Going Beyond New Age Beliefs

Leaving behind the Age of Beliefs for the Age of Truth and Knowledge

A recent article speaks about the growing interest in what’s called “New Age beliefs.” While this may be seen by some as an improvement over traditional religions, substituting one set of beliefs for another still leaves one far from knowing the…truth.

We are leaving behind the Age of Beliefs for the Age of Truth and Knowledge and so a transition is also underway, from clinging to hand-me-down myths, fables and unchallenged dogmas that one has never critically thought through themselves, to finding and determining the truth for oneself.

There is no finer way to discover and immerse oneself in the truth than to read The Goblet of the Truth. As with all of the non-religious, belief-free spiritual teaching brought to us by Billy Meier, here too you will immediately learn the core necessity of taking complete self-responsibility for your own life and everything in it.

Because a dependence on imaginary outside forces, as well as all forms of false leadership, has been drilled into humankind’s collective, and individual, consciousness and psyche for millennia, the spiritual teaching offers a refreshing reeducation, a clear, logical way to take control of one’s own thinking, feelings and actions, so as to learn the way to live in accordance with the real, eternally true Creational laws and recommendations.

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Time Traveler’s Predictions CONTINUE to Come True

Fake News Attacks Foretold in…1948!

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Thanks to Anthony Hall for the article on New Age beliefs.

26 Replies to “Going Beyond New Age Beliefs”

  1. What do I vote for…respectfully the Ban Srut Edward to lead. An Jschwjsch on earth, Ptaah and the federation as well as High Coucil and others to help earth navigate its future Salome

    1. Lius, I`v said this before and I wil say it again ” If we don`t join with Billy and the Ps you can very well count on a nuclear war to annihilate all of humanity here on Earth! Klaatu`s words have struck a nerve in my very own DNA and I will live with that legacy until I die! Mark my words you can count on that trust me! We NEED to join with the Plejaren Federation or else we will ALL be DEAD!!!” Also look what Trump did “not signing on to the Nuclear Non-Prolific Accord and the nuclear weapons in space! “Think about that!!!”

  2. Well somebody is finally taking the first correct step in Cornwall England into alternative safe renewable energy for once,but Trump and his thieves want to open up[ Alaska and the the western U.S. for fossil fuels which are the “unsafe energies” so we still got a lot of work to do if we`re going to join the Ps and move on into the next level in our race to become members of the great cosmic community and evolve like the Ps from Erra did 50,000 years ago!

  3. Hi Michael, this is off topic but hope you can answer. How is Eduard? Is he doing fine? Is he healthy at least?

    Hope you know how he is.
    Thanks. -Rose

  4. I’m sensing “ion Propulsion” (which I independently studied and made drawings of years also) to control the proximity of the implementation of the “sun sail principles” that respectfully Ptaah recommends within contact Report 475 would be a good idea. Therefore the proximity of the implementation of “the sun sail principle” would be more accurate to control the distance of drifting of the “sun sail principle” …with ion propulsion added.

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