What is Marie Adler Desperately Trying to Hide?

Champion of women’s rights stops PBS showing “Breaking the Silence”

Today’s update on “Deception on Demand” follows up on Why Are OJ’s Lawyers after…Me?, with a very brief update on what some people will do when they don’t want the truth to come out.

In an attempt to intimidate, harass me and suppress my right to free speech, Marie Adler, owner of Adler & Associates Entertainment personally contacted PBS to prevent them from a potential broadcast of our award-winning film, Breaking the Silence.

Adler, a self-described, “champion of women’s rights” – who actually distributes the film! – was so desperate to silence me that she was willing to again silence these courageous young women, who tell how they overcame abuse, despair and hopelessness in their own lives.

In “Deception on Demand” we’ll also be looking into questions about possible fraudulent, unsubstantiated expenses, monies diverted from filmmakers to A&AE, etc. If they can’t substantiate them to the filmmakers – and their lawyers – how do they substantiate them to the IRS?

More to come…


4 Replies to “What is Marie Adler Desperately Trying to Hide?”

  1. The level of dishonesty and suppression of free speech has reached epic proportions. I can’t help but think back on almost a daily basis to when Billy recently said that the masses of people are quite literally going insane. These people don’t even make sense anymore and it seems that everything logical has been kicked to the curb whereas everything illogical is being celebrated and cheered on. The collective psyche and human intelligence is being categorically destroyed and replaced with a dumbed down, low IQ, low ambition, hive mind mentality.

  2. Hi MH Sounds like you need to hire a really good lawyer if you can afford to get a good one otherwise this country is now turning into a really bad case of dictatorship no matter who is the president and who thinks he/she is above the law! “These political Stazi governments are ALL CRIMINALS WHO ALL HANG OUT WITH CRIMINALS!!!” All they do is cook up some kind of lies as an acsues to hide their buns behind a façade to make them look good i.e.sugercote the REAL truth that they are above the law so that cando what ever they damn please no matter who runs Planet Earth! It`s high time we expose these criminals for who they real are otherwise EVERYTHING will just go into the military and just keep fight stupid little wars for nothing when all we need is to fix the infastructor fior love,peace,harmony, logic,etc. I think this primitive world just isn`t ready to face the REAL issues of the spiritual teachings, Creational laws with it`s commandments, recoimendations and so on. ” I personally feel as if I`m living in a fishbowl and I`m not allowed to learn explore beyond this primitive solar system etc. Now I understand why the Ps won`t show themselves. I just don`t think this world is ready to face the REAL issues! I just hope we won`t have to blow ourseleves up for all the horrors now that are now happening here on Earth or are about to happen all over again as the old saying goes ” History Repeats Itself All Over Again!” Are we still that closed minded that we are afraid to face the reality of the future such as the fact that there are OTHER human beings living in our universe and other universes who are just like us with only very slight minor differences such as long extened earlobes for example to sight such an example.

  3. I wonder if the USA is also sliding into a toltalarian state like the rest of the world with no freedom of speech and no privacy anymore? If so I wonder if the USA will ever get out of this horrible state of no free speech and no privacy if ever? What ever happened to democracy in this country?

  4. Deception on Demand is akin to Truth is Treason. That really devolves human consciousness. Something is not equating equally….
    Thanks for the video….can’t wait to watch the next one.

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