More UFO Denial from Scientist Who Saw UFO

Why scientists will be the last to know the truth about extraterrestrial life

There’s another pseudoscientific, anti-UFO presentation hosted by The Extraterrestrial Deniers, i.e. TED. It’s full of what my friend Leon calls mumbo-jumbology and all the more so since the presenter is an…astronomer.

I won’t hold it against Stephen Webb that he’s extremely myopic. I will fault him though for relying on his own illogical misconceptions, much in the same way that the laughable Douglas Vakoch did and all the other short-term thinkers do.

I suggest that Webb gets in touch with Prof. Wright, in hopes that they might take a deep breath together and decide to act like real scientists.

Of course, I’ll offer him former USAF OSI investigator Joe Tysk’s plain spoken conclusions about the singular authenticity of the Billy Meier UFO contacts, still ongoing in Switzerland, for over…76 years. A flight from the UK to Switzerland is relatively short and I’m sure the good people at the FIGU center will be glad to assist Webb in overcoming his existential, cosmic loneliness.

Not Even Curious?

So, what was it that nine-year-old Stephen Webb saw – and what millions of other people have seen? He seems far less interested in further reflecting on, or even attempting to answer, that question and more interested in presenting gobbledygook in place of science.

When a supposed scientist sets aside…curiosity– about even his own experience – in favor of information based on the speculation of others, you know precisely why scientists will be the last to know the truth about extraterrestrial life.

Of course, there are exceptions, such as:

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  1. The point I made in my last statement between Putin and Trump is this ” Sooner or later the REAL TRUTH will have to come out!” Why because if we here in America don`t learn to get along with the people of Russia and around the rest of this world then you will end up destroying this very world we live in and being the laughing stock of the rest of Earth if we keep on praying to a non-existent god and playing cops and robbers for ever. If we can learn to get along with Russia on the ISS space station then surely we can get along with Russia everywhere else in culture,economics,science, the arts, history,I could go on and on. My point is that “we must learn to co-operate” or perish in WW4(WW3) etc,etc,etc! I think the people of Russia will be just as interested in Billy Meier and the Plejarens as we are here in the west too because sooner or later the people of Russia and the rest of this world will jhave to learn the “REAL TRUHT” that the logical conclusions is the ” we are ALL part and parcel of Creation and that there is NO god,relgion,politics,military industrial complex and NO corproate bosses telling us what we can and can`t say,think etc,etc,etc! Sooner than later the TRUTH will have to come out if we want to save this world from aniliation!!! “Sooner than later Trump will have to face this reality as Putin is now learning from Billy and the Plejarens! This is as logical as it can now get!!! “No more rockes,UFOes, foissile fuels, nuclear power, unhealthy foods and unhealthy environments, This world will have to learn to save itself and fianaly join with the Plejarens and stop believing in such devils,angels,gods elfs and so on. No more lies and no more fairytales, thus the we are all part and parcel of the laws of Creation what is normal,natural,wise and logical pure and simple! Its the REAL human truth,we are all human beings!

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