Michael Horn Live, EP 34: Why Are OJ’s Lawyers after…Me?

What happened when I found Hollywood film distributor falsified financials

  • Film Exposé Deception on Demand: Why Are OJ’s Lawyers after…Me?
  • Choosing How We React to Stress
  • Wildfires in America, Volcanic Eruptions Foretold

Michael Horn Live, EP 34

Among other things tonight:

I’ll update you and explain about a pressing legal situation I’m facing because I wouldn’t give in to demands to suppress my free speech by a Hollywood film distributor. Due to the serious nature of these threats, tonight I’m reporting to you from my remote studio in Uzbekistan.

We’ll review some of Billy Meier’s prophetic warnings regarding fires in America and environmental destruction that have already fulfilled…with more on the way:

March 4, 1976:

The heart of Earth a-trembles under the destruction blow,

rearing up high at night time, but so also during the day.

South America quakes and blazes at the blow and in smoke,

enfolded in dull screaming and gray death smoke.

But also America and all its islands are to be named

then Japan, Arabia, China, India, nations that burn.

October 10, 1981:

445. The turn of the year 1982 to 1983 in itself is not of significance, but it should be of interest to you, to know that shortly after the new year 1983, a great spectacle of nature will occur on the Hawaiian Islands, because a volcano will again erupt there, meaning in several eruptions lasting for a long time.

446. The damage, due to this approaching volcanic activity, will not be great, because the human settlements are established at a sufficiently safe distance, so that they are not affected.

534. Only after that there will be a period of rest, before an additional new event of nature on the Hawaiian Islands, will again be spoken about, namely when within a very short time, a volcano will again erupt.

535. This, my friend, are my statements, which I have to make about approaching events up to the month of March 1983.

Corroboration: See this article from 1983.

Contact Report 329, August 3rd, 2002

Billy … For years Quetzal’s predictions have fulfilled themselves in respect to the natural catastrophes, as in regard to the violent forest fires in America, Europe, Australia and Russia now, but also relating to the monstrous storms with rain, hail, snow and floodwaters, hurricanes and volcanic eruptions. The prophecies also speak of this, and here I want to know how long that actually will still continue and whether the phrase “50% of all of it is the fault of the humans” is still right? And whether the rolling fires that presently blaze in America are identical with those named in the prophecies? 
72. The percentage rate of fault attributed to the Earth human for all the catastrophes has remained the same since Quetzal’s prophecies, however it will still climb somewhat in the future if the destruction of the environment is indeed not yet ordered to stop through effective reason.
73. But the time during which the catastrophes still keep up, and even increase, runs yet far into the future.
74. The raging rolling fire in the USA in regard to the burning forests you have mentioned, corresponds, as a matter of fact, to the statements of the prophecies, yet they establish only a part of that there, because, in the more distant time, a still much worse fire will rage, that will move there across the United States and leads back to an origin of an act of war.
75. The storms over the entire world will degenerate to such an extent that from now on damage in billions of Swiss Francs will come about in worldwide form and also many humans will lose their lives.
76. Naturally, also quiet pauses will also occur between, yet these would only be what you call the calm before the storm.

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5 Replies to “Michael Horn Live, EP 34: Why Are OJ’s Lawyers after…Me?”

  1. These fires in California continue to be horrendous. They just keep coming and it seems that each one is greater in force and larger in devastation.

    I have set myself a task to go back and match Sfath’s earthquake predictions for 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018 with the actual earthquake statistics from each region. I have a feeling the numbers will match up precisely.

  2. Hi Melissa I think I also saw on the news of sinkholes where the fires are melting the land along with mudslides too where the fires are burning in Northern California? Salome.

  3. Hi MH I just saw EP 34. I`ve got an Idea as far as the OJ lawsuit is concerned. Why not find out if you can contact Joe Tisk to bring along to prove to those lawyers that the Billy Meier case IS the REAL authentic unadulterated real deal. The other issue is are we smart enough if we want to learn to stop breeding like rabbits as far as overpopulation is concerned? The poor uneducated of the world`s population can`t afford a good education system that could teach people about birth control and astentesisms if we want to educate people about safe healthy alternatives to stop breeding more than one,two three children at the most and at it`s source if we are ever going to quite and calm the Earth down if at all. As far as ETs are concerned,maby we should educated the earth humanity about the fact the we are really the ETs originally from the Ring Nebula in the Lyra System of the Milky Way Galaxy. Hope these ideas will help get people thinking and moving along. “We need to think more positive thoughts.” Salome

  4. Michael,

    In my opinion the lawsuit that was filed against you seems more like a witch-hunt for money. I admit I might have missed it myself because you might have already mentioned it in the video but has this case been going on for the past several months or for a number of years? I mean if this is all fairly recent then why are they taking legal action against you now when the documentary itself was made over a decade ago? It is also a bit strange how both you and them hired the same lawyer for the case but maybe it probably is just a coincidence. Judging by what you’ve said in the video I think you’re being treated unfairly. I wish you well Michael.

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