Beam Ship Collage

Plejaren beam ships, ufos

Plejaren beam ships photographed by Billy Eduard Albert Meier (BEAM) – copyright

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  1. I personally think that the Billy Meier case is real but in addition to his photographs being tampered with and replaced with forgeries the Beam ships that were filmed could easily be models because Phil Langdon has shown us just how easy it is to make models of Beam ships and make them appear real when the models of the Beam ships are filmed. A model of a Boeing jet air plane can be made but that does NOT mean that real air planes do NOT exist. I know that real air planes exist because I have been aboard an air plane. The Plejaren could have made models for Billy Meier and the rest of us so that in the future we could discover the operations of the propulsion systems of there crafts. Models of the Wedding cake ufo have already been circulated on YouTube : Gleamship – The Movie Footage (Reproducing Plejaren UFO’s).wmv:

    UFO – Building Beamships part 1.wmv :

    UFO – Building Beamships part 2 – The Hubcap model.wmv:

    Building Beamships part 3 – The WCUFO.wmv:

    1. It’s highly suggested to read the analysis of the WCUFO, and other evidence, here:

      Also read this article from former USAF OSI investigator, Joe Tysk:

      It must be understood that none of the model makers have ever subjected their photos to the same standards as Meier’s were…simply because they will easily be technologically determined to be small objects close to the camera, i.e. models.

      And Joe’s article explains, in layman’s language, why Meier’s evidence and contacts are 100% ironclad authentic. No skeptic can – or even has tried to – debate that. The real pity is that the stubbornness, ignorance, arrogance and profit-seeking “UFO experts” and skeptics alike are among the biggest suppressors of the singularly authentic Meier contacts. And the ramifications and consequences of that greed and idiocy is nothing less than helping to suppress the real truth…at what will now turn out to be an immense cost in every sense…including human life.

      See also:

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    2. I know beam ships are real as I have produced levitation on a proof of principle expepiment . This is now going to the next leval with high power … 30kv 15 amp diode,s producing Asyssmmetric 30 Hz impuls,s

  2. Billy Meier is the most controversial UFO contactee that we know of. The Billy Meier case is real despite some of his evidence being tampered with by the people that he gave his photos to. The photos of Michelle DellaFava that were purported to be of SemJase were deliberately inserted into Billy Meier’s photo collection to discredit the Billy Meier case. Remember that at least 21 assassination attempts have been made on the life of Billy Meier and some of those assassination attempts that were made against Billy Meier were allegedly conducted by hostile Extra terrestrials that wanted Billy Meier to shut up. The most dangerous extra terrestrials are Humanoid because if Extra terrestrial looks exactly like me and you then we cannot know if he or she is from another world. Billy Meier said that the Plejaren look exactly like us they only have 2 differences and those 2 differences are longer life span and better technology.

    The wife of Billy Meier claimed that Billy Meier is a fraud but she just was being emotional like most women and the wife of Billy Meier was also under pressure to say that Billy Meier is a hoax due to the 21 assassination attempts against the life of Billy Meier. The Billy Meier case has been proven to be REAL beyond any doubt. Billy Meier is telling the truth. Remember that Adobe Photoshop and other image manipulation software did NOT exist back in the 1970s also Billy Meier has had only 1 hand for decades and only had 1 hand during the making of his photographs.

    The photos of Michelle DellaFave that are purported to be of the ET Playaren woman Asket were inserted into Billy Meier’s photo collection by malicious government agencies and shows us that Billy Meier’s evidence was tampered with to discredit him. The Extra terrestrials that we are speaking about are human beings and look exactly like us and the only difference between us and the ETS are 1. Life span. The life span of the ETS are longer than our life spans. The Pleyaren ETS are capable of living up to 1.500 years. 2. The ETS blatantly have superior technology to us because the Plejaren ETS have achieved space travel.

    A retired United Nations diplomat called Phobel Cheng has also confirmed that the Billy Meier case is real. Phobel Cheng also claimed to have met Asket 1 of Billy Meier’s female Extraterrestrial contactees.

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