The Sun, Moon, Mars, the Stars & You

How to use the planets and stars to heal yourself as Billy Meier was also taught

Michael Horn Live, EP 37

Many people have written to point out that this information, about China putting an artificial moon in the sky, is very similar to what Billy Meier predicted, in 1995, about putting an “artificial sun” in the sky.

And this information, from last July, about an underground lake on Mars reminds us to revisit the information about Mars and water, from 1976, and this information from 11 years later:

219th Contact – Tuesday, June 16, 1987

Then we can still exercise some patience. Let’s talk about something else. Although we’ve already talked about this several times, I would like a specific answer from you. As Ptaah said and showed to me, there is a lot of water on and also under the surface Mars in the form of ice, mostly very close to the surface of Mars, whereby the South Pole is of special importance in this regard. As Ptaah explained, however, not all ice consists of water but also of other materials. Now, the question about this is whether you have foresight as to whether this water can one day be used by the Earth people, once they eventually colonize Mars and can, so to speak, bring it back to life. And in the coming time, will the fact of the presence of the enormous canyons and black sand dunes and water on Mars be discovered by probes, if such should be sent to the Red Planet and reach this at all?

89. That will be the case several times in the coming time in reference to the water, namely that large occurrences of water in the form of ice and snow can be proven by probes on Mars.
90. But the final certainty will first be attained at the beginning of the third millennium, and to be sure, by a Mars probe that will be called “2001 Mars Odyssey,” as our look into the future has revealed.


The Red Planet was once blue… Giant ocean once covered third of Mars

The area in blue shows where the ocean would have been. The yellow, red and green belt below it is where scientists found the valleys. They believe these were caused by water running from the south towards the ocean in the north.

2001 Mars Odyssey

We also note that Quetzal specifically foretold the 2001 Mars Odyssey by name, something so astounding that anyone who may still be “skeptical” about the existence of the Plejaren extraterrestrial human race, and Meier’s still ongoing contacts with them, should carefully contemplate.

Foretelling the ISS

In the same conversation, Meier and Quetzal discuss/foretell the ISS, which indeed was launched 11 years later::


It’s only half as bad; it’s all just school knowledge and book knowledge. But tell me, you recently said that around the turn of the millennium, a new space station would be built, which should orbit the Earth at a high altitude. ISS or “International Space Station,” you have called it. How high should this float above the Earth or all around the Earth? And how high and low will the temperature be up there?


95. The very large station will orbit the Earth at about 400 kilometers of altitude, and at this altitude, there prevails a positive temperature of about 120 degrees and a negative temperature of about 150 degrees, if I’m not mistaken.

The Sun, Moon, Mars, the Stars & You

But there’s something very significant about these heavenly bodies – the natural ones – that can be of direct benefit to you. We’ll discuss how to use the stars and planets to heal yourself on tonight’s show…as Meier was also taught.

Michael Horn Live, EP 37

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

7:00 PM Pacific Time


Forget who is or isn’t the president and consider the situation pertaining to the so-called migrant march in a more personal perspective. There are naïve people who still romanticize (and infantilize) illegal migrants and just see them as people “who want a better life”. This is made easier because the photos we see of them don’t show armed marauders but just “ordinary people”, mostly…younger men.

It’s so brilliantly heart rending that this potential invasion doesn’t even require the mechanism of a so-called Trojan Horse, just a significant number of naïve, easily manipulated, politically partisan, deluded citizens who’ve effectively lost their own instinct for survival, as well as reverence for self-responsibility, both theirs and that of the supposed “migrants”.

So, it may help to just imagine it affecting you closer to home…a lot closer. Imagine that some of the unchecked numbers of people are coming to enter yourhome. Would it still feel like such a romantic situation, and noble cause, or might you be just a little concerned?

One thing you can be absolutely sure of is that those politicians, and other parasites, who voice no objection, and call for no effective action to stop the invasion, will be safely immune from the personal inconvenience (read: dangers) that other citizens may face. Safely ensconced behind their gated walls, protected by armed guards, it’s just another opportunity to enroll potential voters, or so they think. That there is no actual vetting of the law-breakers means that among them there may well be criminals – and terrorists – who will effectively walk through an open door, should nothing be done to stop them.

You can bet that there are also a lot of behind the scenes negotiations, i.e., threats and blackmail, etc., going on now to try to stop the invasion. So-called leaders and “diplomats” may be busy bargaining feverishly to create some kind of…advantages for themselves, their countries, etc. How this will play out is yet to be determined. But let’s keep this in mind from Meier too.

The Spiritual Teaching

We have long since passed the point of no return for many things Meier has foretold. And while we still must dutifully point these things out for those who may be coming upon, and awakening to, this remarkable information, we also reiterate that the real key to our future survival is to be found in the spiritual teaching.

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Humankind doesn’t have the faintest idea regarding what life’s all about and how to live it. Consider this your personal sanity and survival system.



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  1. Just to add to my last comment, I don’t know as to what extent respectfully our twin universe, the DAL system is to the DERN, but a opposite to the current extent of twin universes may perhaps exist because opposites exist in all nature.

  2. “Asket has said that the DAL Universe exist because of the DERN Universe,for withithout the DAL Universe the DERN Unverse could not exist. One cannot exist without the other!”

  3. I watched a program last night about a man who has some ideas about returning the land after white men stuffed it up in Australia back to nature on so-called improved land to drought-proof the land, and low and behold his methods work. Yet, some of his methods are illegal in the eyes of the “law”. He is in the same class as Viktor Schauberger. (30.22min)

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