Persevering on the right path until justice is finally done

“We have determined that the copyright takedown request we received for these URLs was invalid. Your copyright strike has been resolved.” YouTube

I am very pleased to announce that YouTube has restored my film, DECEPTION ON DEMAND, and my two videos, “Why Are OJ’s Lawyers After Me?and “What Is Marie Adler Trying to Hide?” to my channel.

I’m very grateful to YouTube for responding to my concerns; it was a difficult process to go through because, in light of how big a company they are,  I didn’t think my complaints would be considered nor that Adler’s dishonest attempts at silencing me would be recognized and rectified.

I am going to have more – a lot more – to say about the desperate machinations of Marie Adler and her two accomplices, as filmmakers from five different countries have now come forward to reveal how they’ve been ripped off by these unrepentant con artists who take advantage of others.


Despite the illegal, deceptive and defamatory attacks on me and my family, and the theft of my income from my films by Adler, it all pales in comparison to what one filmmaker claims to have  suffered as a result of doing business with these utterly shameless people.

Because of the ease with which hoaxes can be perpetrated online, when I received emails from this filmmaker, I did as much vetting of him as is possible online. As far as I could determine, he is who says he is, and information on him and his films can be found on IMDB, along with references to his awards, career, etc. I am only posting his first email to me and, as I promised him, I will not reveal his identity:

Hello from XXXXXXX
I have no idea if you are real or not.
I can only tell the truth.
Adler finished my film career.
They got contracts for 4 of my films at the same time.
Now my movies are at a loss of :
 $69,652 with Adler and they sent an update today saying they forgot to add some costs.
I would definitely not recommend any film maker signing any contract with this company.
“The truth is way stronger than any lies”

(Name withheld)

I will only add that each of the emails I received from this man revealed the same kind of torment, and suspicion, that he expressed in this one short, poignant message.

Doubts Dispelled

I was reluctant to have to make my film and I even doubted that it could be effective. But feeling this man’s broken heart over what’s happened to his labors of love, as well as having already heard the complaints from numerous other indie filmmakers – in five different countries – has thoroughly galvanized my resolve.

My film has now been restored on YouTube and I’ll do my best to persevere and help as many other people as I can…until justice is finally done for them all.


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  1. That is fantastic! I had a sense this would happen.
    I suspect Adler is really at a loss as to their next step. I’m imagining their legal team brainstorming the issue;

    “Okay, he didn’t go away after we took his money unprofessionally, threatened him with frivilous protection orders, tried to steal the rights to his films, issued desperate copyright infringement violations on videos exposing us.

    Now, he’s got the attention of Hollywood and others we took advantage of and he still has all the rights to the films he made exposing us…now what do we do?”

    I feel like they can’t do much to stop you now.

    Keep fighting Michael! You have our support 🙂

    -Bill Ter Burgh

  2. Anyone who steals from others is beyond despicable. These greedy people need to take a long hard look at themselves and ask how they can so easily lie to their fellow human beings. I’m utterly appalled and disgusted by all the greedy, slimy crooks in the film industry and basically every other institution around the world. Folks have no empathy or love for anyone but themselves.

    I’m so happy to hear that your videos were restored. The truth will always prevail in the end.

  3. Good news!

    Well done Michael for living and assisting others to live.

    I reported the video Adler’s paid associates copied from you, not because of the video, which just reiterated their criminal and shameful acts, but, because of the slanderous lies being promoted in the comments underneath.

    To any other ripped-off filmmakers, you are supported by the thousands here who follow Michael’s blog from all over the world (UK here). We are not Anonymous. We are Logos. We do forgive. We do not forget. Prospect us.

  4. There are many things in life worth fighting for, glad you didn’t “turn the other cheek” MH as the religious minded might do. This is a good example of the universal law of cause and effect. Always fight for the truth even if it’s not welcomed.

  5. MH, get the word out to as many film makers as possible who had contracts with these low lifes and get a class action lawsuit going. Once the lawsuit is started you will find many others hearing about it and joining it. Do not let these scums off!

    1. Hi Ian, the class action lawsuit is already in the works. Michael notes this in his Deception on Demand video. Victims of Adler can contact Michael for more details. Salome

  6. WOW MH Congrats to you for all that hardship you had to endure I hope the class action lawsuit will prove these scums don`t deserve your better than they are. Seems to me all these scums want is everyones cash so they make whuppy with all that dirty money and run off to some Caribbean on some cruz yatch on some island for some champagne and caviar and snooze on the beach and stash all the cash to avoid taxes to hide etc. MH you deserve better! Hive Fives to you MH. Go for it :-)))

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