Why UFOs Won’t Matter After 2020

And nobody is coming to save us from ourselves

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Billy Meier was first given the 2020 date, for the demise of the United States of America, in 1975. His undeniably impeccably accurate, worldwide environmental warnings began decades earlier. Now, as the time fulfills, the accompanying, deteriorating geopolitical situation, and equally ubiquitous moral and ethical degeneration can also no longer be denied.

And nobody is coming to save us from ourselves.

Forget about UFOs

I recently gave a presentation on the Billy Meier UFO contacts, in Sedona, AZ. And, after establishing the singular authenticity of these still ongoing contacts with the Plejaren extraterrestrial human race, I encouraged, in fact almost pleaded with, the audience to basically…forget about UFOs.

I instead recommended that we grasp the essential reasons for the Meier contacts, now that the still irreproducible UFO evidence has stirred the controversy and the “higher standard of proof”, i.e. the voluminous, specific, prophetically accurate information, has gotten our attention. Both of these elements were intended to lead us to our study, testing and implementation of the spiritual teaching.

Since 2004, I’ve said that the Meier contacts are the key to our future survival and the spiritual teaching is the how-to-assure-it. Beyond that, in fact, it’s the way to live.

Right on Schedule

We only need to go to Sfath’s 1948 letter to see that recent news from Italy, about earthquakes and potential volcanic activity regarding Campi Flegri, appear to be coming…right on schedule.

There’s no need to panic though. We can’t stop the inevitable fulfillment of these predictions (acquired through time travel, meaning they will happen with certainty) but we can do our best to avoid them and warn others.

Don’t waste your time though with the know-it-alls and smug, so-called scientists at the USGS and SETI, or the dabblers at MUFON. So far, the whole lot of them appear to be more interested in preserving their jobs, tenure, celebrity status, etc., even if it means going down with the proverbial ship…or planet.

The Whole Crop of Them

And that seems to apply to scientists in a wide array of fields. Even in the fields where the crops are grown.

Science, like many other things, is a double-edged sword. The problem is that the mentality of human beings, especially among the military of countries like ours, and others, is to use that sword to cut its own throat…and that of as many other human beings they can possibly take with them.

And nobody is coming to save us from ourselves.

Please see: The Billy Meier UFO Contacts: New Prophecies & Predictions in preparations for our next show,  which will discuss Reverse Engineering the Billy Meier Predictions.

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And then there’s this:

Stets bleibe ich entspannt und gewinne dadurch Macht über mich selbst.

I always remain relaxed and thereby gain might over myself.

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The Way to Live

Humankind doesn’t have the faintest idea regarding what life’s all about and how to live it. Consider this your personal sanity and survival system.

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Thanks to Luka Botica for info on the new quake in Italy.

152 Replies to “Why UFOs Won’t Matter After 2020”

  1. ” I`m going to be 75 on Thursday October 11th, 2018! My folks died when they both were 80 years old which make my own prediction of dying be the time I`m 80 years old by 2023! by then somebody else will take up my spirit and his person man or women won`t even be me I`ll be as good as DEAD! I`ll NEVER EVER know the VERY REAL contact from the people from Erra or Timars, etc and be able to witness know that these human beings from Erra etc, really do exist but only from Billy and the spiritual teachings, contact reports just the words and writings of wisdom without knowing just who these good helpful ETs really are! I`ll be dead by then buried in a coffin in the ground of soil and mud turning into ammonia solphur with or cremated and thrown and scattered in to the air as burning ashes or put into an urn while there is no more life left in me! How does that make me feel to not know the very real people from other star systems,other diementions who could have feelings for those people who are disabled who asked for alittle extra help and kindness from somebody who could at least b e alittle more considerate of those who are less fortunate, I ask what is the decently and dignity of living on such a barbaric savage world where there is NO decently and dignity for those who can`t even live a good LONG lived life without suffering in pain just to get ANYWHERE being a subject to such cruel barbarism from relgions,politics,militarim, etc,etc,etc!!! Why would I have to be among the people who have to clean up my own dirt and mess when there is NOBODY else to help me clean up my own dirt and mess? If I must live such a short life until 80 or there abouts on such a bad cruel world when everyone lese on Erra can live such a long good healthy life until they reach 1000 or even 2ooo years old, then why must I be the one who has to die NOW? Explain to me why me NOW! What am I doing and where am I going on such a cruel savage world called Earth!!!”

    1. It’s because of our past AND current foolish mistakes. We can’t outrun cause and effect. Every single human in the universe is subject to the same laws of cause and effect. If others are living good lives, it’s because they didn’t act foolishly, or they did in the past, but saw the error of their ways and corrected it. We must do the same thing here. Only we can change it, Ms. Terry. Salome

    2. Terry, dearest,

      ‘Why do you hold onto this cloak of life that’s already stained and torn?

      Don’t you know that the Sun squanders millions of lives every second?

      Creation decreed that you shall have life; and another… and another… and another… and another…’

      Rumi 13th Century

      This heart goes out to you, my dear. I’m glad you feel safe enough on this blog to share your deepest feelings… %)

      This is all that can be offered;

      You have lots of time to sit looking at Nature; the mirror of our infinite intelligence.

      Allow your awareness to arise from your heart (actually feel it in your chest instead of behind your eyes).

      Halt all thoughts as they arise – no matter how tempting – move your attention to the sky – something else – but drop them. No justifications whatsoever to go down a repetitive thought track.

      Allow pain to well up – the grief, anger tears that purifies perception and allows grace.

      You can only know for sure that there is no death – that even one photon cannot be annihilated – when you experience unshakable certainty that you are definitely not your body, called a revelation – or spiritual experience.

      At 64 and after a very full life – I would love to drop this stained and torn cloak, but there appears to be a mission to complete…

      Michael’s spot-on; we alone have to cultivate the fearless wisdom to stand firm in what we truly are during these insane times.

      I’d like to add that there is no such thing as ‘human.’ It’s just the name for a vehicle that beings inhabit here from all over the Multiverse. That’s why we are an extremely odd ‘species’ %)

      LOVE! X

  2. Well said, MH

    Yes, the whole point of being here at this incredulous point in time is to be tested to the limits.

    We have made a huge mess – each plugged in and have to unplug – and only active participation in relation to how life really works will ensure where we end up when we leave here.

    Personally, it boils down to how we now interact with everything; kindness, generosity, self-sacrifice. And that’s what your doing because it’s not often said enough that you (and not just Billy) can be taken out anytime for what you say and do for humaity’s sake.

    Have not be online much because of tremendous flux in my personal life and health. Creation is in constant flux with only one point of stability; when we feel ourselves to be real, alive/immortal living in wonder at The Great Mystery…

    Have a lovely day – especially Americans %)

  3. P.S.Why would I want to go down with the military deep state CIA and the black ops and all there nefarious shills who want nothing else than to kill us ALL OFF with their filthy dirty fossil fuels, nukes, hydrogen bombs, and their malevolent black hole attitude for more wars leading up to a nuclear war by 2020 sooner than later? Why all this dirty filthy attitude toward innocent human beings who want nothing more than peace,love, freedom harmony, logic and so on! Why do these malevolent beings want nothe more than war,hate, and so on so they can rule Planet Earth because they think they are above the law and want to own and ruin us all and turn us all in to slaves or they the military industrial complex will just kill us all so they can bring us all down on their ship earh for WW4,WW5, WW6 on and on and on so this planet will turn into a super nova and then a white drwarf star and then a black hole if this earth military is so damn inclined to kill ALL of us so they can bring us ALL down with the think is their ship which they think the own and they think they are above the law so the military thinks they own us,you tell me??? !!!”

  4. The earth has a consciousness of its own, it works in a much slower way to a humans consciousness. The earth has been here for billions of years .

    Mankind has brought the Earth to her Knees in a few hundred years, which is not even a blink of an eye in Earth terms.

    Mother Earth has just realised she has an itch and like a dog in slow motion the paw is coming up to scratch that itch.

    We have so much potential for good yet we squander our legacy.
    Whatever happens it is a fantastic time to be alive, accelerated learning the mantra of the times.

    I will always be thankful to MH for leading me to the spiritual teachings, yes the UFOs grabbed my attention but now I am as interested in them as I am cars which is very little.

    1. I think we may make the mistake of anthropomorphizing the Earth, in the sense of what the Earth “realizes”, having it’s own “consciousness”, etc., as somewhere Meier explained about this. This happens in certain indigenous teachings, beliefs, myths, etc., too.

      If we look at things through the understanding of cause and effect, then, while these other ways of expressing it may be more poetic, they can also in a sense remove us from our own responsibility by having a fatalistic “the Earth will do this, is doing that” approach. This may somewhat diminish the seriousness of humankind’s own actions and the reality and severity of…how they will come back on us.

  5. Whenever I do 1.5 hr. presentations at libraries regarding ufology and Billy Meier, and when I teach an 11 week course on the Billy Meier story at a school or library, there is a great amount of hype regarding those that have witnessed ufo in one way or another. It is a good starting platform for conversation, and even I go out at times when the sky is clear and use light code to get ufo to flash back…..but I urge every person in every class that as interesting as this may be, it’s not the main thing. We need to immerse ourselves in the Truth of the Creational Laws and Recommendations and live it day by day as revealed in the Goblet of the Truth. There are many groups that go out and flash for ufo but neglect the “inner” growth of themselves and their Spirit. In your dying thoughts someday, will you be thinking of your own fun, or of how you contributed eternally to your earthly growth towards love, peace and harmony as well as the growth of your spirit that is given in the Goblet of the Truth. “Only one life, it will soon be past, developing your Spirit, will eternally last.”

    1. We have to be careful with this UFO-related activity because, while it is indeed the spiritual teaching that is important, there is still a perpetuation of what may also be a big misunderstanding for many people, and which they may hold and/perpetuate subconsciously, i.e. that the UFOs actually are those of some extraterrestrials who are hovering around and now “blink” at us and encourage us to go back and study their spiritual teaching.

      First, this can contribute to perpetuating a religious mindset. Not only do we not know if these “UFOs” are from the Plejaren, or are ET in original, the greater likelihood is that they’re secret military. But even if they were/are of ET original, this same religiosity, connection to and/or being protected or “approved” by a “God”, “higher power”, etc., can be reinforced, which brings with it the possibility of other delusions, sense of specialness, “following” the teaching, etc., for such motives, etc.

      In my opinion, I would disregard, not pursue, or in any way connect any phenomena with the spiritual teaching, the mission, etc.

      1. Yes, I would agree that any phenomena should not be confused with the spiritual teaching….and let me be clear about the fact that I never confuse the phenomena of UFO with the spiritual teaching in any of my presentations. It is important to remember the danger that Semjase pointed out in the 4th and 25 Contacts that some ET are peaceful and some are not, including wicked governments who pretend to be ET’s.

    1. Mabye we should warn NASA that going to Mars could be wrong. Billy predicted that the first trip to Mars could cost lives while the second trip culd be a success but convincing NASA that going to Mars may not work due to infighting? If NASA sosen`t what to know about what happened to Malona now the asteroid belt, guess what NASA wants to do with the steroid belt “exploit the asteroid belt for fossil fuels!:!!!” Now how are we going to convince NASA of the history between Malona and Mars? Mabye going to Mars isn`t such a good idea afterall to say nothing of going to Proxima Centari which is nothing but a dead planet after the destruction of the human beings from Akart! NASA just doesn`t even care if we live or die! After all NASA is part of the military! “NASA just doesn`t care!!!”

  6. Is there still time for peace between the East and the West? Do the Henoch prophecies need to materialize?. Is there still time to change causes to the better as an empire wanes? Can we minimize the damage to preserve an empire that could allow congruent equality to Eastern empires?

    Maybe there is time for peace, and time to minimize 2020 as much as possible.
    Maybe Putin doesn’t hate us as much as Westerners like to think.

    Eastern warning to the US: “Our American partners are making a colossal strategic mistake undermining the credibility of the dollar as a universal and, essentially, the only reserve currency, undermining trust in it, they are cutting the branch they are sitting on. This is strange and unusual, this is a typical mistake of any empire when people think that nothing will happen, they believe that everything is so powerful, so strong, so stable that there will be no negative consequences, but no, they (negative consequences) will come sooner or later”. END QUOTE


    Why must we cut the branch we are sitting on? Why do the powers-that-be act in this way of self-inflicted detriment to my country? What will happen when the dollar is “flipped”, will my family starve to death? Will lots of other everyday people starve to death? Cause and effect for so much harm abroad? What will happen to the everyday people of my country? I’ll tell you what will happen: we (the people) are in for a very bad time, brought about by mistakes typical of an empire.

    I will be reading “Goblet of the Truth” until the end of my days, when I post no more. I’ve read it so much that I’m certain I will be a part of the good-bearing future when my next-following personality is born in my next life.

    1. Hi Corey, “I couln`t have said it better myself. Just like ALL empires as the old saying Rome Will Fall” and so if Rome goes EVERTHING goes as Great Britain went so will the US of A!!!”

  7. Why are scientists reticent? Many are trained to stay focused on one particular area and are unable to ‘connect the dots’ to a larger picture.
    There’s also Upton Sinclair: ” It’s hard to get a someone to understand something when their salary depends on them not understanding it.”

    Glad to hear the ufo stuff is nearly behind us. It was ever only a distraction.

    The real value is where you have said it is, MH. The value of the spiritual teaching and a body of prophetically accurate information that stands up to scrutiny.

    But those 35 mm photos and 8 mm filmshots of beamships are a whole lot more than eye candy.


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