Blog Comment Section Back Up

Update: the blog comment section is working now. If you still have issues commenting, delete your browsing history and cache. Thanks.

The blog comment section has been down for the last 24 hours due to a technical issue. We are currently in the process of restoring service. I will post a comment here when the system has been updated.

Please bear with us and thank you for your patience.

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3 Replies to “Blog Comment Section Back Up”

  1. Hello Melissa.

    I saved this link, the page here: into my favorites so when I log into the website I don’t get the Hi Jetpack error thing. Clearing the cache did not work for me and I have apparently no plug-ins or extensions installed. Then here on the right I have recent posts, recent comments, past articles, search etc., this way I can access all the site.

    1. Thanks for the info, Maxime.

      This is the most recent info I could get from a person who works on Jetpack:

      I’ve confirmed with some folks that the “dreaded Hi Jetpack! All systems go.” message is indeed being generated from GoDaddy’s systems in response to Jetpack’s Uptime Monitor checking in to make sure your site is still running.

      Unfortunately unless they change their system overrides, there isn’t much that can be done short of disabling monitoring (which really shouldn’t be necessary, but that’s the situation they’ve put our mutual users in), disabling caching via whatever system or Cloud Proxy you may be using, or switching hosting (which also shouldn’t be necessary, but it is GoDaddy’s code that is explicitly causing the issue).

      If a user wants uptime monitoring, in my opinion your host shouldn’t decide to short circuit that decision, or respond automatically “all good” regardless of the site’s actual status. Some folks use the Uptime Monitor’s ping every five minutes to make sure their site’s Cron jobs run regularly — and this prevents that from happening.

      I wish I had better news for you — we’re in contact with some of their techs and hoping they’ll get the issues rectified, but that’s the current status quo.

      Jetpack Archivist

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