“Jesus” Had a TWIN Brother Named Jacob

New information from Billy Meier corrects disinformation and biblical theories

  • “Jesus” Had a TWIN Brother Named Jacob
  • Mary Magdalene Was Jmmanuel’s Stepsister
  • The NW Quake Is Coming Closer
  • Scientists Make Another Old “New Discovery” Of Water on Mars
  • Why Corroborating Billy Meier’s Predictions Is Important

Michael Horn Live, EP 33

7:00 PM Pacific Time – Wednesday, July 25, 2018

References for Tonight’s Show:

TWIN: Unofficial translation from the German  regarding Jmmanuel:

“He was accompanied by his twin brother Jakob, along with other faithful followers, his companion and disciple Maria Magdalena, who was truly devoted to him in a platonic friendship, who was truly never his beloved, but his stepsister, who was deeply in love with him and was begotten by Joseph with his first wife, which came from Magdala on the Sea of ​​Galilee and died at the birth of her daughter Miriam (Mary) Magdalena. Also, Miriam (aka Mary, the mother of Jmmanuel) was with him. But she did not survive the strain of the travels and died and was buried in the north of Pakistan.”

Quake: New information regarding the coming NW earthquake and tsunami, first warned about by Billy Meier three years before OSU.

Mars: While scientists are excited about “discovering” water on Mars, Billy Meier already scooped them decades ago.

Learn the truth about the life and teaching of the man falsely known as “Jesus Christ”.

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15 Replies to ““Jesus” Had a TWIN Brother Named Jacob”

  1. Someone asked about the letter J of Jmmanuel on the Youtube comments. My take on it was this; when one see’s the word ‘Jmmanuel’ for the first time the J is immediately obvious. It sticks out like a sore thumb. The pronunciation of the ‘ee’ sound at the start of Jmmanuel is also obvious. So I would think that the idea was to simply attempt to awaken a logical thought process in people, to switch on that light bulb, to trigger curiosity, and to get them to look into it more and discover for themselves the history of the letter J.

    1. Hi Terry,

      According to FIGU, the J is pronounced /ee/. It is actually more like an English capital E than the ee in cheese. There is a video about it on the FIGU youtube channel.

      The Plejaren pronounce their J’s as /Yah/

      Plejaren /Play’Yah’ren/
      Semjase /Sem’Yah’zay/

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