If You Can’t Beat Them Promote Them!



Adler hires themselves to promote my new film exposing…them

UPDATE: When first advised that Marie Adler had actually re-posted my film*, I notified YouTube of the copyright violation, which they didn’t seem to act on. I then realized that nothing could be better than allowing Adler herself to spread the word of their devious and deceptive business practices for me. It was too late though, as YouTube finally removed it.

However, here are a couple of the gems that Adler had posted. First, she not only got the title correct, DECEPTION ON DEMAND, she generously – and accurately – added the self-indicting “!SCAM BUSTERS!”, an irrepressible confession of guilt, emanating from her subnoxious mind:

Then, cleverly attempting to masquerade as me (for reasons that escape my understanding) Marie Adler herself poses these perplexing questions:

While spelling (and honesty) isn’t Adler’s strong suit, nonetheless, my daughter Davida provided these responses:

I’m here, I’m speaking! Why are you asking about my mom who died 10 years ago from a heart attack? Any other questions for me?

While my father isn’t hiding…I’m super curious why you are so eager to find a 75 year old man you filied a bogus restraining order against??? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of filling a restraining order?

All these comments that he is hiding and you are going to find him…but for what? Are you… secretly in love with my father? LOL…I mean bringing up my mother’s passing and so desperately trying to find him?…it’s all kind of creepy and odd.

You really haven’t thought this all the way through and I’m honestly a bit embarrassed for you.

In order to clarify Marie Adler’s preoccupation with my being at an “India restaurant”, here is the email response I sent to her attorney when they were trying to serve a restraining order – by email, which is illegal – to make sure that I didn’t show up to interview them:

From: Michael Horn <pr@theyfly.com>
Date: July 15, 2018 at 2:01:58 PM PDT
To: Julie Gerchik <jgerchik@glaserweil.com>
Cc: Patricia Glaser <pglaser@glaserweil.com>
Subject: Re: Adler v. Horn:  Temporary Restraining Order

Dear Ms. Julie,

I’m a bit busy with the film project and I haven’t been served with anything, as we’re at a self-service Indian food buffet on the west side. It’s one of our favorite places when I’m in town.

It may interest you to know that I’ve been contacted by two more filmmakers who are now experiencing indigestion at the realization of what a REALLY bad deal A&AE ran on them.  We hadn’t planned on reaching out to the 200 plus filmmakers on the list until after we finished with a few colorful folks who have already had a lot to say.

Anyway, I understand that email isn’t a valid way to serve notice, etc. My crew and I can probably make ourselves available for legal appearances, etc., with a little notice.

However, as an official senior citizen (almost 75, thank you!) of small stature and gentle nature, I will need assurances that we don’t need to be concerned about brutish, thuggish behavior from A&AE, although I am willing to endure certain inconveniences both for my art and, more importantly, for the…truth.

Warm regards,


While my film presents the facts of how this bogus company operates, apparently Marie Adler found it irresistible to confirm they’re running a scam, even falsifying my identity, and posing crude and inane questions, so as to leave no doubt about how far they will go to…expose themselves.

Michael Horn

*Original blog before YouTube removed Adler’s counterfeit copy:

In an attempt to try to deflect from having their unethical business practices brought to light in my new film, DECEPTION ON DEMAND, Marie Adler and her accomplices have come up with a very innovative way to avoid exposure.

They’ve reposted and are effectively promoting the exposé about…them:

Even despite the nasty and untrue comments – posted by Marie Adler herself! – I’m loving and appreciating this free press! Please feel free to join them and spread this information.

23 Replies to “If You Can’t Beat Them Promote Them!”

  1. Oh dear. Looks like their spelling is as dire as their ethics. Not exactly the behaviour of a reputable company. I think they are making your case for you.

  2. Davida’s comments are brilliant.

    I’m surprised you allowed those apples that fell not far from you to be posted on your 2nd self-parodying youtube account michael horn. Or, is there another michael horn we don’t know about doing a parody of you parodying yourself? It’s like so post-post-post-modern, YouTube said they’d closed all those fake accounts? Now I’m thinking they were lying and just censoring right-wing commentators. The world is so confusing.

  3. Michael, clicking on the link “reposted” results in the youtube message “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Michael Horn”. Is that meant to be?

  4. Well, well, well? “What a dolt and a fraud that Marie Adler is”! What is she hiding, she thinks she`s smarter then You? So much for Marie Adler`s FAKE news and dumb stupid ranceed behavior! If I were you MH better fight back with a vengeance to prove she can`t take your videos away from you! In other words go fight like hell and sue her NOW in court but don`t do this alone bring Davida along with you etc! You and your daughter desrve better than this Marie Adler is a FRAUD!!!

    1. Hi Andrew You hit it right on the nose:-))) Where does it say that NASA and the Pentagon think they are smarter than us? “Lets challenge all those so-called know-it-alls who think they see flying saucers in the sky who think the ETs are here living among us, star children,etc,etc. etc channelers etc the REAL TRUTH even if they can`t stand the heat and the kitchen is too hot for them! When push comes to shove we NEED to do our homework and just give to them so these lying so-called know-it-alls will just HAVE to FACE the reality of the REAL deal strait up and STOP ALL and EVERYTHING,religions,politics,wars, drty nukes and fossil fuels from ruing planet earth once and for all and start worshiping all the plants flowers animals the environment which are all part and parcel of the laws of Creation with its coimmandmet,directives and recommendations then maby the Plejarens will FINALLY show up and show us just who and we are ALL part and parcel of Creation and this BIG HUGE VAST universe and other universes too!” After all we are NOT the only kid on the block as far as human beings go! There ARE other human beings elsewhere in this HUGE BIG cosmic picture too! Please tell these so-called know-it-alls that what they are REALLY seeing in the sky are just stupid military spy aircraft trying to keep us in a barbaric slave controlling world and just DON`T want us to know and learn about these good kind friendly spiritual helpful human people from the Plejaren Fedration!!!

  5. Since when has an official Billy Meier site gone “consumer reports?” Don’t you have German to learn or something to translate? It is bad enough that this blog is hypocritical finger pointing by those who think they are “woke,” who they themselves are in need of self improvement, but now you are crying about buyer’s remorse? It is your responsibility, it is self-responsibility, to make sure you are not taken advantage in life. And when a person feels that he has been taken advantage of, it is up to the individual to make personal corrections instead of blaming others, especially when the business practices are legal. Your new video, avoiding personal responsibility and blaming an outside force, is religion 101.

    How much more fake Billy Meier news from their “official rep” are the heads of Figu Swiss going to put up with? I think they should fire you right now. Btw- How is that fake news headline from last year that “MUFON will investigate” Meier” going? Any updates to this breaking story? I think this guy nails what really happened https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HeUlUnyxtM8

    “…how obsessed this guy is… I called him in my parody (what did I call him?) I called him a UFO radical extremist…”

    “…It does not matter what you say to him, he just keeps doubling down on dumb…”

    What you do NOT respect, MH, is that folks can have an opposing opinion about Billy Meier, by doing their own research, and seeing many questionable photos like the dinosaur ones, and honestly think Meier is a hoax. This is a reasonable conclusion, and should be respected. You can NOT expect folks to go further and find value in the written books for example. It is religious to expect folks, who do not see value in Meier, come to their senses and agree with “the greatest story in human history” according to MH.

    1. Anthony, maybe you didn’t watch the entire video, but Michael did admit to making a mistake and not researching like he should have. His video is a warning to other filmmakers so they don’t make the same mistake he did. There is absolutely nothing wrong with letting others know that they may be taken for a ride.

      You’re delusional if you think Michael expects everyone to accept the Meier case as the word of some god. Michael is doing his part to help spread the truth. Period. It is 100% up to others whether they want to take self responsibility and do their own further research into Billy’s books. It is not Michael’s responsibility to see to it that they get past the fraudulent photos.

      I think you should take a long hard look at what you’re saying here about Michael spreading fake news. Michael has done more than any other person in the United States to help bring this case to light. He has taken self responsibility and spent his own time and hard earned money to help. Many people have found this case due to Michael’s diligence, including me. I think we all owe him some gratitude for what he has accomplished. Your whining, sniveling comments are getting very old.


      1. Dear Mellisa,

        Please do not imply that I am “delusional” because I see MH’s over reaching and you do not. The example link I provided is not my experience but rather the words of yet another victim of MH’s zeal or whatever you want to call it.

        I am afraid you and the rest of the MH followers are looking in a mirror when it comes to “whining, sniveling” comments. I realize I am in need of self improvement, so I try to point fingers at myself first. I am glad MH admits that he was wrong in his video. However, it does NOT belong on a Billy Meier site imo. So I’ll take my whining and sniveling comments elsewhere if you don’t mind…

        Kind regards,

        1. You are being delusional accusing Michael of fake news and avoiding personal responsibility. I don’t know how you don’t see it, but being delusional usually means that you can’t see it while others can. What are YOU doing, Anthony, to help others get past the dinosaur photos? Nothing? You don’t think it’s your responsibility to spread the truth, and that’s fine, but don’t get whiny when others take the initiative to inform others. There is no sugarcoating the truth and none of us here are going to apologize for stating it as it is.

          This is Michael’s blog and he can discuss whatever he wants — how about that? When you start your own blog, you can discuss the things that YOU think are important. As for self improvement, we all will be doing that for many, many millions of years, including the Plejaren–that’s irrelevant. No one is telling you that you have to go anywhere, so don’t tuck tail and run just because someone challenges your assessment of Michael Horn.


          1. Please Mellisa,

            I do not want to fight. This is not about attacking MH, people. This is about adhering to the spiritual teaching. And what MH is doing with his new consumer reports video is that he is pointing the larger blame at the outside and not himself. This is contrary to what you folks are trying to do when it comes to the concept of taking personal responsibility.

            I love MH. I am a big fan of his movies. I am a regular customer. However, I do not always agree. And this video fight is against the principles of what this mission is all about, to improve oneself. Taking personal responsibility is the example MH should be portraying during this ordeal; not blaming a company (outside) for being shrewd when everything is legal with lawyers.

            I am sorry if I tend to rock the boat with you folks. But it is not for the fun of it or because I am evil. Rather I want to provide food for thought. I want to jar jar thinking from one extreme so that the other side can be respected and considered. This should be welcomed here but instead it is misunderstood. What does this say about this blog and leadership?

            All the best,

            1. From the teaching of the Truth, the teaching of the Spirit and the teaching of Life:
              “157. The equalisedness of the consciousness is also called *inner*, or the tranquillity of the consciousness, that is singly, entirely and fundamentally responsible that all idea formations come into being and pass away.
              159. To acquire the consciousness-equalisedness and to develop inner tranquility and develop the inner life it is necessary to point out, in all explicitness and above all else, the fine-spiritual-perception of deference (honour, venerability, veneration, reverence) because only when the deference (honour, venerability, veneration, reverence) for all and everything and everyone is present in man – only then can also the equalisedness of the consciousness be found.”
              – Genesis.

              1. honesty, fairness, or integrity in one’s beliefs and actions.

            2. “When can a human being be called a ‘fair one’?”
              4. when he/she rejects all evil things, all wrong things, all that which is unfair and bad, all that which is dishonest;
              5. when he/she consciously avoids all damage against fellow human beings, the systems of nature and the fauna and flora;
              6. when he/she loves and logically follows/realises/fulfils/practices all things that are good and positive;
              7. when he/she lives and grows in true love, and always develops further in this regard;
              8. when he/she leads his/her life in ample righteousness;
              9. when he/she is free of personal ungood, negative and damaging intentions and interests;
              10. when his/her conscience is pure all around;
              11. when he/she logically follows/realises/ fulfils/practices the love for the next one/the fellow human being and the love for nature and its fauna and flora;
              12. when he/she logically follows/realises/ fulfils/practices a clear and clean conscience;
              13. when he/she has not fallen for an addictive attachment to the material wealth;
              14. when he/she logically follows/realises/ fulfils/practices the correct state and cleanliness in all things;

    2. I watched 5 minutes of that video Anthony because that person doesn’t know what he’s talking about. The Billy Meier case was listed on mufon, I checked it out myself when they first posted it there. Jan Harzan was going to say the case was “polarizing” not “poor” and that’s as far as I got. Michael Horn has done more for the case than any other person in the Western Hemisphere. There’s even a contact report which states this. But lucky for me I’ve met Michael Horn in person and he’s as fantastic in real life as he comes across on this blog. My hope is the class action lawsuit is successful and brings down Marie Adler and Ass. simply because they’re con artists and really bad lawyers/actors and obviously don’t care that the #metoo movement could have benefited from Michael and Davida’s video and this only proves that it was all about the money. The only thing worse than a greasy lawyer is a greasy politician and that’s why so many politicians are lawyers.

  6. Melissa, I totally agree with everything you have said in defense of MH!

    It is virtually impossible for people who have not read the Contact Reports or any of the over 50 published books to begin to comprehend the futility of going against MH and this entire case. They are just annoying little mosquitoes who are recording their ignorance for all to see.. I watched the weak video that was linked in this thread above and seriously wonder why these guys have such a hatred for the mission and can only put it down to low IQ’s and laziness. All the so called debunking evidence is ALL youtube based.. so obviously anyone who is not prepared to read through and think about the many thousands of freely available pages BEAM has written will never be able to grasp the importance of the case. They can only refer to the so called debunking videos because they OBVIOUSLY have not actually bothered to read the material. Their ability to think does not extend past what has been viewed on youtube. I almost wanted to comment on that stupid video then I thought better of it because it is like throwing pearls of wisdom to the pigs.. They can debunk and talk slanderous lies for as long as they like they will only suffer their own self made consequences.

    1. Hi Justine, thank you and welcome to the blog. You are right, many folks do not grasp the importance and the true reason behind the contacts. All they see are UFO and dinosaur photos. It will take thousands of years before Earth human beings truly understand the depth of this information.

      Please also remember to use your last name when commenting. Salome

  7. Everyone including MH should ignore everything Anthony A posts. And why bother letting him post his crap at all when he is all about putting forth opposing opinions and always telling MH and everyone what they should do.

    1. Hi Ian,

      Far in the future, when the Spiritual Teaching is finally being taught around the world, the spiritual leaders and historians will look back on this time in history and see just how many folks were incorrigible, stubborn and lacking in reason. It will be used as example to show just how dangerous religious delusion can be. On the bright side, intelligent and reasonable folks will see this now and find some resonation that hopefully leads them further into the material. The truth can’t be misspoken and it can’t be outshouted by whiny negative untruths. The truth always stays the same no matter how many negative thoughts and negative words surround it. Salome

    2. Dear theyflyblog,

      I hope I have never told anybody “what they should do.” If I came off as this, obviously my mistake, I am truly sorry. But please understand people, I AM NOT AN AGENT PROVOCATEUR! I think Billy is telling the truth. I think the contacts are real. I just like to challenge myself as well as my neighbors to get us to consider new things.

      So ALL I am ever trying to do is challenge thinking, NOT PEOPLE. I often agree with Figu folks, like bad business should be exposed to protect the public. I get that; but the OTHER SIDE of the argument can be that if a business is 100% within the law, NO MATTER HOW SHREWD, it is largely the responsibility of the consumer to do his/her due diligence beforehand. This is putting the recommendation of self responsibility and personal responsibility as paramount, as a student of the spiritual teaching. As a student who is monitoring him/herself, trying their best to take and apply self responsibility LARGELY in their lives, is not going to pass the blame easily, even if the other party has taken advantage. The ONLY time a spiritual teaching student would place a larger responsibility on an outside force, instead of themselves, imo, would be if there was blatant misrepresentation or downright fraud.

      Even then the strict student is going to take most of the blame for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, to further advance themselves so they’re not just victims. THEN it becomes appropriate to notify the authorities. Make an expose. Or take legal action because you need to protect something that hurts the public. A one-side and/or unfair, fully disclosed in writing, contract that is backed by major legal firms, is NOT one of those rare cases where a prudent student would pass the blame! But please folks, do as you like. I am not going to follow this paper dragon crusade. Because there was an opportunity for the contracted before he signed, to check reviews online, consult an attorney, or otherwise do his/her due diligence as a self responsible person. So I strongly think that MH new “film” is religion 101.

      Please folks, debate my content not me as an independent person who does not take the road of the masses, even Billy Meier masses. Folks that promote or continue the status quo are not learning something NEW. Please I want the share the road that I am going down with anybody who wishes to share it with me. But please don’t get mad at me or banish me because I do not want to go down YOUR road, thank you.

      PLEASE… I come in peace and love…

      All the best to you all,

  8. Hi guys I totally agree with you. ” If Anthony 23 can`t say nice things especially about Billy Meier and Michel Horn then 23 should NOT be blogging here”! Insolently MH if and when you do get your taped videos back from Adler I also thought about putting your videos on HBO or mabye the other premium documentary special channels such as Starz Cinnamax Encour etc,etc,etc if you can get them to air your documentaries as specials on their premium cable channels if you can. This is just another idea I thought of. Salome Terry

  9. Anthony”23″Alagna

    I don’t entirely agree with what you have said about Michael Horn. What you must realise is that Michael Horn wants to simply expose these fraudsters because other people might have had similar experiences. By exposing them then other people would avoid doing business with them in the first place. I think there is nothing wrong with that.

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