Easily the best Humanity Matters episode to date.

Topics covered:

  • Overindulgence to material-intellectual mechanisms of the teaching versus actually doing it
  • Difference between reading and studying
  • Egotism vs reality
  • The spirit, Creation
  • Meditation, a reminder that the innermost teacher is the greatest
  • Extremes and Balance
  • Sensitivity, Feelings, Emotions


14 comments on “(Lit) Humanity Matters | Episode 7 | Extremes, Balance and Sensitivity

  • Great episode guys. Jedi or any of the guys, I have a question that has been perplexing me on the subject of neutralizing things. What exactly is the difference between neutralizing something and being numb to something that someone said that is hurtfull? I struggle to understand this as one of the things I do not want to do is normalize bad behavior in what ever form it comes in. Could I have your thoughts on this?


    • Hi Diane,

      My thoughts on your question: In the process of accepting an insult or something hurtful, it’s important to examine everything that led up to that moment. Why are they saying it? Does it really have anything to do with you? Could they be projecting other frustration towards you consciously or subconsciously? Perhaps there is something that you could improve on but the person just said it in a less than optimal way for you to receive it. Regardless, I don’t think ignoring an issue (or something that bothers you) is the answer either. I think part of neutral thinking is trying to examine the whole picture without bias and selecting the best path that you can conceive as the way forward.

      Hope this helps but I look forward to reading what others have to say too.


    • This is my understanding and I’m sure others will chip in, but to me, neutralizing is not letting the seed grow. We can’t stop harmful words from happening, but we can make sure it doesn’t grow. Neutralize: render (something) ineffective or harmless by applying an opposite force or effect. If someone says something harmful to you, you have at least two choices; you can respond negatively or neutral-positively. If you respond negatively, the seed will continue to grow. If you apply equal and opposite energy, you will neutralize the seed. If you are numb to the harmful words, it will not neutralize the seed. The seed will continue to grow. By being numb, you are deadening your own thoughts and feelings which can be harmful to your psyche. Like Nick said, it could be beneficial to examine what led up to the harmful situation and see if there is something that needs to be addressed. Regardless, it’s not okay for others to be harmful and they also need to examine their intentions as well. The main point is to not let the seed grow. Neutralize it, learn from it and move on.

      It takes practice and hard work to change our thoughts, feelings and actions towards others. Everything we do affects someone else and it ripples out far into the collective consciousness. Studying the Spiritual Teaching is the best way to learn how to control your thoughts and feelings and to not become submissive to the abuse of others. In the same breath, we don’t want to abuse them back, we want to stop the abuse altogether.

      • Well said Melissa.
        I deal with rough people everyday and you being a truckie at some point may have had to deal with male chauvenism at some point.
        Notice how inevitably you become your environment and start becoming rough, tough and aggressive yourself if you let it.

        • That’s true very, Matt. I was so innocent when I was younger and I had a hard time understanding how people could be so rude in life. I eventually developed my thicker skin, but I still struggle with nasty people at times.
          My trucking experience was actually quite interesting. I had trouble finding work in my area of college studies due to it being a highly dominated male area at the time, but the trucking industry accepted me with very little resistance. I got some strange looks when I was driving at times, but I didn’t have a lot of trouble with other drivers. They were mostly very helpful and kind. I’m sure there were those who would have been rude if I came across their path.

          I loved that job because I could travel across the country and use a lot of the time to think. It was very freeing for me. I had a woman teammate and we got along pretty well. My favorite route was driving from east coast to west coast. When they started sending me to the east coast; DC, Baltimore, and New York area, it wasn’t as great. I only did it for a while though until I could find a decent job back home.

          • Good on you Melissa thanks for sharing some of your life.
            I love driving as well there is nothing like long distance diving where for some reason during the moment of things whizzing past you it gets you into this deep meditative, transcendental and contemplative zone and thoughts just suddenly come to you like flies to a venus fly trap.
            Maybe due to the distance covered whilst driving you pass through a large swath of broadcasted signals and fluidal forces just enough to detect it but not too long enough for it to smother you.
            Then again maybe not.
            But joking aside its amazing how much of an influence our upbringing and the environmental conditions have on the totality of the way we as human beings are shaped and have turned out.
            Although our heredity and pavlovian conditioning can all be transcended by proactively using our might of thoughts and exercising our conscious decision there is always going to be the deep crusty layer of our past buried deep within our subconsciousness somewhere still influencing our everday self and being.
            So historically history will heavily bear down upon us in terms of the ancestral and hereditary tendencies of survival mechanism where our group oriented and group centric tendencies to want to belong in a tribe or group and to integrate into a larger matrix (as in this primal tendency to become one with Creation) will have us worry and fret over what other people will think about us to the point where for some people gaining approval and acceptance by that larger body becomes an obsession.
            So maybe there is much more to why we human beings obsess about what other people think about us and why even as children we are acutely aware of the higher power of the group and why we get hurt when we are rejected by it.
            We can also understand how religion taps into this primal human urge, exploits this human psychology to want to belong to something higher than themselves and why it has become so successful by exploiting this Creation given attributes to phantasmogorify and phantasmobilize them into its web of deceit.

  • Nick and Melissa:
    Wow. thank you so much for your insight!!! These are words of wisdom to think about and live by. I am going to be rereading both your answers and thinking about it more.
    Thanks for the pearls,

    • Hi Diane, that is a great question. 🙂

      In addition to Melissa and Nick’s answers I would also recommend reading (as a starting point) the FIGU booklet “And there shall be PEACE on earth…”

      Don’t be fooled by the title as pertains to your specific question. This booklet contains the most valuable advice that specifically relates to what you are asking about.


    • Diane your sensitivity speaks volume about the person you are and it indicates a great disparity between how we all should be as opposed to how it is at the moment.
      The bulk of the people who make up the early adopters of spiritual teachings in this tumultuous era I firmly believe are the types of people who are sensitive to the plight of others, to the injustices of the world, to the feelings of others and they have an acute sense of right from wrong.
      It is concerning to think that in this supposed enlightened 21st century the knuckleheadedness (if there is such a world) still dominates the collective social condition where backstabbing, treachery, put downs, condescension, name calling, bullying, false accusations, politiking, social rejection, outcasting, peer pressure and ganging up and so forth are still the norm.
      Of course it is from position of weakness that people resort to such childish and imbecilic actions that hurt others and never is it a sign of strength.
      People deal with the callousness of others like as emotional and psychological abuse in a number of ways such as dissociating from reality itself whereby the feeling of numbness occurs from repeatedly suppressing their hurt feelings to cope with them to such an extent that they inadvertently kill off other feelings in the process as well like joy, excitement, zest, enthusiam and fun.
      It is unfortunately the case that this coping mechanism is not a sign of health at all but one of maladjustment.
      Then there is neutralization and balancing to the positive whereby if I understood billy’s words correctly, the moment your feelings and emotions stirs up into an uproar, instead of reacting to these toxic and negative feelings such as anger, hatred, vengence and retaliation, your fight happens internally and quitely within your interior whereby you consciously process your out of control feelings into balance with reason and inner dialogue.
      For example if someone cut you off on the road, instead of giving into your road rage, you calmly reason yourself to balance with such inner dialogue as ‘oh that driver may have an emergency at home and need to get to his destination very quickly, I hope its not serious and everything turns out fine for them’, as oppose to getting into a fit of rage yelling and screaming by saying ‘why the f*** do these c***s always get in my way and rudely cut me off, don’t they have brains, these idiots, I am sick and tired of it’!
      Its also the same process when other people talk bad about you behind your back or say nasty things to you that are hurtful and degrading.
      Childishness rules and as billy said you have children stuck in adult bodies never having grown up to true adulthood.
      And it is because of all these adult children running amok playing with matches that everything is lit up to a cinder socially, politically, ecclesiatically, environmentally, family wise, technologically, militarily and so on.
      It is because most people are still stuck in kindergarten that they resort to such infantile and emotionally out of control actions such as saying hurtful things to others.

      • Thank you Matt for taking the time to explain your thoughts. It is very insightful. I will admit that it is hard to control one’s feelings/reactions when these types of situations happen. I know I can’t control other people’s reactions/comments. only my own. So I just keep working on it.


    • Thanks once again Anne.
      For some reason this song by Michael Jackson smooth criminal ‘Annie are you ok ok Annie, Annie are you ok, ok Annie’ just keeps churning in my head for some inexplicable reason.
      So are you ok Anne?

      • Hi Matt – I would like to say I’m ok but right now I’m going through a bit of a valley with my health condition. In fact I was quite ill yesterday afternoon and last night….. feeling much better today however. How perceptive you are! Thank you for asking Matt. 🙂

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