Anthea Williams Cossette: In Memoriam

Our dear friend, Anthea Williams Cossette, passed away on Sunday, July 8, 2018. I first met Anthea in 2000, at the first Passive Members meeting in Oklahoma. At the time she was married to Andrew Cossette. I didn’t see her again until a similar meeting in Prescott, Arizona, some years later.

From our very first meeting, I was impressed by Anthea’s strength of character, intelligence and dedication to the mission. We reconnected almost a year ago, in July 2017, when she let me know that she was living in Flagstaff and we met a number of times for lunch or coffee whenever our busy schedules allowed. While we didn’t see each other often, I looked forward to our get togethers because Anthea exuded warmth, a noble kindness and a genuine loving quality that were unique and memorable qualities.

Anthea told me at the time that she was fighting a difficult form of cancer and that she’d already had one kidney removed. Much the same as with our mutual friend, Billy Meier, Anthea was never self-pitying or complaining. There were times when things were clearly more difficult for her than at other times, yet she dealt with it all both stoically and with good nature. Anthea was an embodiment of the core principles of the spiritual teaching and she gave freely of her wisdom, as well as her technical skills, dedication to following the principles of the mission and teaching others with her clarity, understanding and love of the truth.

It was about two months ago Anthea decided to revamp the, despite the severe challenges to her health. The work she did enormously improved the site in many ways, also making it more user friendly in the process. She saw this as a contribution to not only me but also to the mission, it was one of many of the gifts she unselfishly gave that will continue to live on after her, in support of the mission, which she so deeply and actively loved.

Anthea also did translation work, such as this:

It is with great love, fondness and admiration that I honor the memory of Anthea Williams Cossette.


Michael Horn

I, Ev, am not sure I can say much more about Anthea than Michael Horn has written but I do feel compelled to say/write something here about how I felt about her and the presence she was here. She was as beautiful inside as she was outside. I had not known her long at all, having first met her at our study group meetings here in the Mountains of Northern Arizona. We, Anthea and I, both knew we would become friends from first meeting each other and looked forward to getting to know each other better, unfortunately there was less time in which to do so than we both thought we would have. Anthea’s’ dedication to, and kindness and strength in living the core principles of the teaching shined thru to the end with wisdom, especially her knowledge of the role of women in FIGU. She told me once that she will work for the mission to the end and she did, striving with strength and courage. What an awesome example for us all.

Evelyn A Vollmer (Ev) 

I met Anthea a few times over the past 1.5 years, and admired her strength, determination, and discipline not only as a woman, but, a human being–definitely not afraid to ‘set things straight’ (Yeah!)

Live, Laugh, Love Learn…
                                          Rest,  Reflect…
Doris Bloor-Goins 

Anthea Williams Cossette was a human being who exuded confidence, warmth, feminine strength, peacefulness, deference, wisdom, love, and so much more. She was a valuable example to model oneself after, for she was a true human being in the full sense of the meaning. In the face of death’s doorstep, she willed herself, through determination and resolve, to remain true to her core values, and continued working for the mission to the end. Never did she discuss the struggles she was experiencing from the cancer and chemotherapy, for she was uninterested in pity from others. The rapidness of her extinguishment from this life is a reminder that our time is limited and should not be wasted on senseless drivel. As knowing ones, we have a duty and a responsibility to continue striving for the betterment of humanity by learning to work with one another and on ourselves, so that this group can begin to take a firmer hold on its place in the U.S.

Although it was for only a short time, I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have known Anthea.

Much love,





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  1. Sorry to hear about Anthea Michael. It is a great loss for the mission. I value and cherish her wisdom and input in Figu matters. She will be greatly missed.

    1. Hi Solon, Anthea passed away on July 8, 2018. There’s a typo in the blog post. Thanks for letting us know. Salome

  2. Thank you so much for posting this memoriam for Anthea Cossette. I was devastated to learn of Anthea’s sickness and ultimately, her passing. She was a very, very dear friend of mine. On multiple occasions, I thought, “this woman is one of the coolest people I’ve ever met.” Though we’d lost touch over the past few years, I will never forget her loyalty, honesty. and sensitivity. She spoke perfect English with a lovely accent and had a wonderfully irreverent sense of humor. Although she lived in Flagstaff and I was in Phoenix, we communicated quite a bit via email. Thinking it’d be fun to communicate in Afrikaans, she would speak Afrikaans and I would have my internet translator app open and reply back to her in horribly broken Afrikaans. She was so gracious. Once I learned of her diagnosis, I was deeply impressed with her courage and optimism. I can only hope that one day I will face my own mortality with such grace and perspective. Rest well Anthea, my favorite, my “gunsteling”.
    Love always….

  3. Anthea was my aunt, due to some difficult family circumstances, I hadn’t seen her since I was 5 but we wrote to each other often and got to know each other quite well. When she phoned me to tell me that she was sick, I was worried that she would be alone since she didn’t have much family contact.
    I am so thrilled to see that she was loved by so many people. I was really heartbroken about her passing but it’s a huge relief to know that she had a circle of people she could depend on.

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