Did Buzz Aldrin Say He Didn’t Go to the Moon?

Astronaut may be confirming UFO contactee Billy Meier’s 1958 information 

In this video, Buzz Aldrin seems to be saying that he didn’t go to the moon:

2001 Article in German courtesy Luis Sanchez

While there may be some legitimate questions regarding the controversial video, there’s plenty of information in the Billy Meier UFO contacts, including Meier’s 1958, 11-years-in-advance warning about the 1969 Apollo 11 hoax, as well as information about how it was done.

Unteresting as that may be, ultimately far more important than the machinations in the world-out-there, is what we do in our inner world to create self-responsible thoughts, feelings and actions. For these are the elements that actually create the outer world and our own lives.

The Spiritual Teaching

Let’s turn our attention to one of the best spiritual teaching articles  I’ve read from Billy Meier. If anyone has even the slightest concern that there’s anything even remotely religious, or belief-based in the spiritual teaching, this thought-provoking article should completely disabuse them of that misconception…and greatly enrich their understanding at the same time.

Thanks to Pat McKnight for the heads up about the Buzz Aldrin video.

Symbols of the Spiritual Teaching



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35 Replies to “Did Buzz Aldrin Say He Didn’t Go to the Moon?”

  1. Hi Michael,
    Thankyou, for posting Self-affirmation. As I read it, some passages resonated, within me/my psyche, in a very gentle but definitive way. There was a clear understanding of negative/not helpful aspects that needed more work, but also a recognition of aspects that have been worked on and changed towards the positive/helpful. This cognition was accompanied by a very calm neutral-positive feeling that I could be at peace with all aspects of …………me! Perhaps some conscious connection and encouragement from my inner voice/being/Spirit-form whilst reading?

    Billy’s Desiderata passage
    “Forfeit every negative trait in your life with dignity and,
    through self-knowledge, leave yourself open to
    counsel for self-realization” comes to mind.

    Billy’s Mission and writings became consciously known to me 14 years ago. The last 7 years, for me, have been a roller coaster ride of change, both joyful and painful. The next years, more change but with some consciously applied tools and knowledge? I know this is entirely up to me!

    Having now an understanding of the “boomerang” effect, and of the might of thoughts it is clear that I have myself caused, and subsequently had to experience, these effects. However more importantly, and comforting, is that I can change the amplitude/severity of future impacts/effects of the returned thought by refining and implementing neutral-positive thinking.

    It, therefore, is wise to consider the intentions and probable outcomes when exerting influence on that wrecking ball called Cause and Effect!

    The less you push away on the wrecking ball, the less you get smacked back by the wrecking ball. Simple!?

    Or, throttle back the thoughts’ “Causal” thrust outwards force and subsequently this lowers the energy required to be transferred back into a de-accelerating braking “Effect” force when caught. By the way, it is nice to know that the positive changes to negative and vice versa! Same as Males reincarnate as Females and vice versa!!
    I do love balanced logic.

    Also, perhaps the pre-determinations of the current life would have some effect. We can paint whatever we want, only limited by the colours on our pallet.

    The previous 7 years effects’ have taken a perceived negative toll on my self-esteem and self-confidence and self-determination. However, I have also recognised this to be a necessary part of the process in achieving a more neutral-positive way of thinking, feeling and acting with myself and hence towards others.

    Learning about and applying The Spiritual Teaching, Self -affirmation must have a huge influence on our ability to think in neutral-positive “wise” as it would better balance out the need for our ego to exerts its influence in an unequalised-force manner!?

    I haven’t posted much over the years since learning of Billy’s Mission and The Spiritual Teaching, preferring to read, study and contemplate what others have to say. But now realise I have been probably ignoring my own impulses, for a long time, to get more involved with the FIGU Community!! (The Future is Now)

    Thankyou for being a constant steady voice for reason and logic, and for reminding us to reach out to like-minded fellow humans and with them share Peace, Love, Harmony and Freedom. It can be a lonely path to steadfastly hold to Truth that is not perceived by many! Yet 😉

    Again, thanks for this post of Billy’s Self-affirmation Teaching.
    (And all your efforts thus far)


    “Truth remains steadfast, the change is our perception of Truth”

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