The COMING 10.0 Quake that Will Shake the World

The Big One is coming and it won’t just hit California

We are now familiar with this event:

Magnitude 8.2 quake strikes in the Pacific, no damage expected -USGS

As we published almost one year ago:


28.) Storms, ranging from heavy to the heaviest will, from now on, until far into the Third Millennium, bring unspeakably much misery, need and suffering to the human as has never happened since time immemorial.

120.) However the Third Millennium will also be the time when people will be frightened of the future because the world political, military and environmental situation will be very precarious because the national powers of the USA and Israel in the same way threaten with war and destruction as, worldwide, will also the rebellious terrorists, and in addition, because humans have so terribly plundered, raped and desecrated nature, it will hit back with violent seaquakes and earthquakes and with monstrous rainstorms and primeval storms.

We also specifically emphasized the storm warnings…seven years ago.

The Big One

As I also mention in this video, there’s another huge quake coming, many in fact. This 10.0 will shake the world as it has never before been shaken.

So it was already explained to Billy Meier…72 years ago:

However, the future of the financial economy will be difficult, because starting from the year 1988, it will become quite dark all over the world with regard to money, because then the foundation of a capital power takes place in the USA, which will intervene as a worldwide effective shadow-bank and world shadow-government in the entire global financial world and dominate many countries and their structures. In the USA itself, this capital-might will expand to a state-internal shadow government, which – in a secret wise for the population of the USA – will govern the United States of America in accordance with its will, as is also done by another US-american shadow government that has already been existing for a long time and will survive even until far into the future.

We also referred to this information, and to a company that Sfath could’ve possibly been referring to, in this previous blog, almost a year ago.

Billy Meier further spelled out what’s coming regarding the global financial in information linked from this article.

Perhaps people will now better understand what I was trying to point out when I did this blog about The QAnon Con. To further clarify, there’s not much you can do with, or about, the information (cryptic and otherwise) in the QAnon posts. If the various things that QAnon speaks about, the so-called tens of thousands of sealed indictments, the “good guys vs. bad guys” scenario, etc., do or don’t come to pass, there are some things that will with certainty occur, which will affect almost everyone, and for which we had best prepare ourselves.

And these things, which were foretold by the Plejaren and Billy Meier, are also being warned about by very pragmatic, financially conservative advisors like Bill Bonner. I recommend that you read his articles here.

The people were warned…and did they listen?

World’s Largest Animal Study on Cell Tower Radiation Confirms Cancer Link

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11 Replies to “The COMING 10.0 Quake that Will Shake the World”

  1. Thanks for the update, Michael!
    As a sort of ‘comfort’, I’m currently trying to read one of Billy’s latest books, “Ur-Ur-Ur-Ur-Ur-Ur-Ur-Ursprung aller Existenz” (2016). That would be something like “Primal-Primal-Primal-Primal-Primal-Primal-Primal Origin of all Existence”. It’s not an easy read and only in German (so far), but it put things in a whole other perspective. It doesn’t change our current history/the currently unfolding events, but, as I said, it is somehow somewhat comforting for me to read.

  2. From Texas just south of Houston, where would be the best place to evacuate to if/when saint Helen begins to erupt??

  3. Contact Report 104


    To Frisco, my son, to San Francisco, but into the future. Namely to that time when the city is destroyed by the earthquake. I would be interested in how everything looks, when the first severe quake is over, and exactly this I want then also to photograph. This will surely be possible to do, won’t it? And surely it doesn’t matter, if I then also publish these photographs, if they come out well, is that okay?

    89. Surely there would be nothing to object against this, for thereby very many people would then leave San Francisco and settle elsewhere before the catastrophe arises.
    90. This would save very many human lives.
    91. Certainly, I do agree with this, but it requires several hours if I should take you there.
    92. This old ship in fact, and presently I have no other ship at my disposal, needs a longer time for preparation, if accordingly you are to be back here again in normal time at first dawn of the morning.

    Contact Report 106

    48. These were those of the Baawi-Intelligences, who work together with us here on Earth, and who are responsible for many inspirational transmissions.

    *This just my opinion perhaps impulses to industry, particularly the technology industries (Silicon Valley). If they were impulsed to relocate…in my opinion the population to would consider relocating well. Theirs still time to save lives.


    1. I would hope if anyone is being impulsed it would be the normal human beings because Silicon Valley already knows and are relocating to Equador. So ask yourself why they aren’t warning anyone else right now and are only concerned about their own arses? High technology does not equal high spirituality.

  4. MH, where in the notes does it say a “10.0” quake will hit? I can’t find it. Or does it just say a big one will hit?

  5. Hi MH I just want to thankyou so very much for fixing my problem on They Fly Blog 🙂 I`m finally able to blog again. Sorry for all your troubles fixing the technical glitches I had. I couldn’t blog for a week. Tried to leave you with that article from etc, but it didn’t`t go through. I spend a week typing it in but Go Daddy kept popping up and Hi Jelpack Ally Systems kept me from even logging onto They Fly Blog. Again thanks many times over. Salome Terry

    1. Hi Luis, citizens will always be the last to know. Like for example let’s look at the phone/internet/emergency services industry. You would think Verizon would let all their customers know but instead we see they throttled firefighters unlimited data during the California wildfires because profit is more important than people’s lives:

  6. I do not understand why anyone bothers at all! This world and this “civilization” is in a such big, deep shi* it can hardly be imaginable to anyone. We alone are completely uncapable of ever solving any of thousands of this world˙s enormous problems, let alone more, all or even less getting all together to the right track, ever! I am 100% sure that the only thing that can bring this world to the right track is that Pleyarans not only let us completely exterminate ourself during hte next few decades, but also make sure that that happens 100%. Then in about 2000 years, when earth-human-reterdism passes, postapocalyptic nuclear, chemical and biologycal falout passes, and when planet Earth regenerates sufficiently and environmental living conditions on this palnet improve to a decent living standard, Pleyarans then send an expedition of a few hundreds of their own, to repopulate this planet to bring us back into incarnation, bring along with them their knowledge and teach us all they want us to know from the beginning, as soon as possible join the Pleyaran Federation in our name, bring other life back on this planet, bring along their technology and put it in practice, etc. etc.. This would be the easiest way for them and for us; anythnig else is s complete wast on time! If Pleyarans would choose this way thousands of years ago, they would have many times less uselessly wasted work and time to do than they did have otherwise. They wasted so much time for something that can never work! I hope they soon realize this and start swiching to this plan! If not they are gong to uselessly waste more of their time and work in the future.

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