Michael Horn Live, EP 27

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  • It Began in 1953
  • China Detects Earthquakes, US Provokes More War
  • Sea Levels Continue to Rise*
  • Interview with Michael Lazaro
  • The Importance of Striving

Michael Horn Live, EP 27

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

6:00 Pacific Time


*The photos below were taken on Maui by Bob Wiegand, who provided documentation also about the rising sea levels in Long Beach, CA., as well as earlier evidence that Maui is slowly but irrevocably losing its beachfront areas to rising sea levels.










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  1. I saw the rising sea level effects on Maui first hand during a trip there… it’s really sad.

    Our Mother Earth is crying out and we are stubbornly refusing to hear her pain – to our own detriment.

    Like the wilful children we are, and who won’t listen to good advice, we will have to learn through hard experience, and how hard it is going to be!

      1. Aren’t we just? And yet we parade ourselves around like we’re the best thing since sliced bread. Shameful.

  2. My question on the show that was not posting and posted multiple times and never recognized.

    Michael on page 299 of and still they fly

    Mankind learns to control volcanos

    Through technological intervention, man will slowly learn to PREVENT natural catastrophes. Volcanoes, in particular, will be CALMED and their activity controlled, as will be the influence of weather conditions. Triggered by the invention or, rather, DISCOVERY of a NEW valuable energy source and its rights of Ownership, renewed war activities on earth will ensue.

    Michael is this referring to a geothermal energy from volcanoes and war being starting over the ownership of the technology?

    1. Michael since you’ll be seeing billy soon in Switzerland could you please ask this question to him in person. It would be appreciated, I think it’s rather important.

      1. Hi Luis,

        Very good questions as usual.

        I would recommend you send them to Christian now, which may result in a quicker response.

  3. I think with renewed wars maybe its time to sound the alarms for th Ps toget back to their former bases in Switzerland to keep an eye on mother earth and try to strop the Deep State,Cabals, Shills and what not to prevent all these wars from becoming “ONE BIG LIVING HELL aka WW4,WW5, on and on and on , where and when will all this end???” Are all these dark energy forget out to get and kill us all??? I guess these bad malevolent dark anergies just don`t give a damn if we all die!

  4. Hi guys just saw EP 27 Years ago I took a course in Reki but could`t find anybody to do Reki on. I could go back to doing Reki but I`ll be alittle rusty. Here are a couple of ideas that I thought of, why not we each resite a sentence or a paragraph from the spiritual teachings on Yoiutube or we each recite a sentence inpersion sort of like at Christmas time singing Christmas Carols or even advertise the spiritual teachings on TV as a commercial etc. The idea is to get the message and the warnings out to the general public so they can heed the warning signs of an impending nuclear war if we`re going to save lives here on planet Earth. These are just my ideas etc. Salome

    1. The Salome Peace Meditation that is held every 1st and 3rd weekend of the month is a global effort by FIGU and the Plejaren Federation to assist the Earth towards Peace. I think that one of the most responsible actions (amongst others) we can take is to regularly participate in this effort.

      1. Hi Anne I do participate in the Peace Meditation most of the time but due to health concerns such as ostio-arthritis, and IBS I can`t always do the Peace Meditation. I`v had a few incidents for example a few years ago I came down with a server case of a pinched nerve which left me bed ridden one weekend and bouts of IBS which I`v had for over ten years due to taking Nexium and Mucinex which left me with IBS here and there. It was severe several years ago but has lessened since then now it mild to moderate most of the time. Some days its good others are two but rearelly three or four times a day but most of the time if I take my overthe counter medication I can get control of my IBS. I didn`t relize the Nexium and Mucenex would give me those terrible side affects back then befoire the ads on TV give you those warning signs when you take those medications nowadays. Those are the only emergencies I get such as last Suday May 6th when I couldn`t do the peace Meditation for example but most of the time I can do the Peace Meditation without incident. Salome

  5. Thank You M&M and Jedi, this was a much helpful episode for me. I would like to quote from Billy Meier’s book, The Psyche, which I think will resonate perfectly and deeply with my newest friend by the name of Michael:
    “Thinking-power and the use of the might-oriented thinking require an education which, at the beginning, appears very difficult and often impossible. But that is really only in the beginning because this new teaching appears completely unfamiliar, unbeknown and foreign. In truth it is, however, all very easy. It only requires a “Stein des Anstosses” (something that acts as an impulse, an initial kick/shove or as a catalyst in order to “get the ball rolling”) and already the thinking sets itself in motion and function. And now everything already strides ahead very quickly. The whole instrument of the thinking rearranges itself almost immediately into the new mode of thinking. All ‘apparatuses’ connected with the brain change their energy-strengh and transform them simply like an electric transformer. All ganglia cells and neuro-pathways, etc., adapt themselves automatically to the new attitude and further the new, right and positive might-oriented thinking. It takes only a short time until the positive might-oriented thinking proceeds habitually. Certainly all beginnings are difficult and there is no reward without previous effort. Practice makes perfect and when you practice long enough, then, inevitably, the point in time comes when the might-oriented thinking becomes habit.” Pg 122-124.

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