VoyageLA Interviews Michael Horn

A touching story of overnight success 30 years later

There’s a new interview with me in VoyageLA. I very much appreciate that Sid Reddy and his staff were interested in my story, experiences and accomplishments.

This is actually the first Los Angeles-based publication to interview me in the last 30 years. The previous interview was in The Whole Life Times, in which I also told the story about my Future Self experience in 1972, which ultimately led to the creation of the interactive video technique and my new book about it.







May 1988






Future Self available on Amazon or here.

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  1. Great interview Michael! I’m amazed he’s stubbornly surprised that the Plejaren asked for the gun back; as if we don’t have enough problems with our own guns. All we need is an alien one — or many — floating around. They’d be foolish indeed to allow that into a research lab. But I guess any American would be upset at not being able to get their hands on yet another new gun.
    You made me laugh out loud when you referenced your next incarnation as your next incarceration! Nice one.

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