not been interfered with were ‘on heat,’ and were introduced to the programme rats, the addicted rats did not want to know. They had become addicted to orgasms with no effort in the process, apart from pressing the button.

    Most people know about those in Hollywood now speaking out in relation to the level of paedophilia in the world but most still remain unaware why perversion and addiction are now so great.

    Jedi kicked me off this morning for a John Lennon Day. This is also relevant…

    Have a lovely day, as they say where you are %)

  4. Mary I think we should have a John Lennon Day! There is a song Lennon oince wrote called “Give Peace A Chance and Lennon also wrote the song Imagine. Jedi We Ned Peace NOT war. I`m a Boomer and I went through the anti war movement during the late sixties and for you to knock John Lennon is not being very altruistic. I grew up watching the original black and white move “The Day The Earth Stood Still docents of time and have at least two or three VCR copies of the move but who uses VCRs when we have computers,iphones ipads and so on etc. Persoanlly I wish we were all like the people from Erra who stopped fighting wars 50,000 years ago. “Its time for us on Earth to “GROW UP” and stop behaving childishly and PLEASE stop the killings of war and let us human beings think for ourselves. A good way to start is the Birth Stop and Birth Check. No more wars,crime dieases,unhealthy foods,politics,corporations,religions nuclear nenrgies, and burning of fossil fuels,Etc,etc,etc!

  5. If I may say, it certainly was a small riot but the media were all on this, so it may have been used to divert attention and make people forget that essentially it was the labor day in France. A date when people traditionally can express their discontent against the policy of the government or whatever, so this was quite convenient in a certain way that some thugs stole the show this day, “silencing” other more important claims from other protests.

    1. Hey Lolo, you are right but the fact is, riots also happened that day in many other countries. Some info was on the Net but when I had more time to research the best clips had been taken down as if they hadn’t existed.

      From living out of the box in India and meeting many young people, information now comes directly at ground level. Of course, the media are playing it and other forms of protest down because they don’t want it spreading.

      In 2011, I tried to settle back in the UK. Four days after arriving on the Fulham Road in central London, the UK riots broke out. London is where I was born and raised. The few days beforehand the air felt explosive but I was told that after (then) living in the remote Himalayas for 10 years, I was ‘oversensitive’ and would simply have to adjust.

      having given everything up to become a penniless sadhu (an experiment), I arrived straight into a nursing job of taking care of a Major who once led the guards at the trooping of the colour. He had the news on – on every floor (7 of them) – blaring out as his deaf aid was always slipping out. There were so many helicopters overhead, no one could hear anyway – and screeching sirens that sounded like terror itself. Shops were boarded up and from my attic room, I looked across my hometown with fire/smoke billowing up in the night sky wondering if this was it.

      At the time, David Cameron made a public statement saying ‘The British are becoming a psychologically ill nation,’ which is ‘the pot calling the kettle black’ after it was found out what he and 2/3rds of the cabinet were up to with pigs at Eton. Conveniently, it was all brushed under the carpet by the Commonwealth games or something….

      Anyway, all I can say is what Lennon once sang; ‘just gimme some truth, all I want is the truth.’ However, in this world, I won’t be holding my breath %)

  6. Terry – I agree with you 110%

    Have you seen the French film ‘The Green Beautiful’ with English subtitles?

    It really says it all… Fortunately, I downloaded it in 2011 before the EU, Russia, US, UK, Isreal and most of Europe banned it.

    What a joke; a five-year-old would be able to understand and benefit from it. It’s pure innocence and funny too, but the main thing, like you, it’s 110% spot on as to why we are in the mess we are today. But most importantly, it shows that the Deep State did not win.

    Basically, it’s about Earth 2,000 years into the future. They are living completely naturally and in harmony with Nature and because of their awareness, the climate is perfect so all they have to do is lay down on the grass and fall asleep. It’s time for another mission to Earth (in our time) to do a little tweaking but no one wants to go as the last person was crucified. It’s very funny…

    My email is If you have Google Drive, I can send it to you.

    I was not aware that Jedi doesn’t like John Lennon. From Gandhi to Princess Diana and so on, when anyone acts as a hero for the masses after they get taken out, you get these snide books and websites by pseudo-intellectual double agents denigrating them – just as with Herman Hesse (albeit even more cunningly) in that new forward to Siddhartha.

    If you grew up with Lennon in that era, and especially in the stiff-upper-lip UK, then you know how important these people were – and still are.

    1. I did some searching at duckduckgo and found this on vimeo:

      with title: La Belle Verte [The Green Beautiful]
      Is this the right movie? Do you know why it was banned? Seems like an inspiring movie.

      1. Sven – that’s you for finding it – and enjoy it while you can. It’s incredulous how the system tries to destroy our innocence and the banning of this film, as you will see, is a prime example.

        As previously said, I’m techno-dumb and don’t know Vimeo or if you have to pay a subscription to belong to it?

        Anyway, enjoy it. It makes sense for anyone interested in UFO/ET activity. I have watched a number of times when feeling totally estranged here %)

      2. Sven, I have just watched this and found it very interesting. but I don’t know how to go about opening a conversation about it on this blog?

        It showed me why I have seen things that could be classed as UFO’s and yet the gut feeling is it’s man-made and even sinister. However, there are soft looking lights that appear like fish swimming easily through space, that appear and pulse in a gentle way, disappear and reappear in vast areas across the sky that simply has to be interdimensional phenomenon.

        Anyone who has witnessed this will tell you it leaves you feeling uplifted and joyous and this is because of the ESP connection; that there has been a connection with something far more intelligent than human beings (non-egocentric) and therefore obviously benign.

        What are your feelings?

  7. Playing down what is happening in the collective psyche of humanity serves only those who can’t face what’s really going on.

    We are collective

    1. Probably an old structure going up unexpectedly rather than a work of some unhappy Frenchmen. They weren’t originally built/designed with materials we have today that resists fire or have safety measures for such things like power outlets/cables, etc. where someone legitimately could have done a bone headed thing on a job site. This won’t be the last old and functional historical building that would be lit up in flames.

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