Michael Horn Live, EP 29

Special Presentation:

Were You Fooled by Trump’s Failed North Korea PR Stunt?

We’ll discuss this video – and the Henoch Prophecies – to find out.


  • Geothermal Energy, Fracking and Volcanic Eruptions
  • Recognizing Degeneracy for What It Is
  • The Mystery of the Dying Baobabs
  • A Different Wedding Cake Controversy
  • How to Use the New Symbols of the Spiritual Teaching

Michael Horn Live, EP 29

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

7:00 Pacific Time

Symbols of the Spiritual Teaching


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Thanks to Norm DeCindis for the Scott Adams video.


48 Replies to “Michael Horn Live, EP 29”

  1. Thanks for the vlog Michael, I enjoyed it, espec. the part of the extraterrestrial marriage counselling 😀 . Just purchased the Symbols book and some other of Billy’s (German) books from the shop.figu.org site in the Suisse. For me it’s a bit closer to where I live (Netherlands)

  2. I had a really vivid dream of a catastrophic incident involving a building where the chaos of people being unable to use the elevator to get from one level to another because certain structured within the building collapsed and gave way left a deep impression on me that I was able to remember it.
    I was actually within the dream frantically trying to get to either the 9th or the 90th level.
    It was very difficult to even find the stair well to get to the next level because of the obstruction from the collapse of certain structures within the various levels but I did manage to get to the 90th level only to be confronted by a women upset with something that either I had neglected to do or about something that happened within the actual building.
    She was wearing a dark blue uniform indicating that maybe she was a police woman or FBI.

  3. MH.. great show as usual 🙂

    I really value your thoughts on raising children without coercion, and to teach values, as opposed to indoctrinating beliefs. Encouraging those exploring young minds to be free thinkers, to become truly self responsible human beings in every away… this is the key to our future. :))

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