Paris Burning as Billy Meier Predicted in 1981

The ceaseless fulfillment of Meier’s prophecies and predictions continues

1981: “Paris will be destroyed from within and burnt down.”


You can expect the usual cynicism and skepticism, such as, “Well it hasn’t really burned down completely yet.”

Don’t argue with them. Just be grateful that fools are willing to identify themselves so you can avoid them.

Paris May Day riots see far-left anarchists smash windows and loot a McDonalds as thousands of mask-wearing protesters bring chaos to the French capital


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  1. Damn it. I saw this prophecy earlier this week, but like an idiot I let go of it, thinking the ‘red storm’ meant the old red communists from the USSR.

    I’m composing a letter to the French president right now already.

    1. If the stronger weapons are moved out of France, then it still leaves time to ‘disarm’ the threat before it has a chance to grow out of control.

      1. I feel so completely, completely stupid to have missed the chance to have written to their government sooner when I first read the prophecy.

    2. The french president is in Australia right now; better things to do than preside over it’s country.

  2. I’m thinking that they will need some weapons of course, to defend the city, but if the larger, more deadly weapons were removed, it would nip the danger in the bud by a lot before it can grow out of control.

    What does everyone else think? Or, does anyone have any other ideas as to how we can mobilise an action quickly to defend our planet?

    1. Tyler,
      Billy and Mike have been trying for years to find a quick solution to help the prevention of our planet being totally destroyed, and we as part of the community get the information out as best we can, but there is one thing that stands in our way, a planet full of illogical brain dead humans who still believe a savior is coming to save their sorry asses. I know this because I’m related it to it!!!!

      1. Hey Joe
        I hear ya! I am living amongst them out in the country in Virginia. It is a whole different world here. What shame!

      2. Joe, I think and believe the reason why Billy can`t reveal when all these predictions will happen is if Billy gave out when etc its due to the fact that if Billy told the world particularly us when for example the two civil wars and WW4 is that Billy could be assonated and killed by these nefarious cabals, shill,NSA,CiA Deep State and so on. I think that is why the Plejarens told Billy not to reveal the dates until all these predictions happpend which means we will all be sitting in limbo until these predictions started and came to fruitions which means we could all get killed and die too along with the rest of this stupid mindless dimwits! I think it would be wise to watch events when and if these predictions do proceed then we had better duck and hide and scram and run for the hills PRONTO!!!

  3. The person in the photos proudly displaying his red T-shirt with the soviet hammer and sickle; doubt very much that Russia has anything to do with this? This just appears to be another covert attempt by the European Union to get people to stand against and cast blame on Russia. More than likely the masses of sheepish mush for brains protesters will follow this manipulation?

    1. This is the prophecy we were given:

      “Through Hungary, Austria, Switzerland and Italy rolls the red storm flood from the East to France, to be conquered by the hammer-sickel-carriers. The American weapons arsenals, located in France, at that point in time, will fall into the hands of the red storm flood, whereafter Bolshevism will rule there for a longer period of time, in order to wage war from there against England, Spain and Scandinavia.

      This war will be terrible for the entire world, but especially for France and the rest of Europe.”

      So the ‘hammer-sickel-carriers’ must mean Russia, or perhaps Russian military?

      Who can the ‘red storm flood’ be describing then? Is it the radicalists and fanatics who are waving around the red flags, which appear to me to say … ‘CPGB-MJ’? What can that stand for?

      1. Tyler,

        It appears to be “CPGB-ML”? If that is what it is; it’s “Communist Party of Great Britain; Marxist-Leninist”. Nothing to do with Russia.

      2. The red storm flood are one of the anti-logos, in this case indicating the Islamic extremists, most likely sleepers in Europe already.

    2. And the American Media machine will spin it so it reads and sounds that way. I believe Billy stated not to long ago that a war will break out between Russia and Germany or Russia and the EU that was actually caused by the EU. Does my memory serve me correctly Mike?

  4. “I can`t fior the life of me understand why even here in the U.S. stupid government keeps saying are colluding with Russia when we ALL know that it`s Hilary Clinton that was and is colluding with Russia so she can go to war with Russia! Russia is no longer a communist state but China is even worse than it ever was. With the president in China wants to rule for life until dead and spies EVERHWERE in China the Chinese people no longer have any freedom at all. I get the feeling the there are some people whose heads are just so screwed up that they just don`t seem to want to get their heads out of the sandboxes. MH what gives you tell me! Yikes!:-(((

  5. Last night I heard Jeroime Corsi from the Washington D.C. branch of say that since 1980 Iran1s constitution was change by it`s cleric. To this very day Iran`s present cleric thanks to it`s nuclear capability vows holy war against Iran`s people and beyond into the Middle East and the entire of Planet Earth in order to enslave the people of Earth into believing the Koran and Islam Muslim beiefs. If this isn`t WW4 then what else is this, propaganda to enslave the human race into submission along with Bolshevism with the Hammer and Sickle. Cause and Effect? Remember “We Were Warned!”

  6. With all do respect and in my own opinion, I think equating Billy’s prophecies to anarchists burning down a McDonald’s in Paris misses the mark. The prophecies were speaking of an invasion from within, right? Islamist fanatics were said to be the ultimate culprit, not anarchists? Am I wrong?

    1. Exactly right, Mary, humans are spiraling out of control. They are devolving into hateful, miserable, lazy chronic complainers.

      The world has changed so much in twenty years, some for the better, and some for the worse. Folks are literally going insane. A lot of them can’t handle the world changing from the old ways and so we will continue to see them rage and revolt to keep the status quo. This is an amazing and interesting time to be alive if you’re a researcher and history lover like me, but it will also prove to be one of the most critical and transcending periods in history. We are on the cusp of going into space yet we can’t quit killing and torturing humans on our own planet. Having us cavemen in space is probably one of the most frightening things to our civilized neighbors in the galaxy. Any reasonable and logical thinking human would have to work out that the ET’s would come here to watch and keep an eye on us for that reason alone. One day we will finally figure it out, but the path we take is completely up to us.

      1. Mary and Melissa couldn’t agree more.

        “Having us cavemen in space is probably one of the most frightening things to our civilized neighbors in the galaxy.”

        …. the stuff of nightmares!

        1. Sorry, Melissa and Anne, I’m techno dumb – new to all this and first replied via the email sent Melissa sent – but was savvy enough to cut and paste it again (above); hence the response may show up in two places %)

      2. That’s very true, Melissa.

        What you said reminds me of George Bernard Shaws 1932 statement that ‘Earth must be the lunatic asylum for the entire universe.’

        Glad to hear you are reflecting on this historically because if we go way back into cycles, it’s as if there is something about the human condition, something about being in a gross space-suite with a complex body/psychology, that leads us to into psychological inflation, or rather the ‘pride before a fall…’ scenario.

        Looking at it personally, I was brought up opposite Hyde Park where the front door was left open for the postman to leave the mail and make himself a cup of tea, and I could walk to school alone from Notting Hill Gate to Bayswater aged 6 years old. No, I’m not 104, but 64 %)

        From an early age, it seemed that something about us was essentially good and yet there was a trickster within that could play the most horrible- insane tricks, and unwittingly trip us up and that’s what led me into psychotherapy.

        Then ‘the fall…’ was seen again in the Himalayas… the innocent sweetness being lost, TV’s and money (via apple trees) appearing and Bob’s your uncle, that innocence dissolves into something competitive, selfish and downright nasty… right before my eyes.

        Not sure if you have seen or know about Alan Curtis’ research but this is one of the best things in relation to how susceptible to brainwashing we are is this;

        The psyche seems to react as the body does when it’s binged on junk food; it vomits. And the psyche seems to do this, too. Like the body, it either becomes sick or erupts.

        1. I’m not sure if I know who Alan Curtis is, but I’ll check his video out. I’m appalled at how easily folks are manipulated and brainwashed by others. It really makes you wonder what happens to someone’s brain that they can’t see or sense the manipulation. It’s mind-boggling to say the least. If your religion tells you it’s okay to oppress half the population or kill those who don’t believe what you believe, you might want to have a word with your deity. Tell them that’s not nice and put them in time-out for one century. Seriously though, brainwashing is a horrendous problem on this planet and we need to collectively self-examine ourselves and figure out how to overcome the savageness and barbarity of our very incorrect thinking.

        2. Hi Mary I couldn’t agree more with you:-) Make that two cups of Earl Gray Hot “Maker It So Engage cheerio:-)

  7. With all due respect, I don’t know what flag “THEY” hide behind from one minute to the next!??!!?

    1. While you’ve been looking at the one eye or wolf in sheeps clothing it could be the turtle, for all I know??!??!

  8. Hello folks, a bunch of morons wandering around Paris breaking stuff in the name of workers haha,I wonder how many have the guts to hold down a job hmm jury’s out not. Just another day in the E.U. Land of confusion

    Thank you
    Yours faithfully
    ‘a casual observer’


      “Too many men
      There’s too many people
      Making too many problems
      And not much love to go round
      Can’t you see
      This is a land of confusion.
      Now this is the world we live in
      And these are the hands we’re given
      Use them and let’s start trying
      To make it a place worth fighting for.
      This is the world we live in
      And these are the names we’re given
      Stand up and let’s start showing
      Just where our lives are going to.”

        1. Terry – saw Jedi’s Genesis clip here in the remote Himalayas where maybe there is more freedom all-around…? %)

          Responded and hope you have a chance to see. Perhaps cut and paste in YouTube?

          Basically, all we are saying…

          Welcome anytime; no Earl Grey but plenty of home-brewed Indian…

      1. I remember being a fan of this song when I was younger; now that I read the lyrics in the context of the material, I’m sure there was no coincidence.

  9. Edit: Hi John, this comment will not be approved in its original form since you are suspended from posting here.


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