The Journey of a Thousand Miles

The first step is to fix what is broken where you are

Thousands of people are marching northward, mainly from Central American countries, with the expressed purpose of breaking into this country, supposedly because they love it, and everything it has and stands for, which they want to take advantage of.

If they – as a motivated mass of many thousands of people – have the time, energy and intention to come to a country with better conditions, then there’s an obvious, beckoning opportunity that could save them from the hardships of this ordeal.

Our message to them could be:

Now that you know what you really want for yourselves and your families…return home and create it.We’ll share with you what we did and how we did it. Then you can learn from it and truly make it your own. Rather than trying in to break in, steal and exploit what others have built, create something of honest, lasting value for yourselves.

Why would you feel entitled to force your way in and take advantage of what was accomplished here, through generations of hard work, and ignore and abandon your own self-responsibility? Is that the “ethic” that you want to contribute?

Being many thousands strong, you could unite and turn that energy, that will and determination towards changing your own countries for the better, instead of abandoning them. Instead of imperiling your families, in the erroneous belief that you can make us responsible for them, you should improve the conditions in your own countries, as the citizens of every country must, if they are to survive and have a country and a life.

You erroneously think that if you endanger yourselves and your families that it will somehow bestow upon them safety and reward. But you teach them a wrong lesson, lacking in true self-responsibility, whereby you actually make yourselves dependent upon, and subservient to those whose countries you invade. You disregard the natural order of things, and instead attempt to jump to the head of the line, without making the necessary, stepwise efforts to attain your goal with real dignity.

While you want the benefits and comforts you perceive this country possesses, you neither respect nor want to emulate the means by which these things were attained. And yet, if in truth and modesty you asked for assistance to make your lands and homes as you wish them to be, then your call would be heard and answered willingly by the good people who would also take joy in contributing to your successes.

It will still take more time to change your countries and improve your lives. Things worth doing and having often take much time. But we will help you to help yourselves, through your own hard work and self-responsibility.

It’s said that, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.” The real first step is to see things as they really are, then to think how to take complete self-responsibility to fix what is broken where you are – and to repair what you’ve allowed to fall into disrepair.

Cause & Effect

The underlying cause of environmental destruction, as well as things like illegal immigration, was also explained here, in The Silent Revolution of Truth, filmed 12 years ago. All of this and more is now upon us…as the time fulfills.

The European Invasion

Meier was first told about the European invasion, by Sfath, in…1948 :

194. And this will arise especially from the year 2005 onwards, and namely through a confused governing woman in Germany, who will evoke the movement of streams of refugees to Europe from socially poor and war-stricken countries, such as Africa, Arabia and Asia.

195. Among the real refugees, however, will be many work-shy ones, criminals, gangsters and terrorists, who will carry out much evil mischief in the European countries.

196. This woman, who is ill in her consciousness and might-obsessed, will also be significantly responsible for many terrible things which will occur through work-shy ones, criminals, felons, those who exert physical and psychical Gewalt and terrorists who have crept into Europe, and this will happen in Germany and in other European countries that belong to a dictatorship union from the 1990s onwards.

Environmental Refugees

And it must be pointed out that there certainly will be environmental refugees, in the many millions, but who are not to be confused with people who, because of self-irresponsibility – or having allowed themselves to be manipulated by outside forces for political reasons – seek to take advantage of better conditions in other countries.

Reverse Engineering

Meier didn’t specifically mention the US in this regard, perhaps because the country won’t be around near as long as Europe and will soon have huge problems, both from already in place (and increasing numbers of) terrorists as well as various other contributing factors to the breakdown of the country into anarchy and revolution:

16. The USA and the rulers of the USA shall be imperiled in the future in many ways, which arise from both governmental and non-governmental anti-government and anti-state actors, as well as from large parts of the United States population, so that the US population breaks up into different population-groups, the basic causes of which are already present, so that the USA is already separatized into various groups at the present time.

17. Ever more, new hostilities are arising between different states, which shall lead to political and economic conflicts and to terrible and destructive wars and skirmishes – so a fourth world war must ever be considered a distinct possibility. Again, the main culprits for this are the criminal and lawless global dominance and global police aspirations as well as political machinations of the USA.

29. Even in the USA, the people will be dispossessed as a consequence of the global financial crisis, which shall become a pretext for deploying the military and police forces against the angry and partly also heavily armed population.

Time will tell if the migrant situation is solved from behind-the-scenes maneuvering, backdoor deals, bribes, etc., or if it becomes one of the so far missing pieces of the puzzle in our reverse engineering of the predictions.

Reasonable People

It’s always encouraging, as well as rare, to see interactions between people with opposing viewpoints who can conduct themselves in a…reasonable manner with each other, such as in this debate between Tucker Carlson and Cenk Uygur.

More Perils of Pot

While many young people will want to find ways to escape the unpleasant realities of these times, the consequences of doing so, with things like marijuana, are now being more honestly revealed.

The Spiritual Teaching

Of course, all this takes us to that which offers real sustenance, guidance and inspiration. It’s where we find the answers to, “Now that I know, what will I do about it?” More than just giving one-size-fits-all answers, the spiritual teaching is really the practical, insightful means by which one can learn how-to think, solve one’s problems and create the life they want.

Creating your own personal library of the spiritual teaching is to gift yourself with the most profound, yet practical information you’ll ever find and which will constantly renew you, each and every time you turn to it for sustenance.

One of the best books to start with is:

The Might of the Thoughts

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46 Replies to “The Journey of a Thousand Miles”

  1. In the long term it’s not going to be possible to create “Island America” to which only the ones who are invited are permitted to land on. In Europe migrants aren’t walking, but arriving on boats which ferry them over from Africa. Some of these boats sink, due to overcrowding on board or stormy weather conditions. The migrants who are walking towards Mexico and then to America are no different than the migrants going to Europe from Africa. They cannot be stopped, unless by very inhumane and brutal methods. They cannot be convinced to stay where they are because obviously under dictatorships like in Venezuela, they have no rights and freedoms, and ordinary things we take for granted like food, medicine and clothing are becoming scarce. I have a Venezuelan friend who has told me about medical care in her country. . . . they are running out of antibiotics and drugs needed for cancer and other treatments. People are dying daily because they either can’t access appropriate health care, or the drugs which would help them simply aren’t there! These people believe, whether accurately or inaccurately, that in the U.S.A these problems will disappear and they will be able to live a more normal kind of life again. I don’t think they realize what is actually happening in the U.S.A. these days, and how it’s no longer guaranteed to be the “land of opportunity” where all their dreams and desires will come true!
    Therefore, these migrants should be treated with compassion and “processed”, just like immigrants from other countries who want to make the U.S.A. their permanent home. No one should be shooting at them, nor threatening to shoot them if they step across that invisible border between the U.S.A. and Mexico. America is not showing its greatness if it stoops to the level of barbarity to shoot at unarmed (for the most part) and helpless civilian refugees. Just my 2 cents worth, and it ain’t much these days!

    1. They’ve already been offered asylum in Mexico. America has too many problems of its own now. Our own people are starving and sleeping on concrete beds. We have no obligation or responsibility to take them. We could of course help them get to Canada since you are willing to house and feed them.

      1. -Melissa, with all due respect, I speak for myself and not for the Government of Canada. I am glad not to be living in America, because the “system” down there has failed many Americans, and here I’m thinking particularly of health care and welfare. I am a social democrat politically, and don’t believe in the aristocracy of wealth. I wish those people well. Capitalism has failed, especially since it has no social agenda for the benefit of all people. It’s time for a new way of looking at the world. Perhaps a world without borders would be the way to go into the future.

        1. The world without borders is a terrible idea. Capitalism has failed, but we are still not responsible for every other culture in the world. I’m so tired of do-gooders who can’t see the problems that are so painfully obvious. Mixing all these different people together is a massive fail. The people self segregate themselves and then we end up with division and hate. Can’t you see how bad multiculturalism has failed? That’s exactly why the highly intelligent ET’s don’t do it. Let these other cultures build their own countries up and make them great. America, Europe, Canada, Australia and all the other so called first world countries have put the work in and built their countries up to the standards that they enjoy. We don’t owe our hard work to anyone else.

  2. English…failed. According the notes theirs multiple cultures on Erra (they can speak Sarat or the universal language Kosan) and Edward’s present personality was NOT reincarnated in the US. Yesterday it was Malona or the great Atlantis today it’s the USA. If you look at the chronology’s the plejarens have explained things happening their or here then or now Kudra or Nissan or earth or were ever explained…it’s the same issues…overpopulation of a genetically engineered society…that is surrounded by their own misfortunes is literally shrouded in a bell around the earth of disbelief and aggression that continues to overpopulate and want to anilate everything. Today it’s earth, in 3999 when mission continues somewhere else ? What’s the excuse then? “…English 101 around the earth is big F- as well as land theft from native Americans that’s big F- fail as well, their universal laws of effects for such things happening.

    1. There are multiple cultures on Erra, but they don’t mix. It would be a very rare thing for them to mix. They have their own languages and one national language that each culture learns so they can communicate with each other. As far as Atlantis and the past, there’s nothing we can do to change any of that now. We need to focus on the things that we CAN change now, which is the present and the future. All land masses had indigenous peoples and there were also other peoples on these continents prior to that. Our history is rich and we are all to blame for the past, but it’s time we focus on the current pressing situations.

  3. I hesitate to point out that in Canada we are truly multi-cultural and it seems to be working for everybody. At the University of Waterloo where I live in Ontario, many of the students come on visas from Asia or the Middle East. They all seem to get along studying engineering or computer science. . . . . I am often among them, and I see people from vary diverse ethnic backgrounds talking, chatting and generally seeming to like one another. I don’t buy this idea that races need to be separated. Contrary-wise, I think the more different races can get to know each other, the better everybody understands one another and works together as a team to accomplish something good! Computer software engineers at the University of Waterloo come from all over the world, and work as a team to develop new technology. It doesn’t wash with me that humans can’t learn to work together, no matter where they come from! Canada also is a nation of immigrants, and we accept them from anywhere in the world. We have also taken in a significant number of refugees, and they are becoming part of Canadian society. Every day I sit on the city buses with Muslim women and children, sometimes men as well. They are no different from us Caucasian-type people. There is only one kind of human being, and we must learn to accept and tolerate each other, else there will be never ending war on this planet for generations yet to come!

    1. It sure seems odd that only certain cultures on this planet are allowed to exist and remain unchanged while others are forced to accept all other cultures and forever be changed. Only certain voices are allowed to be heard and the many millions who don’t want to live in a multiculture have no say. Unfortunately, this is what will cause more war and civil wars.

      1. Melissa from my perspective it’s not whether we live in a multicultural society that is the root cause of the problem but simply the masses ignorance of the Creational truth and spiritual knowledge.
        If everyone knew about the truth of Creation, spiritual teachings, spiritual truth, the Creational natural laws and recommendations and the reality of truth and the truth of reality and living by them do you think that we will have the kind of problem we see today.
        I hate to say it but it takes two to tango and rightly living a spiritual life has to happen in tandem with all others to realising it and our society of peoples must step up to create the conditions for individuals to be able to live a genuine spiritual life for how could it be otherwise when you are the only moron buffetted here and there by the forces of the masses degeneracies from having to try to live by the natural creative laws only to end up doing damage to yourself from the insidious perfidy and intrigues that others do to you.
        So when it comes down to it might and force has to be met with equivalent might and force to achieve balance
        If it means saying no to living with other cultures incompatible with yours then you should use your might of force to have your way.
        Forced forcelessness that is.

        1. Yep, that would make a huge difference for sure. Western nations have always had immigration from foreign cultures, but I remember a time when those folks submersed themselves into our culture and assimilated. Now, not so much, and that is a huge part of the problem. Ultimately, I still think each race and culture should have a right to exist without being changed against their will. But yes, you’re right, if everyone had knowledge of and practiced the Spiritual Teaching, most would want to live in accordance with Creation.

    2. Hi Carolyn so nice that you get to see a small glimpse into what’s happening at the university level. You ask why can’t we all learn to work together? Maybe you would like to ask my friend Amanda that question when during the course of her work, she was paired with a Syrian refugee. He wouldn’t let her drive and he wouldn’t listen to anything she said, not even directions on where to go, because she’s a woman. As she was texting her boss telling him what was going on the Syrian refugee got stuck in a bog with a tank of roundup on the back. Long story short, she ended up being fired because she couldn’t control him. My question is – Do you know why they couldn’t work together?

        1. Well Sheila, I think it’s optimistic that young people at the university level are able to communicate and work together. The more these kind of relationships are fostered and encouraged, the better people will get along with each other as older adults working together for a better world. I agree about the problem with Muslim men having little respect for women of any race or nationality. I am personally frightened of them myself. . . . . and it’s not like we have a big Muslim population in Kitchener-Waterloo. They tend to be aggressive and emotional people, and not very rational thinkers. . . . that is to say their emotions are governing them, not their rational minds. This is not the case with the Oriental people I see, who are very rational and calm, for the most part. Also the people from India and even Pakistan (which is Muslim) seem to govern themselves very well. The problem is with the Middle-Eastern and African races, as far as I can see.

          1. What if the Middle-Eastern and African races just don’t care about your optimism or the Oriental people or the people from India and even Pakistan and whether they are male or female of any race or nationality. and just murder everyone?

            1. Andrew, I have spoken about what I see happening at the university level, in terms of positive interactions. This thread seems to be focusing only on the negative and people are ignoring what is positive. I hesitate to say that some of you folks probably don’t interact with anybody that isn’t “white” and “western”, or am I mistaken. . . . . . It’s a darn good thing that we haven’t got anybody on this planet who is a non-human civilized entity, eh?

              1. See, that’s the problem. You accuse anyone who has an ounce of common sense as being racist. Since when does not wanting to live among 6 different cultures make someone racist? It’s not just European folks who want to live among their own people or we wouldn’t see such massive self-segregation. We can still love all people and know that the diversity is strength motto is a huge load of bullocks. Maybe you should refresh your reading on why the Plejaren say that mixing races and cultures is not good for people.

                1. Well Melissa, I guess as a person with kind intentions I don’t have any business interacting with folks on this Blog! And it looks like you’re the “it” person right now. Where is Michael in all this? He certainly didn’t seem to be to be a racist, nor condemning people who choose to live with races other than their exclusive “own” people. You’re sounding rather like a member of a family where the father tells his children that they may not date a man/woman of another race or nationality. I wish you all a good day!

                  1. Hi Carolyn,

                    To answer where I’ve been, while I’m blogging and doing videos, I’m also very busy with some other issues that aren’t related.

                    The blog is a place to discuss many things related to these topics, a lot of which include the events of the day since the prophecies and predictions have long foretold them, etc.

                    I personally don’t see any racism in Melissa’s comments. As a for instance, countries like Japan have a pretty solid homogeneous population for the most part. If I recall correctly, they may have also banned Muslims from living there. I’d have to look this up, it’s something from memory.

                    I think we often get confused between racism and reality. Certainly many, many people in our country have friends of all races. And yet there is also racism in America but I don[t think you’ll find it in the participants of this blog.

                    This issue is a good example of why REASONABLENESS and the ability to rationally discuss things, including with disagreements, is so necessary.

                  2. You are very confused, Carolyn. Have you read any of Michael’s blogs where he discusses this very issue? Are you saying that only Michael’s words matter to you? You can try to put it on me as my opinions, but I think you’ll find that many millions of people feel the same way. I won’t even entertain your childish accusations of racism because it couldn’t be further from the truth. You do-gooders are all the same. These poor people who can’t do anything for themselves, we have to take them in and take care of them because they are weak and uneducated. I’ve never heard such horrendous and condescending remarks as I have from do-gooders.

                    In another comment, Carolyn talks about how she’s afraid of middle eastern men because of their violent and emotional tendencies, but others who don’t want to worry about living around strange cultures are racist and not entitled to have a say. Hypocrite!

                    A little something to read from probably the most intelligent race on the planet.

                    1. Melissa has hit on something here that many people don’t notice and that is the condescension and hypocrisy of liberals and those on the far left. I first became aware of this kind of attitude back in the 1950s, when my father was speaking about the hypocrisy of whites especially liberals in relationship to blacks.

                      I noted this at the time but I truly didn’t understand it then. What my father perceived was the underlying arrogance, hypocrisy and sense of superiority that these liberal people had and that expressed itself in condescension masked as compassion and being champions of equality.

                      This aberration is still very much present with modern-day liberals. They are even more overt in trying to assert their superiority and entitlement to violate all sorts of laws and decency because of this false sense of knowing more and knowing better than everyone else. It goes so far that in the matter of the CNN reporter putting his hands on the female White House aide, they actually can look at the film and say…it didn’t happen. This reflects the same, the exact same inability and refusal to see things as they are that is also reflected in what is their condescension and, effectively a form of racism.

                      They do seem to have an underlying sense of guilt that they may have more than those people who they actually view as…inferior to them. I don’t recommend trying to point this out to most liberals or far left people. As we’ve seen with groups like Antifa, etc., they often quickly turn to violence instead of…SELF-HONESTY, reasonableness, rationality, etc.

                    2. That is spot on Michael. These folks who are brainwashed to yell racism at every reasonable comment can’t comprehend caring deeply for others and treating everyone with respect, but also expecting everyone to be self-responsible. I don’t want to go to work everyday to pay for those who want to live off the hard work of others. I want everyone to go to work everyday and we all share the load equally. I want folks to stop treating migrants and refugees like they are little children and start treating them like grown adults who have the same equal responsibilities as you and I. We can’t have one law for us and another law for them because they didn’t know it was wrong to rape or beat someone. That’s highly insulting, degrading and not fair to the innocent victims. It also causes hatred and animosity among the different cultures, which will eventually lead to civil unrest. We need to get out of these other countries and stop trying to police the world.

                    3. Well, I “do- gooder” Carolyn can’t seem to comment on this Blog without being personally attacked. So it is with a heavy and sad heart that I must say “adieu” and see you sometime somewhere . . . . Bye. And I hope that some Plejaren is looking in on us here and checking the temperature of this forum. . . . for the good of all concerned!

                    4. Carolyn,

                      While it’s our opinions and positions that may be criticized or “attacked”, we needn’t so strongly identify with them, mistake our opinions and positions for who we ARE, that one has to flee.

                      It’s also understandable that people who are actually experiencing certain situations in a real, not just a theoretical, sense, may have difference opinions and positions.

                      It’s to be hoped that we’d be…CURIOUS enough to ask, dialog and interact with each other to find out HOW we’ve come to these opinions and positions, a least for now, so that greater understanding can take place in this…MICROCOSM of our world.

                      Please hang in there.

                    5. No one is attacking you, Carolyn. This is called debate where two or three people discuss different opinions. And the Plejaren aren’t our babysitters. They consider us as equal human beings and not inferior little ants who need keeping an eye on.

    3. At the risk of throwing my pearls in the mud in front of the swine, google “Honor killings and Islam”

      You will hear that Honor Killings are not a part of Islam and yet there it is in plain sight, just like you might have heard of a little commandment, “Thou shalt not kill” and yet there in plain sight are the truths of the crusades and other murderous deeds.

      Your irresponsibility is not my responsibility or I am not responsible for your irresponsibility.

  4. Thanks Michael. . . . I follow your Blog with ongoing interest. Clearly there are big problems with the migrations of unwelcome foreign populations, both in Europe and in America. Hopefully things will settle down sometime soon! Right now, it’s snowing here in Ontario this evening and looks to be a bit of a “snow event”. As far as I’m concerned the snow can stay until the end of March! Most of the Southerners don’t like our cold weather. . . . . Hopefully people will have their winter tires on their cars by now! Else they are ‘goners!

    1. You’re welcome Carolyn, I’m glad you’re here. It would be nice if things settle down but we can’t count on it. We have to keep developing our own inner awareness and knowing, so as to be able to accurately assess the…weather conditions. Things could heat up and get real…icy!

    2. Carolyn, Just so that you know, I have known an Indian (sub-continent) that grew up in Fiji and is a Muslim who is one the nicest guys I have had the fortune to meet. I have worked alongside an Iranian man who was a doctor in Iran and had his credentials torn up in his face as he refused to continue to “juice” up the National soccer team for international games and he then went about getting his family to Australia by the legal way and who is one the nicest guys I have had the fortune to meet. I have known a Sudanese man who had to kill a or more fellow human beings so as to not be murdered himself and he got himself to Australia by any means possible and has since arriving got himself 2 degrees and who is one the nicest guys I have had the fortune to meet.
      I once had to work in a certain space where I knew from past observations that another did his daily prayers there, so I stayed out of that space until I knew that he had done what his delusion had controlled him to do.
      I do so understand that my fellows have to be treated with deference (honour, venerability, veneration, reverence) by me and I do so know that sometimes I do have a deficiency in this area but on the whole I think that I am doing much better than most.
      I just like knowledge; like the knowledge that honor killings do so happen and I am disgusted by it, just like I am disgusted by my knowledge of FGM and many other things that go on on this planet.
      Reality is just that, Reality and sometimes I just don’t like the Reality of things but sticking my head in the sand and pretending that it isn’t, just might get me and others murdered, in my opinion.

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