Billy Meier UFO Photos Expose Steven Greer “Disclosure” Scam

Greer’s back with another anything-but-the-truth UFO farce 

 The following is the latest cynical, phony, truth-betraying, “Sirius Disclosure” scam from world class UFO charlatan, Steven Greer:

We wish we could help but all we’ve got are these independently analyzed, singularly authentic, pre-digital era UFO photos, films, etc., from Billy Meier.

In fact, in this book we have 617 of Meier’s best UFO photos, digitized for even greater clarity:

Of course, if you’re a huckster and a quack who’s always promising “UFO Disclosure”, “free energy” and “aliens-on-demand” – all for a very hefty price – hey, why not try to keep the scam going…even though you’ve long known about the singularly authentic Billy Meier UFO contacts and his incomparable, still irreproducible evidence?

Apparently, stunningly clear 35mm UFO photos like these aren’t good enough and you don’t want people knowing about them anyway:

Maybe it’s time that Greer got a little help from independent military, legal, aerospace, photographic, special effects, and other scientific experts:

USAF OSI Investigator Concludes Billy Meier UFO Case Real

Billy Meier UFO Case: Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

NASA Engineer: The Billy Meier UFO Case Is Real

Former Operations Director/VP, Orbital Flight Systems Group, on The Billy Meier Case

The Real UFO Films The Pentagon Hid From You

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12 Replies to “Billy Meier UFO Photos Expose Steven Greer “Disclosure” Scam”

    1. I don’t think so. What do you think is missing?

      Also, please use your first and last name when commenting and thank you for participating.

  1. This has nothing to do with the Greer farce but with the Meier photos. I remember when I stumbled (in 2008/ 2009) upon the photos Billy took inside (Semjase’s?) beam ship. I was thinking at the time “No way these are real…but if they ARE, well I’ve hit the jackpot for finding the TRUTH!” Lo and behold, I DID find the truth and thus began my journey into the Meier material. So glad I stumbled upon those photos and all the information at my fingertips thanks to you, Michael.

  2. OH WOW!!! Finally thank god Steven Greer is revealed for a disinformation agent! Truth always trumps lies.

    Thank you Billy, many people back you up.

    1. Such a fraud that Steven Greer is charging $2,650.00 for his Mt. Shasta Expedition in July 2018 at the same time Lockheed Martin are flying around in their F-35s.
      Funny that you weren’t allowed to attend the expedition unless you had received one week of brainwashing/debriefing beforehand.
      The after burner on the F-35s look exactly like Steven Greer’s ET craft. Coincidence?
      It would be interesting to know how much of that $2,650 is given to Lockheed Martin as a kickback.

  3. The unacknowledged movie was very convincing, but I did wonder why there was no mention of Billy Meier’s contacts and photos. Then after seeing what Greer charges for the “UFO viewing/contact” outings, it discredited the movie for me. Although I continue to wonder if there is truth to the power held by the mentioned secret national security administration and the alleged atrocities committed. I have always believed that the oil powers rule the US and governments are corrupt, because those positions of power attract greed.

    1. Hi David, I think you answered your own question as to why you don’t see Billy’s contacts and photos. How is Greer going to continue his sham and make all those big bucks if he starts telling the truth? That would put a huge clinker in his Alien and UFO tourism business. Salome

  4. I don’t think that the cost for joining the CE-5 expedition with Dr. Greer should be the primary deterrent for considering his rhetoric to be a sham. The truth of the matter is that to share information and for disclosing the truth it takes funds to bring them to light. To deny Dr. Greer any objective consideration for truth based solely on one’s emotional judgement (aversion) to being asked for financial support would be a human fallacy. Meier may be in communion with those from Pleiades, however, there are many ET civilizations. Regardless of the grassroots movement for disclosure requiring individual sacrifices by the people – i.e. funds and effort and energy – Dr. Greer’s initiative to lead the world to a transparent new civilization should not be mocked solely based on his refusal to cover phenomena he does not fully understand (Meier) nor based on his request for funding.

    1. Regarding “disclosing the truth it takes funds to bring them to light”, yes, I know that first hand as I do my work (and others do theirs) for free, voluntarily, etc. And I indeed welcome donations to help me keep it going.

      However, since Greer has NO actual contact with, or connection to, extraterrestrials, and NO actual evidence of ANYTHING of extraterrestrial manufacture or origin, and since he KNOWS the truth of Meier’s singularly authentic contacts – and chooses to SUPPRESS it – I have no use for this phony profiteer, who’s done more HARM to the so-called “Disclosure” movement by his suppression than any good.

      Also, NO ONE is “in communion with those from Pleiades” because there’s NO Life in the Pleiades. But this disinformation is widely spread by the “UFO community”.

      If anyone wants to ask Greer WHY he’s suppressing the Meier case in favor of having people spend huge amounts of money to go into the desert at night, point their flashlights at the sky, and try to get an aliens-on-demand lightship, please feel free to let us know his answers.

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