The Irony of the Short-Term Thinker

Famous skeptic of Billy Meier UFO contacts indicts himself

In this articlethe term Motivated Reasoning is used to explain why…facts don’t matter to some people who have already made up their minds about a subject.

The irony is that some of the explanation in the article is given by none other than Dr. Steven Novella, one of the more stubbornly unscientific skeptics who’ve attacked the actual scientific validity, and singular authenticity, of the Billy Meier UFO contacts.

Lest anyone take offense at my calling Novella unscientific, he settles that when he says, “Being a skeptic means that you consciously prioritize having beliefs that are valid over beliefs that are not valid.” I added the emphasis to point out that real scientists don’t “prioritize” beliefs, they prioritize facts and knowledge.

Belief is foundational to…religion. And Steve again shows why those who proudly identify themselves as skeptics are more akin to religious believers than real scientists.

While reasonable skepticism isn’t a problem, I’ve yet to hear a real scientist refer to themselves as a skeptic, rather than a scientist.

Since I’m sending this blog to Novella, and to Cody Gough who wrote the article, I’ll post responses from either/both when and if I get them. While Novella has already shown that he’s rather comfortable in his confused skepticism, let’s see how much…Curiosity young Mr. Gough has.

Here’s the article by former USAF OSI investigator, Joe Tysk, so that Mr. Gough can discern the difference between a skeptic who relies on belief and one who relies on applying the scientific method, logic and reasoning, thereby in this matter becoming a former skeptic. Speaking of which, I will include this article as well.

The tragedy is that small-minded, pseudoscientific, authoritarian skeptics and doubters who were befuddled by actual realities outside of their prejudices, vigorously contaminated the conversation, seeking to suppress the evidence in the Billy Meier UFO contacts – and the truth – at all costs.

Unless Dr. Novella and his fellow true believers in the Church of Skeptology soon feel motivated to start reasoning, they’ll be regarded with great contempt by the survivors of these times for their attack and suppression of  the Meier contacts, and the efforts of a very advanced, space-traveling race to help us assure our own very threatened future survival.

Oh yeah, enjoy the real (pre-digital era) photos of real (extraterrestrial) spacecraft:





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23 Replies to “The Irony of the Short-Term Thinker”

  1. I finally listened to the interview with Richard and noticed a certain fire in someone’s belly, about bloody time MH!

  2. I too just listened to your interview with Richard and you, of course did an excellent job explaining the case and correcting his deep seeded doubts. Great job Michael! 🙂

    Even though Richard seemed pleasant throughout your time together, he wasn’t any better informed than the average skeptic.

    I am glad he had the chance to interview you and for you to get the word out about the Meier Material, but the UFO Community certainly has their blinders on when it comes to this case.

    It never ceases to amaze me that if the UFOCI would just do the logical thing and find out about the Meier Material for themselves, they would be much better off in so many ways.

    Thank you as always Michael for your tireless efforts to improve people’s live and save us from ourselves.

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