Now is the time to take prudent steps to minimize risk, damage and harm

As the long foretold, now unstoppable chain of volcanic eruptions, earth and sea quakes begin, we note this article, which draws attention to the possibility of eruptions of volcanoes on the West Coast. Perhaps the most noteworthy quote in the article is from one Liz Westby, a USGS geologist, who said in reference to concerns about possible dangers elsewhere along the Ring of Fire, “These are isolated systems”.

The “bliss” that ignorance and denial have long bestowed upon many foolish, shortsighted, so-called “scientists”, and others, may soon be brutally overshadowed by reality, i.e. the pesky ol’ law of cause and effect. Many will find that so-called “isolated systems” – like everything else in life – are actually…interconnected. As NASA finally discovered, we live on a…round planet.

It’s Everybody’s Fault

In this excerpt from Billy Meier’s 115thContact, Thursday, October 19, 1978, Meier is warned about the first major eruption of Mount St. Helens…and that it will signal events that ultimately result in the complete destruction of San Francisco, as well as other places:


286. Yes.

Billy: Aha, this can mean, that somewhere in America, suddenly a volcano erupts, or?


287. You have a keen mind. 288. Yes, this is so. 289. A volcano, dormant for many decades, will suddenly erupt, to rain death and destruction across the wide land. 290. This will be Mount St. Helens, which will destroy many lives and bury much land underneath. 291. The seaquake, originating at the time of Tito’s death will not be too severe, so that people of Earth will not be moved. 292. But this quake will be a bad sign for the threatening eruption of the St. Helens volcano, which is connected to the San Andreas Fault, that stretches down from the high North of western America, down to the far South of this nation. 293. At first the scientists will not see the connection of the small seaquake to the volcanic eruption. 294. Also at first, they will assume that the volcano will soon quiet down again. 295. But in this they will deceive themselves, because they do not recognize the direct connection to the San Andreas Fault. 296. But already 10 days after the eruption, several scientists will consider the event and recognize that the San Andreas Fault plays an important role in these events. 297. At this time, however it will already be so that in the San Francisco area severe earthquakes take place. 298. And only these will point the scientist to the fact that the San Andreas Fault is involved. 299. Think about the prophecy given to you on February 4, 1976. 300. It speaks about San Francisco being destroyed. 301. Time will come full circle with the eruption of the St. Helens volcano, when the beginning of the end truly begins. 302. About this is written word for word in our prophecy in verse-form: 303. And the city on the trench will be totally buried.

Billy: I know, but I did not learn the prophecy by heart.


304. Naturally you did not, but instead I can recite it for you by heart.

Billy: Really? Then go ahead.


305. If you want:

(NOTE: The following, which was originally transmitted to Billy Meier in verse-form, on Wednesday, February 4, 1976, is repeated to Meier by Semjase.)

“Under smoking, gray-black cone mountains many hell-fires will deadly be blazing; they liquify sand and earth and stone, deep within the earth, and without sunshine. Deep within the bowels of Earth boil hot magma masses, which greedily reach upward, grasp hold of the earth. Exploding they shoot upward their fire, through the throat of the mountain, the fire door. Crashing they spew forth their glowing masses, destroying man, animal, plants, oh horror. And the oceans are churned up deep down below, this the Earth now has felt long time ago. Evil volcanic fires tear the picture of the world and all over great horror cries shriek. But not enough, when it burns, before and thereafter the earthquake runs; destroying, screaming they demolish all, and no one can appease the disaster. Racing are volcanic fires and the earthquakes, round about unerring destroying life upon life. They let in the oceans new islands be formed, while people on sinking land are pleading. The time of the first destruction already is here, in the southland of the ancient people of America. In coming times this land is hit evilly hard, But also the land where black people are hoping. Europe will also not be spared of the evil, As hell lives there also under the land. Of the boot-land people will be spoken so sadly, and also of the nations with the gold-blessings of Earth. The land of the cherry blossom will also be shaken and the city on the trench will be totally buried.*Also, the people and land of the sword-lion suffer, and the star in the half-moon will not be spared, The land of the gods will also be evilly hit, the nations of the dragon and of the hope for peace, when the fires of volcanoes hellishly blaze, and earthquakes in many lands tear all asunder. So this already happens in the coming days; beginning with many thousands of death lamentations; by which the dying announce the times of terror, in the South of Latin America’s below-ground lands, where the earthquakes first will claim many lives, and then volcanic fires unexpectedly are blazing. The coming times, they bring great suffering, and over the Earth then a death-cloth is laid down. As herewith I am writing down my poems, It will be coming, Earthman – now judge.”

A Call to the Spiritual Teaching People

For those who can see things as they truly are, who recognize the plain truth about the now unstoppable, ever-fulfilling prophecies and predictions, now is the time to take prudent steps to minimize risk, damage and harm as best as possible. This requires clear thinking. The best way to develop and improve one’s ability to think, and to mobilize and direct the might of one’s thoughts, is to study the non-religious, belief-free spiritual teaching.

In addition to all of the free information contained in those articles, even more in-depth, specific information from this ancient, universal teaching is to be found in the many books by Billy Meier.

So, the spiritual teaching people are those who voluntarily turn away  from the impoverished, degenerate and destructive thinking and actions of the past, which has brought – and still brings – much unnecessary pain, suffering and destruction, and turn towards “the ‘teaching of the truth, teaching of the spirit, teaching of the life’ and to the ‘Goblet of the Truth’, to study the teaching, to implement it in life and to evolve in terms of consciousness.”

As is stated here, “Any and everyone who studies, practices and embodies the teaching is thereby a free member, interconnected with all others.”

*The specific warning about the “boot-land” refers to Italy. There are many references in the various prophecies and predictions to Italy and what will befall that country. If we exclude the fact that the Henoch Propheciesactually originated well over 10,000 years ago, they are all preceded by what Sfath told Meier, on September 1, 1948, when he also spelled out that “tremendous earthquakes and volcanic eruptions will emerge in all areas of the Earth”.

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  • I live on the hill over looking the Orting Valley, and I work 25 miles north of that valley on a hill over looking the Kent and Auburn Valleys. Since I’m stuck here due to financial constraints, my hope is that when the eruption of Mt Rainier takes place It will be on a weekend when I am home, otherwise, it could be a very interesting journey to get across two pyroclastic flows creating in effect, Islands between my work place and my home. Always interesting living on planet stupid, and never a dull moment it seems.

  • I’ve emailed the UGS representatives Susan, concerning my idea of volcanic regulation geothermal conversion technology. And have yet from her of any response.

  • The contact is from 1978. In May 1980 erupted on Mount St. Helen, one of the worst in US history. It’s in Wikipedia. A volcano can erupt again and again, but remember that.

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