5 comments on “Michael Horn Live, EP 26

  • Hi MH I just finally saw EP 26 This was a vbery well thought provoking show. The reason why I like Randy Winters is because he tries not to get to negative. The people from Erra are a very positive spiritual peace loving world. I wonder if the people from Earth since time immortal are going down the wrong path like the planet Erras or even worse liike the Akart. That is why I asked the question if this world going down the path of what is thje warmed over left over wars from the Orion wars and the Giza Bafa gangs? We need alternative options if we are going to avoid a nuclear war(WW4) “These nefarious don`t care if we ALL DIE but what these cabals don`t know is that they too will DIE in an nuclear war (WW4) and so on. I think Erra is show us there is a right way just as a parent is show a child how to be polite,nice and behave your self with ethical and moral values,etc,etc,etc. I woinder if the pepople from Eath are all going down the wrong path?

  • I wonder if we made the fatal mistakes we made on Planet Earth. “:I personally think Planet Erra did the right thing be leave a horrified Earth for a Peaceful loving Planet Erra!”

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