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NASA wants to plant tracking device on Apophis, $20 million to listen for E.T.s

Priorities, priorities. We seem to have them upside down. The U.S. House of Representatives is proposing a bill that will dish out $10 million a year for the next two years (or more) in an attempt to find Extraterrestrial life using- radio dishes.

Hey, at least someone (literally 1 person) mentioned Billy Meier in the comments section!

I’m not sure Quetzal and Ptaah are HAM radio enthusiasts. Maybe Zafenatpaneach, possibly. But as Ptaah already explained, the Plejaren use sub-neutrinos to communicate instantly across vast distances.

CR 306:
83. We use the technology of negative speed, by what means a signal is already manifested at the destination through corresponding communication devices before the actual transmission or sending of the signal has even begun.
84. Thus, the signal already reaches the goal upon input of the signal.
85. The sending distance is unlimited and, therefore, extends throughout the whole Universe.

So the SETI scientists can and will continue to siphon money away from any real discoveries.

Speaking of siphoning money, did you know that religious organizations and churches siphon more money out of old peoples’ pockets than Microsoft and Apple combined? According to research by Phillip Schneider, “in a 2016 study entitled “The Socio-economic Contribution of Religion to American Society: An Empirical Analysis”, Melissa and Brian Grim from Georgetown University and the Newseum Institute set out to determine the cost and contribution that religion has for American society.

Under conservative estimates, faith-based organizations were found to generate roughly $378 billion per year. Being more than a third of a trillion dollars, that number actually accounts for more than the global revenue of both Apple and Microsoft combined.
When including businesses with religious roots, the number increases to roughly $1.2 trillion annually, while more liberal estimations which also include household incomes of religiously affiliated Americans put the total annual revenue of religious-based organizations at approximately $4.8 trillion, which is about a third of America’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).”

U.S. Religious Groups Generate More Money than Microsoft and Apple Combined

Us FIGU folks sure are in the wrong business. Many have been asking if Americans will start a center, or purchase property for a future center. Unless we get a wealthy backer, we have a long way to go. Perhaps we can think of leaving some money to FIGU in our last will and testament, or name them as a beneficiary on our life insurance policy.

The money could be used to make Billy’s books available in Spanish, Mandarin, Hindi, or other languages in countries that need it the most- countries that are severely overpopulated. What I really want people to think about doing is leaving something good for your future selves, in future personalities. We’re going to have to come back for a few more lifetimes until this mess gets straightened out. I was walking through a graveyard the other day. Instead of seeing a gravestone with Jesus praying to a cloud, wouldn’t it be great if you saw Jmmanuel praying to a beamship?

What can we do for the mission that will survive longer than our current body will? Why aren’t any of Billy’s books in our public libraries? Why isn’t there a school that teaches their curriculum from these books, from kindergarten to college? Why doesn’t someone write a scientific paper that summarizes all of the PIOOSR Plejaren Info Only Outer Space Related material? It could be turned into a new theory of general relativity.

Do you think the Trump administration / EPA should be sent a copy of DOTEATCOO?
I also have plans for a documentary film, but it will be a few years until anything comes of it if I even get any funding at all. If you do have $20 to spare, FIGU Canada is in the process of translating the book Arahat Athersata into English. If you think the translation of the

Decalogue/Dodecalogue was great, AA will probably be just as incredible. (I recently named the Dodecalogue one of the top 3 most important books in the world, in between the Talmud Jmmanuel and Goblet of The Truth).
Most people don’t even know these books exist. Maybe you can help share this picture:


Is there any chance we survive? Well, I think Russia has its own study of Apophis, since it will be knocking on their front door in a little more than 10 years. But while I was digging into the “$10 million a year listening to the sounds of silence bill”, I came across H.R. 2809. This bill was passed by the House and is going to be voted on by the Senate next. If it passes, it will go to the desk of President Trump. I didn’t see anything about a Space Force in there, but it is mostly about non-governmental businesses in outer space. The U.S. wants to make sure satellites don’t smash into each other, or come crashing down on our heads.

They want to speed up growth of business in space. Lots of business terms. They (our Corporation of a Country), want to make money in space. They want to help businesses grow and explore, but mainly they want to maintain (terrestrial) dominance in space. They want to dominate and control business in outer space, and then they will likely find a way to tax it. But there was a tiny little nugget of information in Subtitle VII, Chapter 711- Near Earth Objects…

“The Administrator shall issue requests for information on-
(1) A low-cost space mission with the purpose of rendezvousing with, attaching a tracking device to, and characterizing the Apophis asteroid; and
(2) A medium-sized space mission with the purpose of detecting near-Earth objects equal to or greater than 140 meters in diameter.

Let me characterize Apophis for them: Apophis will strike Eastern Europe on 4.13 2029 or 2036 and tear a hole in the crust of the planet, kicking up debris that will likely circle the Northern Hemisphere for years. We need to assassinate this character by pushing it so far off course it never comes back. Don’t you think we should spend a little more than “a low-cost space mission”? The military gets $700 billion a year, and the search for E.T. life gets $10 million. It just goes to show how upside down our priorities are.

As far as the $10 million per year to listen for radio waves, we already have sound recordings of Extraterrestrials:

Therefore, dear U.S. government,

Please send a check for the first $10 million to:
Michael Horn
P.O. Box 2391
Flagstaff, AZ 86003-2391

Please send a check for the second $10 million to:
FIGU Landesgruppe Canada
1518 Queen St. West
Toronto, ON M6R 1A4

Greg Dougall


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17 comments on “NASA wants to plant tracking device on Apophis, $20 million to listen for E.T.s

  • As for “Billy’s books in our public libraries”: Great idea. For starters I donated a copy of My and Rhal’s “Researching a Real UFO” in four university libraries here in Japan. One in the higher, northern lands of Kyoto. In case I get here in a future life, maybe I will receive some impulse to visit one of the universities and access a copy. Meanwhile the books are there for others to enjoy.

  • Great article, thank you Greg.

    A word about the forming of a possible FIGU-Landesgruppe in the USA.

    The one thing that I would like to mention (and which should not be any new-news to us here in the USA) is that we have been told, time and again, that a real functioning FIGU-Landesgruppe can only become an eventual reality if we here in the USA finally grasp the true meaning of democracy, and learn to practice it and form our groups in accordance with FIGU statutes and by-laws.

    We can’t run before we learn to walk, folks.

    First and foremost we here in the USA must learn, and PRACTICE, what it means to work together as a real democratic FIGU community, within our groups, before we can even begin to entertain the idea of forming a USA FIGU-Landesgruppe. Only once we have proven that we are capable of this responsible task, then the forming of a USA FIGU-Landesgruppe might become a real possibility (this will take quite some time).

    We still have a lot of work to do here.


    • We still have much to learn about true democracy. Something Billy had said a long time ago really resonated with me as part of the reason why we have so much trouble over here. He said something along these lines; we have to stop thinking that other human beings belong to us. They are not our property to control or demand this or that. They are individual, free thinking, autonomous human beings with their own thoughts and feelings. Only when we let each human being be free in their thinking, feeling, and actions, will we start to accept each other as equals.

  • As I read this blog there is so much to cry about and so much to laugh about.

    I cried because Billy’s teaching is so suppressed that even when I speak about the impending calamities and errors that humanity is facing, people are thinking they will be save by a deity or that they are going home to god or something.

    I laughed because of the ignorance of the people. It’s not surprising that the elderly people will give money hand over fist without any question. It just shows how religion manipulates people’s mind. They’re buying their way to heaven, if this even exist. It makes them feel good…”goody two shoes…I donated. Now my sins have been forgiven.” Don’t get me wrong, I respect all my elders, but I can’t stop what they want to do with their money.

    “Upside down boy you turn me…inside out…round and round…”

    Thank you for the article Greg.

    • Hi Dolly:

      What you said here is so true and so terribly sad. I work with some very nice women in my office and when anything goes wrong they will say “god has a plan for us and we just have to trust him’. When the news is filled with killings and natural disasters they will say “the end times are coming fast, but god and jesus won’t turn their backs on us. They will save us”. And some of these women are college educated which I find so perplexing. But I guess once religion takes a hold of you and your thinking, that is it. You are most probably hooked for life. I feel sorry for them, as they would never be able to embrace the spiritual teachings, but would only see them as blasphemy. So sad


      • Hi Diane, I am from England. About your comment there, Babes in the Wood came to my mind, it is a traditional children’s tale, as well as a popular pantomime subject. The expression has passed into common language, referring to inexperienced innocents entering unawares into any potentially dangerous or hostile situation.

  • I remember watching the video of Spiritual Teaching in Everyday Life where Billy said years ago in Florida they tried to form a FIGU USA but Billy said it just didn’t work out due to certain people wanting to take over FIGU USA and that niot everyone kept or even showed up for the weekly meetings etc hence the FIGU in Florida was discontinued which was years ago. TRouble is the U.S. is a big country so how are we ging to start a FIGU USA and where? Traveling to the FIGU festination is going to be costly and a big deal but then Canada and Australia seem to be doing pretty well considering the vast distances of traveling to the main headquarters and the cost too to say nothing of loggings etc,etc. We need to think about all these little details before we even think about a FIGU USA plus where will the main FIGU USA be???

    • Hi Terry,

      I hope you’re doing well.

      Years ago when I discovered FIGU Canada, I gave them permission to connect me to like minded people. It took a while before I can truly say to you that there’s about 4-5 of us connecting 2-3 times a year. Our connection is still much fragmented, as there are other people who got in touch but did not pursue to be connected. But, needless to say, when we connect we couldn’t get enough of each other because there’s so much to be shared.

      I started hosting at my place last year and I extended the invitation this year again. I am hoping that we can do this all the time here at my place. We all come from different parts of Alberta. Distance is sometimes an issue or even availability, or acceptance of the Meier material from other members of the family.

      I myself keep in touch with FIGU Canada and support their endeavor. They are working hard and every work they do is all volunteer. They even trouble themselves to learn the German language. I stand with them in spirit.

      • Hi Dolly,

        I’m from Red Deer Alberta Canada and would like to connect with you and anyone else in Alberta.

        • Hi Kevin,

          This is awesome. Please get in touch with the wonderful people of Theyfly. You can pass your info. and we’ll go from there.

          What a great place to meet. Thank you guys.

  • Well, concerning with this matter NASA, Time is rather imperative to stop Apophis Billy and Ptaah both have provided a solution and have discussed Apophis on separate occasions rather throughly and extensively, with that said it’s my opinion that the scientist within NASA and other scientist provided expertise from around the world come to an agreement and conclusion (with and or correlation to the solution provided by Billy and Ptaah) Time is imperative to stop Apophis.

  • Hi Dolly Thanks for the info. Getting around without a car is difficult for me since I have cataracts and a very limited budget. Even traveling into New York City is hard because public transportation is very though unless I have a car to get around in. So traveling around isna`t easy. We really should do what the Ps do rent flying transportation to get around in as they dio ion Erra. Salome Terry

    • Hi Terry. It’s not a practical idea (it’s joyful and wonderful to dream though), the problem we have on earth with rented asset schemes is that folks break it etc. I read that in Chinese city they ran a shared bicycle scheme and literally mountains of bicycles would emerge at particular points in the city at certain times of the day, it got well out of hand. The best thing would be for you to have your own personal flying transport Terry, that way you retain responsibility for it. Just a thought I would say. Nice to hear you get around the city.

      • My advice to you and others which I have got from Billy Meiers writing. Is to invest in products, appliances, transport, housing etc instead that are designed to last long term and for 200 years and gather and collect it over the lifetime and share the incites with the children and grandchildren, that way it doesn’t matter if there is not enough money for extra luxury’s or an economic crisis or a time of war because we have something still. It means less being wasted but it does mean larger investments upfront and it also means we have to settle down and calm down a great deal from all the excitement etc. However certain items such as the steam engine and combustion engine would still have to be replaced once per life. There are some really high quality products available now through the Internet access which were not available before.

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