Michael Horn Live, EP 29

Special Presentation:

Were You Fooled by Trump’s Failed North Korea PR Stunt?

We’ll discuss this video – and the Henoch Prophecies – to find out.


  • Geothermal Energy, Fracking and Volcanic Eruptions
  • Recognizing Degeneracy for What It Is
  • The Mystery of the Dying Baobabs
  • A Different Wedding Cake Controversy
  • How to Use the New Symbols of the Spiritual Teaching

Michael Horn Live, EP 29

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

7:00 Pacific Time

Symbols of the Spiritual Teaching


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Thanks to Norm DeCindis for the Scott Adams video.


48 Replies to “Michael Horn Live, EP 29”

  1. I’ve been tweeting at Trump to stop the bi-annual military excercises between the US and SK which are held during planting time and harvest time when all the citizens of NK are outside and vulnerable. I’m not naive to think he actually listened to me but I feel it’s an extremely important that it is being Arimoed.

  2. Hi MH and everbody, Last night I caught this article from In The News on the c2c website. You had better check this article out this is also about the new cell towers being built with the 5G cell towers which are very innocuously low frequency but just as dangerous. Here is the article: From the Daily Mail 5G Technology&Testing Learning Center May28th 2018 Updated May 29th 2018. If you can`t find the article look it up in the c2c In The news for june 11, 2018 down in th lower left hand corner the last article on the bottom for Moday June 11,2018 This is an aricle that explains about the dangers of these new 5G cell towers going up. Check this article out. Salome Terry

  3. Interesting, I’m sensing that the fallible and their attempts perpheps proceeded further then known.
    Example, the mission officially starting 1975 (however billy has been in contact with the plejarens/ the federation prior to 1975). Most peculiar Asthar, the fallible one took over communications of the BBC…in 1977


    However if he/ and the fallible ones were able to intercept the BBC…what prevented from intercepting music recordings of that era? In my opinion, none therefore highly probable due to them intercepting tevision broadcasting, radio and music recording broadcasting of that era could in probably been intercepted as well.

    1. Hi Luis,

      Did you notice how cunning the Ashtray Gigantic Command were in that BBC message: “Give up all your weapons and join the new age”, or, to paraphrase, “Look, we’re concerned you may be getting harder to enslave with all these weapons, so, please ditch them and join a cult, thanks”

      1. I think I have missed something, are you saying that the rubbishy video played through the television mast tower back in the 1970’s interrupting broadcasting to a small minority of British households for a few minutes was this Ashtar sheren bloke? And if so do you have some referential material to substantiate that Billy Meier claimed it?

          1. It’s a Billy Meier blog, and he has spoken extensively about Ashtar Sheren, you guys seem to be talking as if in common agreement about it, I suppose I assumed you must have known something I didn’t, but perhaps your right Michael and know less.

          2. Come on Michael, let’s hear your opinion on Ashtar Sheren and the BBC broadcast interruption in the south of England 1977 – your the one who founded the Billy Meier blog, you tell us what happened.

              1. Wow Michael you are the shortest tall I’ve ever seen so does leeching off a few centimeters make any difference to your tallness.
                Just in case anybody is wondering you aren’t suppose to get this.

        1. Hi Daniel,

          To your first question: It’s likely given what was going on at the time of the broadcast in 1977 according to Billy’s information, which I can’t, of course, prove, but, which have correlating religious documents throughout Earth’s history.

          There were many splinter groups within the ET refugees from space-time shifted region of Beta-Centauri who established the cities of Atlantis (Greater and Lesser) and Mu on Earth. These groups were all jostling for positions of control and power over millennia.

          The Giza Intelligences were deported by the Plejaren in 1978 (http://www.futureofmankind.info/Billy_Meier/Contact_Report_107), but, some of the descendents of the Bafath took time to locate and deport and Ashtar Sheran was not deported from Earth until 1979 and died in 1983 after trying to fight Asket’s people, the Timars, in the DAL universe where he had been deported to (DAL is our ‘DERN’ Universe’s twin). His spirit-form is stuck there now and no telepathic/telenotic contact is possible, except from the storage banks, aka the Akashic records.

          Ashtar Sheran’s real name was Aruseak, who was the cousin of the Bafath ET leader Kamagol I and therefore 1st cousin once removed to his son, Kamagol II, who started all the mass-murdering blood cults on Earth and lived for 4000 years and died in 1976 (Source: http://futureofmankind.co.uk/Billy_Meier/Contact_Report_070). The ETs under the Pyramids were all descendants of Arus 1 through 11 (The “Great Aryans” who conquered the North, which at that time was Florida and who kicked out the peaceful Sumerians from Iran) and were ruled in succession by the Hebraonic Gods of the Bible; Jehavon, then, his son, Jehav, the Hebraonic God during Moses’ time (http://forum.figu.org/us/messages/12/10712.html) , then Arussem, Jehav’s first born, then Henn, aka, Jehovah (“The Unjust and Cruel One” CR 39), then Kamagol the first, then Kamagol II, then Aruseak, aka Ashtar Sheran , who won his position by gaining favour with Kamagol the first. All these ET human beings lived for thousands of years. Arussem created the first base under the Pyramids and then Kamagol the First expanded it further underground and “forced all terrestrial religions into the frame of blood-demanding cults”. (Source: http://futureofmankind.co.uk/Billy_Meier/Contact_Report_038).

          Aruseak (Ashtar Sheran) started shifting away from Kamagol the first’s control in 1933 and then rethought the whole ‘control Earth’ agenda in 1937 (Note: The year Billy was born) and appeared to want to help the Plejaren’s mission and spread the spiritual teaching to the extent that the Plejaren “made several of their own older ships available to” him. (http://www.futureofmankind.info/Billy_Meier/Contact_Report_145). However, Aruseak was up to his old tricks and was later deported with all the others associated with the Giza Intelligences in 1979 – two years after the interrupted BBC TV broadcast and one year after their attack on Billy and the SSSC (Source: http://www.futureofmankind.info/Billy_Meier/Contact_Report_264) and at a time when they were trying to start brand new worldwide religious cults in the US with new second comings, etc. [citation needed].

          1. Thank You Matt, for that great rundown on that history.
            One just has to think that Hubbard’s Xenu and other delusions were a result of these clown’s shenanigans. We do know that he was partial to Alistair Crowley’s rubbish.

          2. Thank you Matt, well done on that, but what of the British accent and knowledge of the south east of England and why rural south east of England? To me it fits better that they were randomly experimenting to see what impulses the English responded to and that was the broadcast was the weird result of a technician thinking that would be funny, because they realised that if they were going to take over the world in the year 2000 that the English would create the greatest European located barrier to their goal, but as you say it didn’t go much further. The broadcast is very silly and child-like for a very old extraterrestrial to be doing that, even the skill of identifying the broadcast vulnerability was quite a sad investment in my opinion.

              1. Will do Michael, I’ll tuck it away under the conspiracy thread where it belongs on the reality extraterrestrial website theyflyblog.

  4. This just my opinion,

    “We MUST to Save ourselfs…from the bell… crack the bell, in order to let freedom in, otherwise we are all Strangelove…learning to love the bomb”

  5. Contact Report 38

    14. In connection with Aruseak, concerning the direct and indirect, there is the following:

    15. Aruseak, alias Ashtar Sheran, and so forth, is, as far as the fulfillment of his apportioned mission is concerned, the leader of an assembly of intelligences consisting of thousands of individuals, who, until 15 years ago, stood under the direct force-command of the world-control seeking KAMAGOL.

    ***Daniel, this just my opinion please take it for what it’s worth because a lot things in the material need to be independently thought out. With that said…

    How did a individual who intercepted the BBC know the …ALIAS….of a malevolent extraterrestrial ?

    1. Ashtar sheran was a good man
      This is just my own speculation.
      He was misinformed as far as I could recall from the CR as the Plejaren lamented of his demise when he was eliminated in the DAL universe.
      I wonder what prompted him to attack Asket’s people if he was part of the mission to supposedly work to spread the spiritual truth?

    2. Hey Luis, it was not the BBC it was ITN and looney toons on ITV to be clear, and a remote countryside mast tower that was vulnerable. The theory is that they were a technician who read Billy Meier books in their spare time and thought it would be a funny joke. The other theory is that it was a Plejaren gentlemen who thought it would be wildly funny. Other theory is that the Americans see all British persons as good men and women because they’re a bunch of degenerates with permanent hypertension.

  6. I’ve been reading The Talmud Of Jmmanuel and had to share this short passage. With many folks feeling discouraged with the chaos in the world, it’s as good a time as any for some wise words.

    From The Talmud Of Jmmanuel
    Chapter 26 Laws And Commandments
    Proverbs Of Wisdom

    26. “Recognize each law of Creation and once you have recognized it, adhere to it and live accordingly, because the laws are the greatest wisdom.”

    27. “There is no eye equal to wisdom, no darkness equal to ignorance, no power equal to the power of the spirit, and no terror equal to the poverty of consciousness.”

    28. “There is no higher happiness than wisdom, no better friend than knowledge, and no other saviour than the power of the spirit.”

    29. “Those who have intelligence may grasp my speech so they will be wise and knowing.”

      1. Thanks from me too Melisa for the quotes. I just wrote them down and will add them into my big 29th notebook. I`m almost finished with the Billy Meier saken on Erra. Thanks. Salome

    1. What Ptaah says about one prophecy in the TJ began to be fulfilled in 1991.

      478. … those prophecies that stand written for two millennia begin to fulfill themselves.

      Your words refer to the prophecy that says: “Then many will succumb to the temptation, and they will betray and hate one another because they remained small in consciousness.” *

      479. My speech is of that and of that which is recorded as a prophecy in the Talmud Jmmanuel.
      480. “Very many won’t resist the hostility and will succumb to it, so they are falling away from the truth and begin to work against it.”

      Then view this:

      1. Also, I wonder if the waves discords recently revealed have something to do with what Ptaah later says about people’s moods changing on the fly.

        To quote:
        486. But unfortunately, many are not as strong in their truth conviction and in their actions as Mikhail Gorbachev, which is why many fall to the hostility of the sectarian forces, either in the way that they fall into doubt and dissension or in that they become sick in consciousness and confused and overtaken by delusions, as this becomes more and more prominent the more that the time approaches the point when the power of the worthless number, 666, openly manifests itself by force, namely in the sense of the murderous, criminal, and destructive power of sectarian Christianity, which, in many respects, holds the lethal value of 666 in itself, as you know very well.
        487. The Anti-logos will become more and more apparent and will demand more and more victims, from which also group members will not remain spared, but also not many outside of the groups, who strive for the real creative truth and for the observance of the creative laws and commandments.
        488. In the future, all of these will increasingly and often very strongly be endangered in life and limb and in consciousness.
        489. Accidents of all kinds and also diseases, discord and strife, denial, dissension and doubt, hatred and betrayal, as well as quite sudden, unexpected, and inexplicable mood changes, as well as emotional and feeling-related outbursts of evil kinds will appear more and more and will threaten the peace and the truth.
        490. So it already began more than a year ago, and so and even worse it will develop itself in the coming and future time.
        491. Through this, not only will you be increasingly endangered in your life again but also certain group members are now included therein.”

        So in the future, constant and attentive planning is the maxim.”

        1. Here is the reason why we should ALL band together after what Ptaah said said due to the delusional mind set of most of the people from Earth who refuse to give up their belief in a god, saviors and religion period! “Praying will NOT save you in the long run period” This will only hasten WW3 sooner than later! The delusional mindset of this primitive world is such that even if you wear a cross around your neck or hang a rabbit foot on the mirror of your car etc as all a sham and a fabrication of the most primitive kind and that the 666 is part of what the stupid Lucifairians want you to believe to control your hearts and minds hence the changing of minds and thoghts to control and brainwash your thoughts and minds hence making you believe shuch cultish thugs I,e, ALL those dark forces who wish us all ill will by way of diseases,wars, crimes, terroisms,environmental destructions and so on. This is what happens when you change your mind and suddenly do something so destructive that the act itself can cause suicides, crimes,bad behaviores and what not,not thinking logically, rationally and reasonably,etc. Sort of like a disconnect if you will hence the fraise have you lost your mind etc not thinking things through and ciorrectly. That is what religions do to peoples brains, screw and rewire peoples thoghts on a faith that just dosen`t exist!

  7. Hi MH I just saw your EP 29. Here is an idea. in as much as I can`t afford to buy the book of symbols is there a possibility of ordering the book in paperback, ebook or even better putting the symbols on YouTube or how about showing the symbols on the internet the same way that the pictures of the beamships and the Plejarens writing of their alphabet if letters are shown on the internet. An example are the picture of the Plejaren Peace symbol that is shown on the Salome Meditation symbol. Is this possible? Thanks Salome Terry

    1. Terry how about if you save a $1 per couple of days and do that for the next several months and see how you’d fair?

  8. This idea is due to budget constraints which doesn`t allow me to buy the book of symbols and other things on the internet. Salome

  9. Hi MH I just contacted my other orgsaninzatio0n wespac and gave them all the figu websites and other websites conneted to Billyand the Ps including They Fly Blog, thefly.com Future of Mankind as you said on EP 29 we need to reach out to as many [eople as we possibly can now that things are starting to get very dicey here on Earth. I`m going to give you the wespac address,webite and phonenumber if you want to send them all the information on Billy and the Ps and I also suggest that wespac look up the Henoch Prophesies so we can all try to stop all these bloodbath wars from the U.S and envornmental mess from CERCO from turning into WW3. Here are the wespac info if you want to send them all the information: the website is wespac.org. The address is Wespac Foundation 77 Tarrytown Rd.(Road) White Plains,NY Suite W2 10603 I`m not sure about the zip code but you can check the zip code on their website. I can also give you their phone number ifyou wish to call them and send them all this in formation: 914-449-6167. Hope I got all this information down correctly but you can check all this out on their website. “We need to start to band together if we`re going to stop all these shill and cabals from trying to destroy us all here on Planet Earth!” Thanks. Salome

    1. Here is the correct address to my other organization: 77 Tarrytown Road(Rd) W2 White plains,NY 10607 not 10603 white was the wrong Zip code. Sorry about that. Salome

        1. My point is if we want to avoid all these impending predictions of WW3 we had better combine all our resources and get as many people and anti-war organizations together if we want to stop all these nefarious gangs from killing all of off beit nuclear war,the environment GMO foods, GMO vacines fossile fuels,nuclear power, fcc censorship money,economics and so on.

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