Sunday’s podcast covered the following topics:

  • Creation and Striving
  • Counteracting the prophecies through equalized positive and creative thinking and force
  • Inspiration, how do you get inspired?
  • Discipline – using it creatively and applying it to creativity
  • Understanding Creation is vital to understanding the teaching and thus, the mission at large
  • Collectives and the benefits of joining with mission platforms and those who seek the truth
  • The Might of Thoughts, using it like the Creation.

2 comments on “Humanity Matters | Episode 6 | Creation and Striving

  • A great show fellas covering some very important topics that is truly needed for those who will come in the future to study and likewise for the current student of the ST.
    I would like to share my take on the bit about dicipline.
    From my own experience with dicipline it is essentially like a promise you know you need to keep no matter what rain hale or shine.
    It is this staying with a particular course driven by the engine of intent and conscious decision that overall proactively increases your Creation given powers which reaches so many aspect of your psyche, consciousness, mentality and being when exercised.
    It is this conscious decision exercised to stay concentrated and focused on a particular task, activity or being in a conscious state of excitation towards achieving a particular purpose, goal and aim and to continuously repeat it day in and day out that on the whole develops character and personal power.
    You also feel good about yourself by overcoming yourself and your procrastination in staying diciplined by having stayed true to yourself by carrying out the things that you didn’t feel like doing and one that you wanted to put off because you were tired or simply couldn’t be bothered but you strove anyway and did what needed to be done.
    It is I think in the process of staying diciplined and overcoming the various challenges that you grow and develop as a person but more importantly the excitation from the various situational and circumstantial factors impulsate your creation given creativity during activity and that it is an avenue where you get to know yourself yours truly even deeper.
    To stay diciplined and benefit from it I think requires exercising of your conscious intent , focus and willful decision.
    By being passive you are not truly there but just going through the motion.
    Real dicipline requires your real ‘being’ participating actively in the whole process of various actions and activities.
    You need to be there in the moment with you ‘the real me, myself and I’ seeing yourself actively doing it and also being aware of yourself carrying out the task.
    Dicipline is when it comes down to it ‘being yourself and deciding to actively be yourself and to continue to be yourself day in and day out and by this consciously repeated process you have effectively becoming wholistically one with yourself and one with your activity and then one with everything else around you because everything is connected but also subject to the Creational order which also applies dicipline.
    Without dicipline I don’t think even creation could exist because the ever present , omnipotent, omni directional, omniscient and ever evolving process, even it is subjected to, requires that it be diciplined to stay true to itself thereby guaranteeing existence of all things it created within its domain.
    Lacking dicipline you wither away and go to seed.
    So continue to ignite the fire of creation within and be ‘being in dicipline’.

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