If America’s insane warmongering against Russia isn’t stopped

In the 704th Contact Report, from March 1, 2018, Billy Meier clearly and unequivocally states that the failure of the world’s citizenry to stop the escalation of war by the USA and European Union-dictatorship, will almost certainly lead to an all-encompassing, completely catastrophic, cataclysmic,  worldwide nuclear war.

There will be no…winners.

It is now solely up to reasonable people to summon the courage to evict the insane, false leaders from their positions, if we are to survive. If we are to have…a future.

Meier, the Plejaren and even the prophets of old, have long warned about this time in history, these conditions and the unimaginable devastation that awaits us, should humanity fail to take full and complete responsibility for returning this world to the way of peace, love, freedom and harmony.

The Only Solution

“If now all these things, factors and facts are considered, then there is the only solution for the peoples of the USA and the European Union dictatorship, as also for the NATO, to finally admonishingly reflect and to cease their warmongering and enmity against Russia. And for all human beings of the earth, who want peace, freedom and fairness, be it said, that there is only the one single solution, namely him/herself to stand against their warmongering and war-raging governments, military and intelligence agencies, etc., and refuse to take weapons in their own hands for these simple-minded and irrational as well as power-crazed and feeble-minded, conscienceless, without Intellect, without rationality and irresponsible idiots. Thus the only solution for a continuation of the earth’s humankind lies therein, that the peoples themselves strictly refuse, to place their lives on the line for their irrationally-crazy, might-addicted, feeble-minded and insane, war-rushing mightful ones of state, military and intelligence agencies, etc., to not throw down their life and to not draw into a war, which there is no victor, but rather will only give just losers and a completely destroyed earth. Thus there is for that reason for all powers of the peace, the freedom and the fairness only one: to say NO and themselves to refuse, to bow themselves down to the insanity-will of the mightful ones of state possessed by hatred against other states and want them to be drawn into-that-war. All human beings of all peoples of the earth must themselves get out from the control of their war-mongering mightful ones of state and say good-bye to the imperial structures of the war.”

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Erik van der Geest

What i dont understand is why Billy always speaks of warmongering machinations of the USA and the EU and never mentions who controls them namely the ( Khazarian Mafia )

Sheila Clark

I am wondering if this organization is the start of the creation of a peace fighting troop:
They appear to have good intentions and values.