Michael Horn Live, EP 31

  • NEW! Reincarnation Hotline! Who you WERE, Who You Will BE!
  • More about Ashtar
  • Are You a Late Bloomer?
  • Transitions, Life Stages, Ongoing Deaths and Rebirths
  • Neither Victim nor Perpetrator Be
  • More Insidious US Aggression– As Meier Predicted*
  • Concerns about Manmade Viruses– As Meier Predicted*
  • Illegal Immigration & US Civil Wars Warnings, 1:22 here, (filmed 12 years ago)

New: Michael Horn interview on Flight 1080 with Dave Michaels.

COMING: July 2 – 3, Michael Horn on C2C with George Noory!

Michael Horn Live, EP 31

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

7:00PM, Pacific Time

*New Prophecies and Predictions from Billy Meier

Symbols of the Spiritual Teaching


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Don’t Go Along with That

(The Patriot’s Song)



49 Replies to “Michael Horn Live, EP 31”

  1. Hi MH After reading all the predictions you just listed here but I`m also very disturbed by what is going on here on Planet Earth also well into the future! For years now I keep wondering what am I doing here and why I`m being singled out to live and die from day to day, I keep asking my self why me? If this is our mess to deal with why can`t we try to tweek something here to right all the wrongs that have happened over the billions of years of existence here on Earth? If the Plejarens won`t intervene should a nuclear war break out then why can`t we do a little surgical intervention to wipe out all these malevolent bad people and redo Planet Earth so that this world will be the nice free friendly tranquil peace loving world that Earth is supposed to be?

  2. I`ll be dead in 6 years and I`m just not willing to wait 800 years to find out that Earth has finally learned it`s lesson and become the free loving peaceful friendly world it should have become in the first place without all these nightmarish predictions of money,fanaticisms, religions, politics and so on. This world is still a very young childish primitive savage cruel barbaric world! The truth is to join andembers of the Plearen Federation so we can get the help that is so badly needed to fix and wipe out these terror and horrors and remove them once and for all times for good and to stop believing in gods and religions etc and start creating and using the creational nural laws with its Commandments and directives etc. We need to learn to live as the people from Erra do and not behave like a baby playing with dangerous toys like nuclear weapons for example! As the saying goes “Let`s turn these dangerous weapons into plowshares!”

  3. Hi MH Sorry I missed your segment on c2c since it was after 3am in the mornoing. Is it all possible to post interview with Noort from last night on They Fly Blog? Thanks Salome Terry

    1. Hi Terry,

      Well, I’ll forgive you…this time.

      I think at some point C2C will post some of it on their YouTube channel, as I done;pt have any way of doing it.

      1. Hi MH Thanks so much fior the info on c2c but I seem to remember you said Noory own the rights to all your interviews on c2c sop there is no way your can put any of your interviews with Noory on They Fly Blog if I remember correctly. Mabye you could try. Is it possible maybe you could try taping your interviews with Noory on Youtube or even using a tape recorder from your tape recorder and posting the intervies on They Fly Blog. I don`t know if Noory would except your idea though, it`s a thought. Salome Terry

  4. P.S. I seem to remember you said that Noory own the rights to all of the interviews from c2c and that you could not get access to your interviews with Noory from c2c.

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