Adler’s attempt to suppress the truth is all the more  desperate and, ultimately…futile

Having just posted a video pertaining to the issues with censorship that Alex Jones appears to have, I’m borrowing a page from his playbook in calling this an…Emergency.

As many of you now know, my film DECEPITON ON DEMAND, documents my experiences with the A&AE company.

I have just learned that they’ve forced YT to take this film down, as well as two other videos in which I reported on the situation. (I can’t broadcast live on YT until this is resolved).

Adler is obviously trying to stop the growing international awareness about DECEPTION ON DEMAND and their own very questionable business practices.

While I await the details of their complaints, I will only say that they’ve had ample time to address any issues in the film by accepting my invitation to be interviewed, which they…declined. Let them take their time though, since this will then be read by the ever-growing international audience concerned about the kinds of companies.

I will add that I was informed today that DECEPTION ON DEMAND has been accepted in a Hollywood film festival…so Adler’s attempt to suppress the truth is all the more  desperate and, ultimately…futile.

But I do try to distinguish, and respect the difference between, who people are and  what they may do.


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      1. I have this feeling that one of this piece-of-work’s most cherished material possessions is a photo of it arms-around-each-other with Killary.
        Now it wants a mug-shot of itself!

  1. If they would have responded to your original requests for reasonable discussion, they could have avoided all this extra attention. I don’t care how legal their contract may have been, it was misleading(dishonest) and ultimately a money making scam. Legal doesn’t automatically mean fair or right. I hope that many filmmakers will see your film and stay far away from this company.

  2. Hey Michael,

    Yes, I did notice that they took it down the other day, which wreaks of desperation.

    They’re scared and unsure of their next step. They believed you would just go away like all the rest have but you haven’t.

    Worse yet, you’re not out for money, so they can’t pay you off and you want the world to know how they scam people to help others stay away.

    You represent everything they fear; a good person who wants to expose them. Their old tricks have gained them nothing and they will be less than nothing when the class action levy breaks and they drown in their own wrong thinking.

    I think they will be especially at a loss when Deception on Demand wins an award and gets the attention of other top brass in Hollywood.

    Good luck on this journey Michael! 🙂

    -Bill Ter Burgh

  3. Melissa “you hid right right on the nail!”:))) Michael Horn need ALL the support he can possible get!!! Let`s show these frauds just what we think of these mean selfish clowns who all they want is money and nothing else! These monkeys thus don`t want the REAL truth! If that`s the case they will be very very sorry when they find out that there will be 2 civil wars and a nuclear war by 2020 when they find out that they ALL come down with cancer and radiation poising!!! Let`s hop[ all this will never happen but if it come to these predictions of BEAM then Adler in co with think twice about her actions and behavior toward Michael Horn . Michael why not SPILL ALL the beans (predictions) right in front of her stupid ugly face and let her have it!! because “Marie Adler is a REAL SORE LOOSER”!!!

  4. “MH, he came to me. He came to me insulting me. The first thing he did he tracked down my email and came out of the box swinging and insulting me… This is the guy supporting the great loving teachings…then I find out later, and just recently found out more…people have been coming to me from all over the internet telling me that MH tracked them down and bullied them…”


    Here is a good example of a Billy Meier believer, rather than thinker, attacking a person who does NOT see value in the case. This should be respected, especially if a person has done research for themselves and determined on their own that Billy Meier is a hoax. These folks have a right to their opinion! There is no conspiracy here! This MH follower is just following MH’s lead to go out there and “wake up the public” about the “greatest story ever told;” armed not with wisdom but rather something he read in a book. A good spiritual teaching student, who is applying the info, would NOT go onto someone’s channel and spam them with hysterical comments that don’t immediately illuminate the truth, and make the accuser sound like a member of a cult. In my opinion, the crusaders that MH has assembled and are following him; are just acting out what MH has set as an example.

    It is time Figu Swiss wakes up about their dangerous little army of believers who are following MH’s lead…

    1. Gee, with all the chaos and terrorism going on in the world, as Billy and the Plejaren so accurately foretold, if this is what keeps you busy and up at night, what a luxury.

      Have fun beating your dead horse.

      1. I recognize chaos in the world and terrorism, and try to understand future trend. I do not dwell on this. Right now I am super excited about the new Paul McCartney album, “Egypt Station.”

        My favorite track on the album right now is “Dominoes.” It goes:

        “In time we’ll know, it’s all a show
        It’s been a blast
        As time goes by, we’ll laugh and cry
        It’s in the past

        We can start to begin
        Living in the world we’re in

        [Verse 1]
        From day to day, we’ll fight and play
        For what we need
        We’ll soon forget we ever met
        And disagreed

        We can start to begin (to begin)
        Living in the world we’re in (world we’re in)
        This is it (this is it), here and now (here and now)
        We can find our way

        And lines of dominoes are falling
        Into place, ignoring everything in their way
        And all the telephones are calling
        Constantly, imploring us to come out and play

        [Verse 2]
        And soon we’ll see that you and me
        We’re really friends
        We broke the code and walked the road
        That never ends

        We can start to begin (to begin)
        Living in the world we’re in (world we’re in)
        This is it (this is it), here and now (here and now)
        We can find our way

        And lines of dominoes are falling
        Into place, ignoring everything in their way
        And all the telephones keep calling
        Constantly, imploring us to come out and play
        Hey-hey, hey-hey

        [Verse 3]
        We’ll take our turn and try to learn
        To sing and dance
        We’ll hedge our bets with no regrets
        And take a chance

        We can start to begin (to begin)
        Living in the world we’re in (world we’re in)
        This is it (this is it), here and now (here and now)
        We can find our way

        And lines of dominoes are falling
        Into place, ignoring everything in their way
        And all the telephones keep calling
        Constantly, imploring us to come out and play
        Hey-hey, hey-hey

        In time we’ll know, it’s all a show
        It’s been a blast”

        Certainly there are other favorite tracks that include a song called Naked. So this is a big deal for me and I am super happy right now. I also started an impossibly difficult job that is going to be a big challenge. I had to go thru weeks of training, learning the legal aspects. However I will need to study until the day I quit to stay on track. However I see this as just another puzzle to solve for the time being. Just like trying to figure out Billy Meier. I thrive at trying to solve mysteries. My masterpiece discovery deals with the musical group the B-52s and time travel. As I mentioned before on your blog, I have also tried to solve the Paul is Dead mystery. So helping all you folks see how you have a fire going on in your little group, is just another problem that I felt compelled to solve. Please folks, give my stuff another read. I am sure you will find logic and an application of creational-natural laws and directives. This is my goal on everything I post.

        I am not a dead horse. Please find something from one of my blog comments, some quote, and let’s see if we can finally be friends by finding common ground.

        1. Who said we weren’t friends? I think you’re misunderstanding my/our intentions. Just because we are discussing, debating and disagreeing with your judgments about Michael and those of us who help spread the truth, it doesn’t mean we don’t like you. Well, at least for me, anyways. This is the problem I see in the world today. Those who don’t agree on every single issue see each other as enemies. It will be the main reason for the civil war in this country. I could personally care less about peoples political and religious interests as long as we share common values and our core values overlap.

          Also, regarding your idea that folks should remain passive about spreading the truth, I think you will see that Billy, who pulls his info directly from the storage banks and the High Council, see it differently.

          In the end, and in spite of all the defeats, the winners will be those who held onto the truth tenaciously and fought for it, even though this victory will only be signified by a good conscience and an inner satisfaction that they have fulfilled their duty with respect to life, the world, mankind and all other life forms on Earth in accordance with the laws and directives of Creation.

          1. As never before in the long history of Earth and its people, wars and crimes, as well as manifold brutalities prevail, which constantly increase in step with the overpopulation.
          4. All governments and those responsible and the majority of the population have become the keepers of evil.
          28. Therefore it is not surprising that all of mankind as well as the planet and all of its other life forms etc. are sliding more and more and irresistibly into the deepest abyss and rushing towards total destruction.
          29. As a matter of fact, the people on Earth are up to the eyeballs in muck and don’t recognize or understand the truth anymore.
          30. Actually, they do not want to see or know the truth, because they still think of themselves as the absolute crown of Creation, who can do as they please and never fail.
          31. In fact it is not all people who are wandering on the path to destruction, because there are also those who recognize the scary situation and are trying with all means possible to wake up the majority of mankind who think and act wrong.
          32. Unfortunately these people only belong to a minority, who go unheard and are even attacked because most people do not want to be told the truth nor are they willing to give it a thought.
          33. In spite of all this, the minority must continue the fight for enlightenment, even though it is almost hopeless.
          34. Only he who fights for life can win even when it seems useless.
          35. In the end, and in spite of all the defeats, the winners will be those who held onto the truth tenaciously and fought for it, even though this victory will only be signified by a good conscience and an inner satisfaction that they have fulfilled their duty with respect to life, the world, mankind and all other life forms on Earth in accordance with the laws and directives of Creation.

          For the full text, please see:

          1. Now, who can’t sleep at night?

            I promise that I am trying very hard to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem. I have read and re-read all the stuff from Meier’s text. I agree with him. What does this have to do with MH’s video? Personally, I think MH is digging himself a huge hole that he is burying himself in. If you had taken the time to read my explanation on the other blog where I discussed self responsibility and only pointing blame to the outside in cases of misrepresentation and fraud, you would see that I have valid concerns. These are legal terms and I showed how the recommendation of taking personal and self responsibility applies in this case. I am applying the spiritual teaching here to the best of my ability, not just posting special words from Billy and hoping for the best.

            The only reason you don’t see me as someone helping is because you are failing to see my side; and you are just posting words from a book, like the words have a magic effect or something, instead of giving me something that you though out for yourself from clues derived from this Meier material as well as any other things that have informed you throughout your life.


            1. There are no sides, only the truth, and no one has the responsibility to prove it to you or anyone else. They only have to prove it to themselves, which I have already done. It’s irrelevant whether you believe anyone here or at FIGU. The people who help Billy have already proved it to themselves and have decided that it’s the right thing to do to help spread the word.

              And those “special words” have brought us the Spiritual Teaching and all the other evidence, so they are kind of relevant. We all use our own thoughts and words when it comes to our understanding of the information, but NO ONE can do what Billy has done. His words are coded to help release impulses. If you think you can do what he has done by always using your own words, then go for it, but when you come to a blog that’s dedicated to the Meier case, you are going to see his words. Salome

              1. I get the feeling that Anthony feels competitive with me and maybe other people. As many have posted out here, we are each our own person and no one is trying to create a cult, followers, etc. I also explained to Anthony that I was sent a link to the guy who’s putting out the attacking videos, etc., whose information was a cut and paste from what the idiot skeptics post.

                Yes, I tend to confront those people because they are attacking and spread false, anti-truth publicly. Neither that guy, nor Anthony, mention that.

                As for Anthony’s assessment that I am “digging a hole”, etc., perhaps he should learn more about the situation, one way to do so being to actually…ask me about it.

                There’s an overall feeling that Anthony drops in, throws some stones at people, accuses them of some kind of cultic behavior and then acts like the injured party when people give him back in kind. He’s separated himself from others here in his own mind and acts it out at every opportunity, then portrays himself as some victim. Holding different opinions is beneficial to those who can appreciate, and learn from, them. But wrapping everything in snide, accusatory, taunting, I-know-better-than-you language just creates the alienation that a person then blames others for creating.

                1. I get that same feeling. If he thinks the Meier case is BS, I would much rather he just came out and say it. This tap dancing around saying he’s a student of the teaching one minute and then disparaging folks for studying and spreading Billy’s words the next minute is loony tunes. In one sentence he says he cares about you and you are his friend, then he says you’re spreading fake news and he doesn’t care if you go to jail. It’s a chaotic, aggressive and disharmonious pattern.

                  1. For the last time folks, I THINK THE CASE IS REAL. I support and try my best to apply the spiritual teaching. That does not mean that folks involved can’t make mistakes. I am not going to dislike MH because he has sensationalized and tried to shoe horn news that isn’t real like with MUFON. Anybody with any common sense and halfway decent observational skills can see that the MUFON guy in the video was just appeasing MH, and being respectful and optimistic. Only folks missing a few screws would conclude from that exchange that the MUFON guy had “seen the light” and was now going to drop everything and promote the Meier case. That my dear is loony toons.

                    1. Hey Andrew,

                      What does this mean:

                      “I am not going to dislike MH because he has sensationalized and tried to shoe horn news that isn’t real like with MUFON.”

                      Please point out the “news that isn’t real” that I’ve sensationalized, etc.

                2. Dearest MH,

                  I do NOT consider myself a victim. I am having fun with this. This has been good practice for me to counter another person’s argument.

                  And I remember asking you about your legal problems, and I recommended that you get a lawyer. After that I remember you insulting me by calling me (or questioning me) a misrepresenting salesperson for profit. Do you remember that, dear leader?


                  1. You aren’t supposed to use people for your own personal games. How is attacking people who study the spiritual teaching right in your mind? If you are using it to gain new defenses for skeptics, then that is the wrong way. You need to find your own understanding of the information and develop your own rebuttals. That’s how you learn and evolve.

                    The Wrong Way

                    Know-it-alls, faultfinders, critics and antagonists are not aware of the real facts of line of reasoning because they negate, due to their own intelligence-related shortcomings and as a result of their obtuseness, basically everything that is necessary for a line of reasoning; indeed, they are not even aware of the conditions that pertain to a line of reasoning. They are small, poor fools who want to compensate for their stupidity, their ignorance, their lack of wisdom and honesty, with unfair attacks and slander in order to vamp up their tarnished or feeble image and their underdeveloped intelligence.

                    Truly, an effective line of reasoning through reason and understanding is an immense challenge that stimulates all know-it-alls, antagonists, critics and ceaseless faultfinders to opposition. They are humans who would like to already strike back before they have begun their malicious, antagonistic, slanderous, faultfinding, dishonest and critical attacks.


                    1. Please Mellisa,

                      I am not using anybody. Please be fair. I am challenging myself. Consider this, would you rather have a blog where everybody agrees or would you rather have a blog were there is disagreement?

                      Please, go listen to my song “Dominoes.” This sums up what I am doing.

                    2. It’s odd that you frequently object to my confronting people who spread crap about the Meier case. And just as frequently you come here – not to share, discuss and exchange ideas – but to indiscriminately, presumptuously, roundly criticize “these hypocrites, who claim to have the truth from the BOOK, yet are lost without Billy’s words.”

                      Perhaps you not only create your own sense of alienation, separateness, etc., from your fellows but, when it’s built up in you, you come here to act it out and thereby convince yourself that you’re right in your dim view and sour feelings about your fellow students.

                    3. No, because it is you who is being unfair. You callously and arrogantly judge other students, including Michael, who simply want to learn more and be involved in this case. Did any of the folks who comment here deserve to be called followers and cult members? And do you really think it was nice telling Michael you don’t care if he goes to jail. Michael, Billy and the other blog members do not deserve the things that you have said about them.

                      If you really are a student of the Spiritual Teaching, what is it that you are disagreeing with? Be specific because Michael isn’t listed in the Spiritual Teaching as far as I know. And don’t say it’s because we use Billy’s words because we all know that’s utter nonsense and not an argument. The only thing left is a personal vendetta against Michael and other students. So what is it?

                      All I see is your insatiable desire to attack, condemn and insult other blog members. And if challenging yourself means insulting and attacking others, I don’t want to have anything to do with it. I challenge myself all the time, but I manage not to attack and denigrate others in order to lift myself up. You know your words matter and they can actually make others physically ill. If you were a student of the teaching, you would know that. Anyone can do the simple plant test to see how true that is. You have the power to make others sick with your constant stream of negative thoughts and words. You should THINK before you speak because not only can you make others sick, but you also make yourself sick and cause a devolution of consciousness.

                    4. Anthony has an ulterior motive behind why he’s here and acting the way he does. He loves to insult people and then play dumb. He also likes to spell our names wrong or backwards which also has an ulterior motive behind it. He can’t be that obtuse when our names are right there for him to see. He has the gall to harass and call people names, but when he gets called out on it, he’s suddenly the poor little special student who’s always a victim of the mean old FIGU people. It’s no wonder he gets chased away wherever he goes. His social interaction skills are putrid at best.

                    5. Dear



                    6. I will add my own comment here. Whoever it may be that you don’t care about going to jail ISN’T neutrality. Real neutrality would allow one to stand for someone who’s innocent, if they are, which doesn’t prevent you from “observing cause and effect”.

                      Caring in itself ISN’T a violation of neutrality either.

                      I don’t recall “exposing imperfection” as being part of the spiritual teaching, I thing that recognizing imperfection…IN ONESELF is what gives onetime opportunity to improve oneself. Maybe don’t worry so much about “helping” people here, rather respecting and interacting as a like-VALUED person, which also doesn’t require that one follows Meier, etc.

                    7. Anthony, this will be my last reply on this discussion because I don’t see us getting anywhere. You are very confused about the Spiritual Teaching and I honestly want you to have a better understanding. As others have said earlier, we are all at different learning curves and none of us have all the answers.

                      You can’t expose imperfection because you would have to expose everyone. We are all, and will continue to be, imperfect, until the day we merge with Creation. You really only need to worry about improving your own evolutional level by working to expand your consciousness. Not caring one way or the other about someone is not what the Spiritual Teaching is about — no, quite the opposite. The values we lack on this planet are true love, peace, freedom and harmony. The values that are in abundance are hate, greed, jealousy, violence, oppression and all other forms of evil. Caring for others and their wellbeing is something you SHOULD strive for and master. We want to strive for a neutral-positive value in all areas of life, not just neutral. Cause and effect is in abundance all over the planet, take a walk, read the newspaper, watch the news or go on YouTube and you will see it in all its glory.


              2. Don’t forget about the law of polarity. There is a positive side to things, as well as a negative. We are to recognize both sides, and settle in the middle.

    2. As I recall, I was sent a link to this guy’s site where, relying on some of the idiotic skeptical attacks we’ve all seen, he similarly characterized the case as a hoax, etc. Since he…seemed to be interested in “spirituality”, I think I also linked to the spiritual teaching.

      I also invited him to discuss or debate it, etc., but it appears that he’s someone who shotguns out a lot of not particularly well thought out stuff.

      I thought maybe the guy would like to know he was misinformed and defaming someone based on it. That doesn’t seem to be his concern. He appears to be an adult human with the transplanted brain of a millennial on amphetamines.

      So in this case, while the guy actually hasn’t done any real research, he’s entitled to his opinion, as everyone else is. Of course here we have Anthony doing his own, very familiar hatchet job:

      “the crusaders that MH has assembled and are following him; are just acting out what MH has set as an example.”

      Maybe the instructions in my box of “Ready-to-Assemble Crusaders” didn’t have all the parts, or instructions, etc.

      1. No sir, once again you are talking to a mirror… you are the hatchet man. I just deliver up a hard sounding truth.

        You know how I can tell I hit a bullseye, and delivered truth? Because y’all are chasing me off your blog with pitchforks, instead of kissing my ass. The only problem is that folks are not debating me, they want me to go away or stop talking.

        Because in your study of narcissism, you should have discovered that narcissists love to have their ass kissed. Who here on this blog have you seen this happen to the most?

        1. Here comes the dishonest accusations again. No one is chasing you anywhere, Anthony. Since when is disagreeing with someone chasing them off the blog? If you leave the blog, it’s because YOU chose to leave. That is utterly and absolutely your own decision and no one else can be blamed for your actions or lack of action. You are not living in reality with these accusations and you know it. I don’t know anyone here who kisses anyone’s rear and I certainly am not about to entertain anymore of your inane and childish tantrums. Salome

          1. Mellisa,

            I am speaking about some guests who made comments like, “if I can’t say something nice I should not talk” and “don’t listen to Anthony A.” I have been told to leave in the past. I am paraphrasing of course. Several of your guests asked me to stop posting comments on the time travel blog from a year ago or so. I of course complied and have not posted there since, even though I have had more to say.

            I think MH wins the contest…

    3. So now we are ALL sheep with no ability to think for ourselves? O.K., I think projection and deflection are the new age ways of perpetually denying truth, and you can’t seem to see that you have fallen into that mess all by yourself. I congratulate you on your perceived success in determining what is right for you, but why do the rest of us not get that same opportunity? If you have studied the material as you say you have, why does “believe” get included in your rant? If there are ANY constants in what MH has been saying for so long, it is this….”truth does not require your “belief” as truth exists regardless of your “belief” in it” and…. ” each individual must determine for themselves what truth is”, and finally….” I can’t prove anything to you, the evidence must speak for itself and it is up to you and your efforts or lack thereof in order to confirm and corroborate for yourselves”. I can’t and won’t speak for others here, but I will say from my own perspective, that you and your statements here are an attempt to persuade others to think and act like you, and if that is what you are attempting, you failed yourself due to an incredible lack of thought through reason and logic. If you want to offer an alternative, bring some substance, as nothing you say is backed up with anything but your opinion, and EVERYONE has an opinion, but opinions are worthless without the effort through logic and reason to obtain evidence and corroboration. So, bring some.

        1. Are you guys serious about my use of the word “belief” in my rant (think song)? I mean you guys do realize that I am only using it in the context of calling most Billy Meier followers, “believers.” Read it again guys, but I would imagine that you two, and others, are so angry because I am not praising somebody or Billy Meier’s opinions; and you two believers become too emotional that logic goes out the window.

          Please find some quote from one of my posts, and we can examine logic and reason together. Does that sound fair to you guys?


          1. You make me laugh, (for the wrong reasons)… Do you seriously think that we don’t have anything else better to do, than to rummaging around through your nonsensical commentary??

          2. I won’t nor can I speak for Jacobus, but as for myself, yes, I am serious about the words I choose mainly due to what I have learned from the information that Billy Meier has brought to my attention. I have learned quite a lot, and cherish the lessons so as to work on my own self awareness. Words have meaning, much like my thoughts and feelings, I now find it far more important than I ever did before to understand the value in thought and feeling consideration before I speak, or write words or take actions that will have an effect. I had no anger in my thoughts, nor my feelings when I responded to your post, and in my considerations I did not find the words I chose to be ambiguous, which is why I put them out there. Much like Michael has said repeatedly, I can only exercise control and consideration of my own thoughts, feelings, and actions, how others perceive them is beyond my ability to control or even anticipate.

    4. Dear Anthony, why is it so, that your skepticism and and slander doesn’t really bother anyone here?

      May I suggest that you go outside for a bit of fresh air and sunshine. It sounds like you need it.

      1. Skepticism? Slander? What post did you read dear Jacob? I have no idea what you are referring to.

        Hahahaha, you must think I am a white white man or something? How are you to KNOW that I am lacking fresh air and sunshine? I think it is what you want to believe. All the best…

        1. Dear Anthony,

          I am just trying to figure out what is wrong with you.

          There is no harm in caring. I wish for you a speedy recovery, whatever the problem(s) may be.

        2. Ok, so you are not lacking in fresh air and sunshine, thats great to hear, but don’t forget what the doctor told you Anthony. It is not OK to drink while on medication. Antipsychotic meds and alcohol don’t mix.

    5. Anthony,

      First off, I watched the video you posted and I didn’t see where you proved that Michael “insulted” you, “lashed out” or “attacked” you. If you don’t provide evidence, I, along with anyone watching your video, will only be able to surmise that you “believe” Michael “attacked” you, not that he actually did. Where is your evidence?

      Secondly, after watching your video in full, nowhere in that 28 minutes did you “prove” that the spiritual teachings are “bull shit”, as per your title. Care to provide actual evidence of this?

      Thirdly, not everyone is at the same educational level when it comes to the spiritual teachings. In your own video, you told a story of a Zen Master who thinks a potential student isn’t ready so he asks him to walk accros India and even after that they may not think he’s ready.

      So, if you’re trying to use this “troll” (as you refer to him), as “proof” that the spiritual teachings are, in your words, “bull shit”, then you really should take a step back and realize the many contradictions you’re operating under.

      Just in that 28 minute video, you claim that you don’t attack people and yet you say in that same video, “yeah, I’ll attack someone who has a stupid belief.” So which is it “Zen Master”?

      Lastly, if you’re going to come on this blog and make all these claims, you need to be able to prove them. This is logic. Being that you’re part of MUFON, do you mind providing evidence of how Billy Meier “hoaxed” all of his evidence?

      I realize this may be a tall order, or “untenable” as Mahesh has said to me, but if you want to continue to claim someone “attacked you”, or that a one armed Swiss farmer with a 6th grade education with no provable financial means, “hoaxed” the 1,200 pictures (pre-Photoshop), half a dozen home videos, sound recordings on an oscillating frequency (which even today can’t be reproduced), metal samples, trace evidence (landing tracks), 100s of secondary eye witnesses corroborating the presence of these craft, 200+ corroborated prophecies and predictions, a special effects production company, sound engineer, photographic analyst, lie detector, military investigator (Joe Tysk) all corroborating the validity of this evidence, and last, but not least, a newspaper article from 1964 in India called The Statesman (still publishing today) featuring 80 photos Meier took which still have yet to be explained. Do you mind enlightening us on how he could have “hoaxed” all of this evidence?

      It’s a logical question MUFON has yet to answer. So can you, oh great “unspiritual”, MUFON, “Zen Master”? How did Meier fake all of this?

      -Bill Ter Burgh

      1. My dear Bill,

        What are you talking about? I did not make the video! I found it on youtube the other day when I was searching for Meier content. I think the guy who made the video has a right to his opinion that the Meier case is a hoax. I have studied the case for over 20 years and I think it is REAL. Yet there is a part of me who thinks that it is possible that I am wrong and Meier has fooled me. But this is a small percentage I think.

        And lastly I am not part of MUFON. I don’t belong to anything. I am just a huge space, universal laws, ET, time travel, etc fan and found the Meier case.

        Kinds regards,

        1. Anthony,
          My apologies on my confusion in regard to who you really are although it appears from your posts that was not far off.

          That notwithstanding, I renew my call for you to prove Michael actually attacked, insulted or came after you in any way.

          As for Michael quoting you by saying;
          “the crusaders that MH has assembled and are following him; are just acting out what MH has set as an example.”

          Every person who studies the Meier Material does so of their own free will; no one is under the “crusade” mentality as this implies blind faith and ensuing violence/aggression. That is literally the polar opposite of the typical student of the Meier Case and the spiritual teachings. If you truly knew this case and the teachings, this should be elementary knowledge for you. However, it appears your current doubt has led you to these nonsensical postings which don’t cast you in a very positive light.

          As I have previously said, every individual student of the spiritual teachings is at their own level of understanding and application of these recommendations.

          For me personally, I knew about this case well before knowing who Michael was, much less being directed “crusade” like by him.

          Lastly, you have to ask yourself Anthony, “Why am I here doing this? What good will come of this?” I only ask you to reflect on these questions because you appear to have time to waste and not very logical reasons to be wasting it.

          -Bill Ter Burgh

          1. Bill,

            In my opinion, and it seems with the guy who made the video, most of the Meier students have no idea about the spiritual teaching. They contradict themselves with the teaching on a regular basis. Please watch more of the guys videos. He is exposing these hypocrites, who claim to have the truth from the BOOK, yet are lost without Billy’s words. In other words, unless Billy is talking they have no idea the logic and reasoning behind the ideas contained in the spiritual teaching. Once folks have read about it, they need to play around with the ideas, think about these things. Look for examples in nature, mathematics, etc, that apply to the ideas Billy is presenting. So knowledge does not come from accepting Billy as real and studying his words, it comes from finding it for yourself on the outside thru rigorous work on the inside.

            In my opinion, those students who cling to politics and religion, to understand the prophecies for example, are spending too much time with untruth.

            As I said recently on another thread, the truth is NOT is a textbook. The truth is DISCOVERED by a person who is learning from textbooks. This is the difference I am trying to show. Yet it seems I am wasting everyone’s time, I’m sorry. You are right, I don’t have time to waste here.


            1. We recently learned that there are approximately…30,000 people worldwide involved in the study of the Meier material, spiritual teaching, etc. Are these the people that you and he are speaking about, who you’ve taken the time to get to know, discuss matters with?

              Since you said something about finding this in the process for looking for information on the Meier material, are you…sure you weren’t just looking for more negative stuff so you could bring it here to rub our faces in it? I’ve noticed quite a lot of info, videos online presenting the Meier material.

              It seems that you make an awful lot of assumptions about not only the teaching itself but a veritable worldwide group of people with whom you are, obviously, quite unfamiliar.

              1. MH,

                I am talking about your guests, the people that follow this blog. All the Meier people who follow your lead to smear folks critical of Meier with crazy innuendos are the people I am talking about. I would hope that there are other Meier folks out there, who see my points and neutrality, and are laughing their asses off. Or at least I hope so. I am sure the intelligence community finds me funny.

                As the “unspiritual” guy from the youtube videos says, “you can tell a student by his/her teacher.” I know that even if Meier is a fake UFO contactee, which I think is highly unlikely, the spiritual teaching is really quite simple. It is that the human being becomes an observer, and observes his/her natural world which is his/her universe, and as the spiritual side, the Universe, of everlasting laws in a deterioration of the material. The observant scribes directives based on these laws so as to live in harmony with nature-Universe. Science is doing this now, compared to religion; the only problem is that once the earthlings learn something from nature, they abuse it. This is where science fails. Religion is just pure fantasy, as we know.


                1. And exactly who are, “All the Meier people who follow your lead to smear folks critical of Meier with crazy innuendos are the people I am talking about.”

                  But before you answer that, take it to a more appropriate blog area and do it there.

                  If you don’t mind, I have a couple of blogs where I discuss a particular battle that I’m engaged in, such as this one. It’s a battle that you, in your infinite wisdom, have already criticized me for. It’s also a battle I’m fighting that pretty much removes the possibility that I’ll get my films back, because I chose to speak up rather than be extorted into silence.

                  Now, since you’re so quick to criticize that and everything else, please do share with us which side of the “coercion” fence you spent your time on. I think it’s fair to point out here, as I diid with you before, that perhaps your time spent twisting people’s arms into contracts you knew were coercive might affect how you see someone standing up against just that sort of deception on demand and deception for…dollars.

            2. Anthony,

              This will be my last time replying to you because you;

              A. Have avoided my question to provide proof Michael allegedly “attacked/insulted” you. Which implies this never actually took place and could be an outright lie or delusion. I’m leaning toward the latter because you have presented your responses as such.

              B. In observing your responses to others on this blog, you aren’t forming coherent, logical arguments back and forth. In fact, you often repeat the same trite nonsense word for word. Implying that you are copying and pasting your replies. Which signifies laziness or lack of critical thinking. Which is nothing like any average student of the spiritual teachings.

              Lastly, don’t waste people’s time here because most of us have meaningful, joyful lives. If you don’t like/agree with the spiritual teaching, don’t study it and or interact with those studying it. This is logic. Try to follow it.

              -Bill Ter Burgh

              1. I do not

                NOTE: As I said, take your haranguing, complaining and sharing junk from idiots to an appropriate blog topic..IF there is one here.

    6. Why do you care with someone posting youtube videos that clearly missed the part where NO ET or spiritual religious force of God is coming to the rescue for us here – today – and that we’re responsible for the mess on this planet? I’m not sure what boat MH is asking everyone to go on to get to the Holy Land for their “crusade” but I do appreciate that Billy Horn inserts himself into the UFO subject as it requires that if you understand how these things go. As far as I can tell, I don’t know (unless Anthony here is slowing walking in that direction) of anyone else wanting to do just that with the Meier material. It’s easy to shy away from it either because they know some stuff should be common sense mixed in the comical side show known as the UFO subject and the opposition the Meier material has with, you know, other religions and the shenanigans of world powers and certain folks in certain countries mentioned in the said material. Also, a lot of the disagreements with the “truther” movement in terms of whether or not something was destroyed by fire for example.

  5. It makes YT look kind of ‘funny’ that your film will be shown in a Hollywood film festival and not on YT. Another thing, I think it is a bad development that Paypal joined the ‘censorship war’ (by banning Alex J.). What’s next?

  6. I have to say it but you Anthony Alagna is definitely suffering from inferiority complex and persecution mania.
    No I am not your psychologist or pretending to be it is just my own discernment from my own deductive reasoning but truly after supposedly studying the spiritual teaching for x number of years as you supposedly have ask yourself this one question does a person imbued with genuine spiritual development and inner spiritual growth from learning from the spiritual teaching and spiritual truth react the way you do to the reactions and response of other student’s of the spiritual teaching like you have and feel content in knowing that you have responsed appropriately to them to the best of your spiritual being?

    1. Here we go again, another Billy and MH follower implying that I need medical help….

      Okay master eeL, I am not spiritual in the least bit. I have no idea what self responsibility is all about. Please disregard everything I have said recently about it. It will not help you in the least.


  7. And the world trundles on towards the inevitable, the case is attacked from every side and supporters of the case start arguing with each other. Looking at this and the world around us it’s times like these I think the henoch prophecies were never prophecies at all but were always predictions.

  8. Hi MH I seem to remember a year or so ago that you suggested that certain people be “ejected” from your blog and that we should learn to follow the rules of proper conduct n They Fly Blog in the same manner and vein that the Group of 49 are doing in Switzerland too by following the same rules as the figu mother group are doing in Switzerland by only allowing certain people to blog here here on They Fly Blog. Maybe it`s time to revive those rules you brought up to us all for the health and well being of this blog from last year or so again for polite courtesy`s sake then maybe Anthony 23 will learn to be alittle more cutius and respectful,etc,et. Salome P.S. and also to stay on topic if I just remembered that you mentioned awhile back too MH Again Salome

    1. Hi Terry,

      I actually want us to be “self-policing”, an unfortunate term that means we should try to think before we comment and try to avoid things like being off-topic, unduly harsh with each other, inaccurate in references and/or quotes, etc.

      People don’t have to agree with each other but, as the saying goes, we can disagree without being disagreeable.

      Apart from certain deliberate attempts to infiltrate, sabotage, cause dissension on the blog, etc., everyone’s welcome to comment.

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