Don’t Demonize Your Foes

Treat each other with love, peace, freedom and harmony

Don’t Demonize Your Foes

It’s in how we deal with our everyday lives, and the people in them, that the practice of the spiritual teaching is perfected.

If we are still fortunate enough to have what for many in the world is the luxury of a “normal” personal life, so far un-impacted by natural disasters, wars, terrorism, societal collapse, etc., let’s inwardly acknowledge our appreciation, and also include and extend thoughtful, authentic understanding to others.

We don’t have to “like” everyone…but we still can love them.

Interestingly, my friend Andrea just sent me a link to this musical piece that offers a nice accompaniment to peacefully contemplating our lives, attitudes and actions towards ourselves and others.


Consciousness Awareness Workshop.

A good affirmation:

Stets bleibe ich entspannt und gewinne dadurch Macht über mich selbst.

I always remain relaxed and thereby gain might over myself.


I’ll be giving a presentation on the Billy Meier UFO contacts at this event in Sedona, AZ,  Sunday, September 30, 2018

One-day passes are also available.

Salome Peace Meditation


7 Replies to “Don’t Demonize Your Foes”

  1. I am not your foe. I am not angry with you. I could care less if you go to jail or something or to be ultimately proven innocent. I am just interested in seeing cause and effect in action…

    However, just like you try to warn folks when their house is on fire; so I am trying to tell you that you better run to safety, imo. Take it or leave it but don’t have your forum stop me or want me to be banished like a criminal; because it is YOU who is looking in the mirror when you point your finger most of the time; and it is you who often tries to demonize folks. Shouldn’t contrary ideas be discussed so that folks can grind out the truth on your blog? I would recommend that folks start here and ask themselves this simple question and try to answer it on their own. The truth is not in a textbook. The truth is discovered by a person.

  2. Hi Guys, Here is another article from counterpunch that you may want to read if we are EVEr going to have peace here on Earth: From for 9/26/18 “All Wars Are Ilegal, Let`s Act by Keven Zeese-Margaret Flowers

  3. Here are two more articles that you need need to read and check out for Thursday September 27, 2018 1. Illegal Nuclear Weapons Handouts by John LaForgre 2. Trump`s Space Force: Smoke and Mirrors or a Step Towards War in Space By William Hartung

  4. Anyone else getting “Hi jetpack all systems go”? I seem locked out of the blog for sometime and randomly able to see the page.

    1. Hi Ned, it’s a mix of problems that stem from the Go Daddy server. If you are using Chrome or Firefox, you can try clearing your cache to see if that fixes it. Technically, there isn’t anything we can do about it until Go Daddy fixes the problem on their server. You can also try using a different browser and see if that helps. Salome

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