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There is often talk about how English is a poor language for the delivery of the exactness of the teaching, and of course, why German is better. However, both German and English ultimately pale, along with every other language in every single universe, when it comes down to the real meat and bones of spiritual understanding.

You cannot appreciate and understand the teaching in its true, endless beauty and wisdom, without Meditation.

Meditation is the true key to life and above that, existence at large. Meditation is the ONLY way to directly connect, perceive and BE with your spirit, the part piece of the infinite. How can you hope to accomplish understanding of Creation, the spirit, and its mysteries if you do not meditate? How can you hope to appreciate all the hard work the Plejaren, Meier, Petale, and all the others in connection to this mission, have done? How can you appreciate Creation if you cannot feel it in the deepest fibers of your body? How can you truly understand this mission if you are missing, perhaps, the biggest piece of the puzzle? How can you know what it truly is to be neutral and equalized? How can you know balance?

Semjase on March 26, 1975.
3. The human bears a spirit that does not die nor sleep during the deepest sleep; it records all thoughts and emotions; it informs the human whether his thoughts are correct or false—if he has learned to pay attention.

Indeed, Semjase, indeed. No word connects you to that because the spirit does not require any word. It requires no phrase, no physically-expressed trait, to understand its “voice”, because its voice is ever-present, never sleeps, always available, always on-demand, if the human being has learned to pay attention.

But how can one hope to accomplish spiritual understanding without the bridge (Meditation) to be one with the true immortal in you?

What a misplaced thought to forget about the meditation and cast it aside as unimportant. It is through the connection to the most high (Creation, spirit) that one can actually learn to walk as one with the most high, and harness it in their every thought and feeling. There is no other way around this. You can read any and every book, repeat every single line word for word, but without Meditation, you will never experience the depth of the greatest treasure mankind has been offered.

“Meditation shows a large palette of very useful effects, because it not only helps in coping with the everyday life, and in coping with stress, problems, grief and worries, and so forth, rather it also calms, and it creates inner peace, equalisedness, joy, inner freedom and harmony. Also, through meditation, the sleep requirements can be controlled and limited, and along with that, as a result of a targeted meditation, the possibility exists that one becomes free of habits, vices and addictions. Even the pulse and the blood pressure and even the body temperature can be influenced to a certain degree just as can external influences of heat and cold on the body.

Needless to say, a purposeful meditation is also able to control the pain level and even neutralise the substances supplied to the body. As a result of a suitable meditation, even certain amounts of toxins and alcohol as well as nicotine and drugs can be neutralised or at least have a more or less limited effect. A further use of meditation also lies in obtaining more appreciation for life, in accepting changes with more equanimity, in coping better with losses, living life more consciously, feeling more for others and having deeper feeling for others, being more affirming of life and more loving, creating true love, facing death with understanding and without anxiety and hate, rather in deep respect, and mastering the grief with dignity and in the understanding of the reality”

— Uses of Meditation (pp.86-87, Meditation from Clear Visibility, Further Introductory Words)

“The true wealth of the meditative basis to the positive consciousness-bearing rests in the true insight and in the true knowledge, learning and experience, that the omnipotence of one’s own thoughts and feelings steers all functions and processes of life as a whole.”

—  High and highest meditation by Billy

Indeed, there are several types of meditations, each of them providing several different benefits. However, the main one to point the scope at, is Clear Sight Meditation, which is the act of completely letting go all thoughts and connecting to the true inner quiet. Surely, this will not be achieved overnight and it may require the human being to confront their worst fears, but should the human being use their willpower to steer them through the necessary negatives of the greatest tool available to understanding Creation, then it is only through this that one becomes truly invincible. It is only through the harnessing and understanding of the spirit and the realm of the finer energies that one can take their evolution to the next level.

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22 comments on “You cannot truly understand The Teaching without Meditation

  • ”However, both German and English ultimately pale, along with every other language in every single universe, when it comes down to the real meat and bones of spiritual understanding.”

    This is a very good article and point. Personally, the ‘real meat and bones” of communicating has always been ESP which Nature uses, including photons/particles ‘at a spooking distance…’ etc. It’s only humans who have been programmed to think constantly – which is now off the scales.

    So many people that have discovered whatever have said the best formulas/ideas came out of nowhere when no thought was involved. In fact, when we have to speak it’s best if we are vulnerable enough to allow words to spring from the heart – come what may %)

    • This is really quite far ahead in understanding the “meat and bones” of creation, Mary. I think this is why those who talk too much are often on the more annoying side to those of us who rather sense and observe the thoughts, feelings, and attitudes of others. This constant talking and competitiveness we are taught has never felt right to me and therefore I stay quiet most of the time. We can find far more information and understandings inside ourselves and from the waves we receive from others. So much speaking leads to illogical nonsense more often than not.

      • There may be, at times, an over-indulgence and attachment to the material plane and its understanding of the infinitely greater. But how misplaced is this, should the human being not be “humbled” (so to speak) by the spirit and of Creation itself. That necessary perception into the finest realm, where words simply cannot hope to compete, is absolutely necessary to develop the true love that can then flow out of the human with just the point of their gaze or the flick of their finger.

        Sitting here typing this and one can feel overwhelmed with joy just “feeling” the true wonder of BEING. Oh, how the human being is incomplete without basking in it…

      • I should be more clear when I say too much talking that I’m referring to those who talk, talk, talk just to hear themselves talk and not just regular everyday talk of those who wish to convey their thoughts and feelings. I am sure you know what I mean, but just didn’t want it to be misinterpreted.


      • Melissa, I agree with you totally. And also one with Jedi in that silence and meditation is the way – and that we best commune through it and over vast distances through time and space.

        It’s no mistake that the heart has between 2,000 – 5,000 times (debatable but true) more electromagnetic energy than the brain and that the way it ‘thinks’ is via feeling, and that we can only know what we really feel when we are silent!

        When I left my heady profession, and many known leaders in ‘the growth movement’ and came to live in these remote regions, it was because of being tired of words. It’s also why I have never learned Hindi. 100 years ago, many people were still illiterate and there was not the breadth of high talking there is today. And look where we are today; we can’t believe what politicians and those that declare they know – say!

        In fact, even though we are forced to use words now in these comments, it’s really to know that in this insane world there are other rays of light who feel the same and are sharing this strange space-time with us.

        Love from the remotest highest Himalayas <3

        (I ramble a bit because I live alone like a hermit but that will all be changing next week as people are beginning to come to form a tribe).

    • Carter, thank you for that link. From it, I understand more of what this blog and its teachings are all about.

  • I’m sure many of us have put off / yet to begin meditation, letting thoughts like “I’ll start meditating when my life settles down” steer the wheel.

    Hint: Meditation settles you down.

    “I’ll wait for the right moment”

    Meditation puts you in the right moment.

  • Michael; excellent article on meditation, thank you. It’s my understanding that one cannot survive without meditation? It’s my sense that when a person daydreams it’s a form of meditation; when a person takes a power-nap or begins to sleep during the evening hours, it’s a light form of meditation; among many other factors.

    The key perception of meditation is with a purposeful conscious thought process to meditate without falling asleep and with the goal of Clear Sight meditation with the pretense of totally releasing all thoughts and connecting to the true inner harmony of peace and love which provides you with knowledge, learning, experience and the positive-neutral capability of true wisdom where the consciousness is steered by corresponding meditative thoughts and feelings that is consciously formed where thoughts are cultivated again and again triggering corresponding feelings that manifest themselves in the psyche in a beneficial and positive-balanced way.

    Thank you

  • A deepest thanks to Meier, Pjareans and Petale is indeed a minor thing to say to those, whom, I cannot begin to imagine the efforts and collaboration between the many beings who have worked towards bringing us this “Teaching”. By having an inner desire for searching for a more solid truth of what “IS” through joyful self attentiveness from the reading of the many books, one will eventually come to a profound understanding for him/herself that meditation is not merely just the reminisce of the 60’s hippy movement or that it has fruitless outcomes of which contains no value. But because of how it is connected to The Creation and to the state of an individual in regards to his/her development through all levels of its’ existence as well as the result is produces during its building up of knowledge during the progress of its’ evolution.

    To ignore this immense “Teaching” by whatever means a person deems fit to uphold through his or her self convincing perpetual state that there is no more than what is their current state of living. To those who cannot see beyond this, I feel a sense of pity.

    But to see one of your children succeed through a parents words of instruction can give a parent great joy and sense of achievement. The same could be said for contributors of the mission where the word of thanks cannot compare to a full understanding and the implementation of the Spiritual Teaching in daily life.

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