Things Are Not Always What They Seem

When in doubt choose peacefulness

I had some thoughts about dealing with narcissistic people that prompted this new video. We’ve all met narcissists and have had to deal with them…when they’re not busy taking selfies.

I talk about looking at Alex Jones in that light, not as someone I interact with personally but someone who, it appears to me, makes any and all causes he’s involved in always end up being…all about him.

While he’s seemingly brought down a lot of pressure on himself, he uses it to exhort other people to get involved on his behalf. But is there another by-product to all of this, i.e. is he actually making it easier for the powers that be to be able to censor any and all dissenting views on all media platforms? Is he effectively encouraging civil war, attacks against the president, taking up arms, etc.?

And if so, is it simply an unforeseen consequence of his narcissistic (and perhaps paranoid) behavior, or a more calculated, sinister means of accelerating the kind of clamp down and control that he appears to be fighting against?

But, conspiracy or clumsiness, when in doubt we can choose peacefulness and reasonableness in how we think, feel, live,, interact and relate to others.

As my friend Bob has been experiencing, studying and focusing on the spiritual teaching promotes inner peace. Inner peace isn’t apathy. It’s a vital, enlivened state of being and living. Inner peace doesn’t polarize us against others, it does leave us free to…choose who we will associate with . Inner peace is inner freedom, which extends to how  we will relate to others and leaves them free to do the same. it actually liberates us from external control.

In an ever more polarizing and conflict laden world, we can choose peacefulness. Some good information on how to do it…

From The Way to Live, pg. 316:


Many human beings often ask themselves how they ought to deal with their negativity as well as their emotions which badly disturb them, and with their feeling–based impulsations , in order to set everything straight and to bring it to equalisedness. The way to that leads via the self–cognition and self–realization where by the open meditation is a very helpful means, because, through it, all thoughts as well as the feeling–based impulsations and also the emotions can be reviewed and considered and fathomed with a completely unprejudiced attitude. If the truth of all these things and of one’s real, inner nature is thereby recognized, then that helps the disturbing and wrong attitude to change, in that the entire atmosphere of the consciousness changes positively, which in turn has the effect that the feeling–based impulsations , as well as the emotions and thoughts, take on more peaceful and equalized forms. The human being thereby becomes friendlier with himself/herself and indeed also in regard to the dealing with his/her own thoughts, feelings and emotions. If, in this kind and wise, the human being resolves his/her emotional, thoughts–based and feeling–based difficulties, then the thoughts, emotions and feelings also have no more difficulties with him/her.


Consciousness Awareness Workshop.

A good affirmation:

Stets bleibe ich entspannt und gewinne dadurch Macht über mich selbst.

I always remain relaxed and thereby gain might over myself.


I’ll be giving a presentation on the Billy Meier UFO contacts at this event in Sedona, AZ,  Sunday, September 30, 2018

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Salome Peace Meditation

18 Replies to “Things Are Not Always What They Seem”

  1. What people should realise about Alex Jones is that he is a phoney and only pretends to be a ‘true patriot!’. In reality Alex Jones only wants to make his radio show more popular and is really only just in it for the money! The reason why he had interviewed Donald Trump on several occasions was only to make his radio show more popular which ultimately would mean more money heading his way!

    Alex Jones is a performance artist!

    EXCLUSIVE: Alex Jones’ Ex-Wife Tells All, Conspiracies, Fake Supplements

    Also another thing about Alex Jones is that he rarely, if ever, criticizes the state of Israel. He also exaggerates and likes to hype things up with the ‘us versus them’ narrative. Don’t fall for Alex Jones because like I just said, he is in it for himself, his own ego and obviously to make money.

    1. While I’ve raised certain questions about Alex jones, and obviously a number of other people have as well, I do want to say that the purpose of my comments really are intended to provoke not only discernment but a focus on our own internal processes and especially prioritizing the study and application of the spiritual teaching.

      As many who know the history of the Meier case understand, interpersonal dynamics, marital relationships, etc., and the information arising out of them, are not necessarily the best things to refer to or rely on when attempting to determine the truth about someone.

      And, while more will be said about this information later, Meier has been advised by the Plejaren to expect a new round of attacks on his credibility, evidence and even his person, as the opponents of the truth will step up their efforts. This is another very good reason for people to focus on the essence of this material and avoid unnecessary, contentious interactions. We can probably expect some of the “usual suspects” to participate in this, as well as perhaps other parties as yet unknown.

      Turn more towards the teaching of the truth, the teaching of the life and the teaching of the spirit and let your life be filled, and your consciousness uplifted, by them.

      1. Thanks for the links you provided on the WCUFO thread Michael re. FIGU-Zeitzeichen Nr. 102.: and the excerpt from 709. offiziellen Kontaktgespräch.

        The attacks have two aspects: “…new perfidious offensives against you [Billy] and possibly the KG Members…” which Quetzal and the KG have taken serious security measures at the SSSC to avoid. Billy omits the details but Quetzel talks of how religion, sects and secret governmental groups have always worked against the spiritual teaching.

        The second aspect is that Billy’s and FIGU members’ efforts to spread information about overpopulation are slandered as lies, conspiracy theory, folly, fantasy in some way. On this basis I think it’s imperative that we all share information about overpopulation on social media and argue all the points vehemently if need be and get ready to combat some public attempts to slay this idea.

    2. Hi Joseph, I’ve never “fallen” for Alex Jones and quite honestly haven’t watched anything from him since the cheesy face video. What does disturb me is the concerted effort to stifle his free speech by shutting down his YouTube, Twitter, PayPal. The same thing happened to another journalist whose work has a 100% rate of accuracy, cut off from all communication and all human contact except from his lawyers.
      We may not agree with Alex Jones because he is greedy, doesn’t criticize Israel, and has an us versus them attitude but just remember it’s a slippery slope shutting down free speech you don’t agree with. Who will be next?

      1. Hi Sheila,

        I may not have conveyed this very clearly last night in the video, because I was half asleep, but while my concerns we’re initially the same about his being censored, etc., I also entertained the thought is that because he brought most of that down upon himself through his chest thumping bravado, threatening the so–called global elite, huffing and puffing and fuming, etc., that he also brought down the censorship and all of that not only upon himself but also upon all of the other voices speaking out, none of which have the financial resources that he does.

        So, from a conspiratorial point of view, such as I was discussing with my friend, the possibility that this was an intentional provocation designed to further provoke censorship, and ultimately, civil war is the other possibility. Certainly, even if it’s just the results of his over-the-top narcissism, it ends up nonetheless serving the very negative agenda that he claims to be fighting against. If nothing else, this shows how ineffective hysteria, vitriol, lack of reasonableness and internal peacefulness are in furthering…peace, love, freedom and harmony.

  2. Hey Michael,

    I completely agree with your assessment of Alex Jones; the fact that he wasn’t willing to talk about The Meier Case when this would’ve embodied his “buck the system” mentality he portrayed on his show implies that he was still a puppet of the corporate oligarchy that controls the United States.

    As you said, his departure and censorship indicates another dark road toward Civil War the U.S. is now unable to avoid taking; 1984 style “news speak” that only allows one narrative for people to be exposed to.

    Control of information is a powerful tool used throughout history to manipulate people to hating another group of people.

    Even with all of these realizations, we must remain neutral positive to avoid having it effect us negatively. Being able to stay calm under the coming (and currently happening circumstances) is crucial.

    Thanks for your perspective and insight as always Michael! 🙂

    -Bill Ter Burgh

    1. Thanks Bill,

      I think you’ve hit on the head. It’s all a…rigged game and immersing ourselves in the spiritual teaching is the best way to win it.

  3. My twitter account was shut down for posting Billy’s UFO photos and related pictures. Is that hateful content, according to twitter?
    Please stop using twitter and move to until something better comes along.
    Also, I still can’t access this blog from my browser, unless I click on the link directly in my email.

  4. Two years down the line will FIGU, theyfly and FoM be searchable in Google, or, will Billy’s warnings about civil war, Islamic terrorism and the ‘dark state’, often parroted by Jones, be classified as too extreme also?

    Social media giants are being made to heel now with recent moves like the EU’s amendments to articles 8, 11 and 13 and Zuckerberg’s joke “hearings” and the ones classifying what constitutes “extremism” are telling journalists to avoid writing “Islamic terrorist” in reports.

    Give me Jones’ annoying voice any day over the lies of politicians as they mass murder for “freedom” and other nice words, actions which conveniently escapes these forms of this modern censorship.

  5. Funny how I stopped listening to Alex Jones a long time ago! As far as I`m concerned Alex Jones is big wheel of cheese that doesn`t deserve m y attention anymore! Besides he such a religious freak like Mike Pence, who wants to be around those freaky clouns anyway!:-) ” How can you trust those religious freaks and politcians with all that cash stuffed away in underground bunkers in New Zealand with the CIA trying denie us free speech and the fight to our very own privacy to think and do as we damn well please!”

  6. THE BIG PICTURE IMO : refrain from distractions in MSM and alt media. Look up to the skies sprayed…your concentration is at stake from effects of Solar Radiation Management = geoengineering. see Planet is doused in Aluminum+ for 70 years, for reasons of reducing our health and awareness. Also see for healing tips. Get frequency protection from MH knows about this. Time is precious so choose with wisdom. You can trust MH

    1. Hi Dave,

      The aluminum chemtrails is a bogus conspiracy theory.


      The truth of the nature and form, and so forth, of the contrails, as these appear in the current time, is based singly and alone on the fact that, through the greenhouse effect, changes are present which did not previously exist.

      So, therefore, it is not maliciously or calculatingly the chemicals associated with aircraft exhaust which determine the form of expansion and speed of expansion as well as the persistence of the contrails, rather the changed atmospheric conditions in regard to the temperature, humidity and the wind velocity.

      For humans imbued with reason and powers of deduction and somewhat educated in physics it is recognized that particles of aircraft exhaust function as crystallization nuclei in high humidity, and bind further water vapor, and are spread out very far by corresponding wind currents.

      According to the Plejaren, neither barium nor aluminum is found in the contrails which are called “chemtrails” from airplanes, nor in the aircraft fuel.

      For further reading about it, see

      Also, please use your first and last name when commenting. Thanks

      1. LOL @ “somewhat educated in physics”
        Could someone please provide the numbers of those that are “somewhat educated in physics” !!??!?

        Please don’t take offence Dave, I just find Ptaah’s wording funny. 🙂

        1. Hi Andrew, I would say that many of us are somewhat educated in physics, but just don’t think about it that way. I’ve been studying physics and astronomy for the last 10 years or so, but even before that, I had a basic understanding from my science classes. You do too. You understand the 3 states/phases of matter: gas, liquid and solid. That would be a basic understanding of physics, in my opinion. You are probably more educated about it than you think. =)

  7. Alex jones I suspect is one of those individuals who was sent impulses by the Plejaren who unknowingly turned it into their sectarian world view in a confused manner the plejaren spoke about.
    Despite his flaws we should give this man the credit where credit is due for taking upon himself to reveal so many of the truth that needed to be revealed.
    As off putting as he may be or seem to come across as there is no one out there who has done more to inform the masses of the pertinent truth like he has and truly its never black or white.
    He may be stark raving mad and crazy as the plejaren put it but to borrow singer seal’s lyrics ‘you never ever gonna survive unless you get a little crazy’, in a crazy world we live in Alex provides the right blend of crazy to get his message across with all the unintended consequences it may entail.
    Who cares what the repercussions are regarding censorship it was going to happen anyway with or without Alex Jones.
    Who cares if a civil war happens in America when it was going to happen anyway irrespective of jones input as dumb Americans have brought it upon themselves anyway with the seed already planted long before jones was born.
    What will happen will happen anyway.
    The world does not just revolve around one individual nor has jones the influence weilded by Ghandi.
    Lets also focus on the positives shall we
    In case people were wondering I am not Alex Jones with a fake indentity and a fake email address defending myself here.

  8. I think we all have the exact same set of hundreds of character traits, but each of us has a specific line-up of the combination of these (is that proper English in this respect?) , I mean like the sliders and buttons on a sound mixer in a recording studio; which gives each and everyone of us a unique character and personality. This is also the (‘new’) way psychiatrists look at people in the DSM 5 (so, a more dimensional approach, rather than [only] a categorical approach). .
    And I have the person conviction that we all have a big blindspot when assessing (if any) ourselves, especially for our weakest trait(s), of which we more than once think it/they is/are rather our most strong characteristic(s) in our character or behaviour.

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