Billy Meier Right about Mother Theresa, Stolen Children and More

And the hits just keep on a-comin’…19 years after Meier published them

Better Late than Never

This new article is indeed…better late than never. Though, unfortunately, probably too late for an untold number of families and stolen children.

Once again, Billy Meier was told, and published, this important information almost 20 years in advance of it being publicly revealed or “discovered”. You can read the truth about Mother Theresa, as told to Meier by the Plejaren, in 1990.

If you’re not offended enough by the goring of sacred cows, here’s some more about a major…Bull-Slinger. And, on a somewhat related note, another Buddhist Bad Boy.

Print It

In light of what Billy Meier said is a coming, global financial collapse, please watch this video.

Perhaps the new motto for the banking system will be:

“We make money the old-fashioned way…we print it.”

Remember There Is NO Global Warming

So, keep on truckin.

See the article here.

Personal Development vs Screaming Hysteria

Comment from a reader:

“I didn’t expect much but I assumed it would have something to do with our current direction in life. I’ve noticed a lot of the information is self-explanatory. That’s honestly what got me very interested in this. The information feels very organic. Not many of these ‘truthers’ and ‘conspiracy theorists’ and anyone along that nature really had a game plan, logical explanations or even mentioned personal development. The overload of useless information they provide could hurt more than help. You gave a great platform showing us how personal development is the most important route to take. Unlike Alex Jones and others screaming civil war on the fourth of July. Life is too real to be following these people’s delusions.” A.M.

And there’s no need to be concerned about Wi-Fi, 5G, EMP, etc. – or is there:


Don’t Go Along with That

(The Patriot’s Song)

Symbols of the Spiritual Teaching


Thanks to Ken Smith and Donna Ambrose for links to the articles and information.



40 Replies to “Billy Meier Right about Mother Theresa, Stolen Children and More”

  1. Andrew,

    The first thing we can ‘do’ is to be kind to each other and not get a perverted kick out of putting others down.

    Then, maybe, more people would feel safe enough to leave a comment/insight on this blog.

  2. Guys, please remember that not every person who comes here knows the intricate details of the Meier case. We should neutrally offer help to those who are interested or those who have convoluted information. Ignorance is not stupidity. I am certain that we all want the same things here, let’s help each other along. Salome

    Doing Something for the Neighbour
    13th October 2004, 17:07 13. Oktober 2004, 17.07 Uhr

    What can you, human being, do for your neighbour who has had less luck than you in his life? With certainty it is not enough to simply say the other has not tried as much as yourself, thus he could not be successful. But it is also not enough to accuse him of not liking to work as much as you and betting on your helpfulness and kindheartedness. In fact, it is very easy to think in this way, to thereby give yourself a light conscience, to neglect the responsibility toward the neighbour and simply pass him by without paying attention. It is all very easy specifically because the dismissal of effort follows having to do something for the neighbour because helping is arduous and difficult work. But the human being must do something – something for the other, the neighbour. However, he, this human being, constantly asks what reward, what large gift he is to receive when he appears humane, views the neighbor as a fellow human being and treats him as such, assists him and is helpful to him. And he wonders what profit he is to gain when he opens his heart to the neighbour, the poor human being who needs the help.

    Truly, every human being himself must answer the question: “What can I do for the neighbour, for the fellow human being, how can I help him?” And: “What do I omit in my actions, to help the neighbor, the fellow human being?” Every human being must answer this question himself, each for himself. And if you really pose this question to yourself and you do find a humane answer to it, to fulfill your duty to the neighbour, your fellow human being, then you will find a new meaning in life and discover a new happiness in your existence.

  3. What you should do Mellisa is ask yourself why “mary’s” above comment is where it is and not here where it is aimed.
    Being non sequitur is quite the tell.

    Anyone found at:
    The Spiritual Teaching, Billy Meier UFO Case, Truth, Michael Horn, FIGU, Plejaren
    talking about; “We are in and out here because of Karma but there are far greater places to incarnate in an infinite ocean of forms/matter.” is not being complicated nor intricately involved.

  4. Because this discussion is off topic, I want to end this with some information about karma and reincarnation.

    I’m not sure how much of the Meier material you’ve read or are familiar with, Mary, but according to the Spiritual Teaching, karma is a misleading idea that branched off from the Universal Law of cause and effect. We do have to deal with the effects of all our actions, but we have the power, at any time, to change the course of our lives. If we work to change our thinking and actions for the better, then our effects can change as well. No one brings their “sins” from another life into a new life, we are all born with a clean slate.

    Karma: (Sanskrit = Work, doing; It’s Ur-value is Kamma)

    Karma signifies nothing less than the law of the causality which is the natural-creative law of cause and effect. The material realm as well the immaterial or spiritual and fine-material realm are included in this law.

    Everything and everybody and all existence, within and beyond our universe are arranged in this law because only the logic of cause and effect can guarantee advancement and evolution of life in the spiritual and the material.

    Karma has nothing to (do) with ‘sin’, bad “karma” from past lives etc, as is thought by false teachings from new age sects and certain Cult Religions.[1]

    The reincarnation section is much longer so I won’t paste the entire page here, but I will give you a brief description of how it works based on the Spiritual Teaching and Universal Laws.

    Every human who dies on planet Earth will enter the beyond (spirit realm) for a period of time based on the population of the planet. It’s normally an average of 1.52 years of the years you have lived. In other words, if you lived to be 100 years old, you would normally spend 152 years in the beyond (spirit realm). Due to severe overpopulation, the time we spend in the beyond is much shorter and detrimental to our evolution.

    When we incarnate as a new personality, we always reincarnate on the planet of death. If we are in a spaceship when we die, we go to the nearest planet that matches our consciousness evolution level. We never reincarnate as an animal or insect. It’s impossible based on our evolution type. We have a consciousness evolution whereas animals and other species fall into the intelligence evolution or instinct evolution.

    “It’s a central tenet of all major Indian religions, namely Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, and Sikhism. Where it then differs considerably from the explanations of Billy Meier.

    For example: it may then deal with incarnating into a different form other than human. Which is an impossibility within the remit of Billy Meier’s Spirit Teaching. It has to be into a human if the individual (see Wesen below) is human.

    Specifically Humans are a Consciousness Evolution based science, where animals and insects are based variously differently, in an Intelligence Evolution or Instinct Evolution based science, the calibration can’t be mixed about, but this is obvious to see anyway because the world would look quite different if it could.”

    The entire page can be read here:

    All these things are just a matter of clearing up misconceptions that have spread on Earth over the millennia’s. Religions have been the dominating factor in this misinformation and deliberate changing of values. Once we see and realize the truth for what it is, we can move on from religion and start to raise the consciousness evolution on planet Earth.


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