1948 Time Traveler’s Predictions CONTINUE to Come True

What this means for our future survival

Michael Horn Live, EP 38

While we’ve pointed out the many accurate predictions in the Henoch Prophecies, apparently few people have noticed that Sfath’s 1948 predictions contain such events as the:

  • Destruction of the WTC in New York City in 2001
  • Death of Osama bin Laden by a secret unit
  • Creation of the EU dictatorship and the Euro currency
  • Provocation of war by the US, EU and NATO against Russia
  • Formation of radical terrorist groups created by US USA secret services
  • Flood of illegal immigrants into Europe instigated by Angela Merkel
  • Election, and subsequent failings, of Baraka Obama
  • Italian earthquakes preceding multi-volcanic eruptions
  • Eruptions of EIfel Fields in Germany and Yellowstone in the US
  • Melting of the glaciers in Arctic and Antarctica
  • Spread of fake news through the public media
  • Polar shift and increasing desertification
  • Coming of 350 million refugees globally
  • Upsurge in right-wing terrorism

…and much more. We’ll discuss the implications and also how this relates to our discussion about:

Reverse Engineering the Billy Meier Predictions

Reverse Engineering the Billy Meier Predictions, Part 2

Michael Horn Live, EP 38

Wednesday, November 8, 2018

7:00 PM Pacific Time


In Other News

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And Breaking the Silence, the film I made with my daughter, was screened at the Austin Indie Film Festival.

To Assure Your Future Survival

With certain coming events now unstoppable, with prophecies rapidly turning into predictions, it will take more than just being a “prepper” or “survivalist”, it will require being a…clear thinker.

This also means that, more than ever, we will benefit from learning how to control our thoughts, feelings and actions, as well as how to develop and refine our inner consciousness and intuitive senses.

There is no better instruction in how to do this – and much more – than this profound and timeless book:

The Might of the Thoughts

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46 Replies to “1948 Time Traveler’s Predictions CONTINUE to Come True”

  1. Two hours ago on a local cable TV RNN at 6pm Richard French had a one our program on the rise of Neo-Nazis not just in Eruope but also here in the U.S. If you can get the Youtube video,you need to listen and watch Richard French about the Nazi uprising Also counterpunch has an article about the very same topic: “Chasing Down Fascists in Europe”(and the U.S.) by Ron jacobs Friday November 23rd, 2018

  2. Meier’s explanation about the capture of Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan in Contact Report 679 predates, by copyright, a book that is now banned in Pakistan that was written in 2018 by a former director-general of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and Pakistan Army’s Military Intelligence.

    Described on Amazon as a “first-of-its-kind book anywhere in the world” author and retired senior commander Asad Durrani claims in his book “Spy Chronicles” that Pakistan officials directed the American SEALs to Osama bin Laden in May 2011 as well as collected a payment for the cooperation and pretended to be surprised afterwards. Durrani has since been placed on an “Exit Control List” in Pakistan in 2018 and he is unable to leave his country and his book is banned.

    “On 22 February 2019, Asad Durrani was found guilty of violating Pakistan’s Military Code of Conduct for co-writing the book. Asad Durrani’s pension and other allowances have been withdrawn and it is yet to be decided if he should be taken off the Exit Control List.” Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Spy_Chronicles

    “Spy Chronicles” has a copyright date of the 21st May, 2018, but, Billy published the following information on the 30th Nov, 2017:

    “…the USA had already well-informed the government of Pakistan in Islamabad of the planned action and they announced the precise clarifications, as also to the general Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, the chief of the Pakistani armed forces. General Ahmed Shuja Pasha who effectively managed at the top of the military intelligence agency ISI was informed however also by the USA, hence all authoritative people of Pakistan were previously well-informed. Pakistani generals had thus also known of the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad – who lived precisely no more than a kilometer away from the highly-secured military academy-, where he was held under house arrest. There he had from 2001 to 2006 – together with his wives – lived in the Pakistani part of the Hindu Kush, where however tribes people had betrayed him to the Pakistani security forces against a payment of an immense betrayal sum. Pakistan however tolerated Osama bin Laden, and indeed because according to his arrangement in the villa in Abbottabad for him, from then on, high sums of money were paid by the Saudi-Arabian-government to Pakistan, and indeed in return that, a deportation of the Saudi-Arabian citizen would be denied and he could live in security. Moreover the Saudis have urged the Pakistani people hard, not to betray the dwelling place of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan to the USA. However ultimately an intelligence agency agent of Pakistan, against a horrendous traitor reward in two digit million-dollar-high, through the US embassy in Islamabad had informed the CIA.”

    Original German Copyright date November 2017: http://www.figu.org/ch/verein/periodika/zeitzeichen/2017/nr-82

    English Translation – 3rd Dec, 2017 (PDF): https://creationaltruth.org/Portals/0/Documents/Periodicals/FIGUSignoftheTimes/2017/No082/ExcerptContact679-KillingOsamabinLaden-sec.pdf?ver=2017-12-03-123440-880

    The book “Spy Chronicles” here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Spy-Chronicles-RAW-Illusion-Peace-ebook/dp/B07C5695WR

    How could a reclusive Swiss author (Billy Meier) known highly-sensitive things about Pakistan’s Military Intelligence services before a senior commander in those intelligence services had published these details, unless he is telling the truth and being cued by intelligent and highly advanced ETs?

  3. How could a reclusive Swiss author (Billy Meier) known highly-sensitive things about Pakistan’s Military Intelligence services before a senior commander in those intelligence services had published these details,
    Yes how could Billy know about a non event? Anybody who believes in the osama bin loser got killed in Pakistan by seal team 6 is a fool. Billy must be a fool.
    The same people believe 19 arabs brought 3 buildings into their own footprints and launched a missile at the pentagon. You fools keep us subjected to all this nonsense propping up a lie. Oh, by the way, if you hadn’t looked at the skies the last 20 years you might believe in GloBull warming. Anybody that does not take into account The Sun and the massive chemtrail programrunning now for decades is also a fool. Here is prophecy of mike. You all are full of merde.

    1. Here we see the results of the brainwashing and dumbing down of society by the UFO and conspiracy theory community — the effective results, I might add. We have someone who can’t produce one single shred of verifiable evidence for their claims, but they expect us to take their delusional word for it. On the other hand, we have Billy who has provided mountains of verifiable and scientifically tested evidence.

      I am curious though, how do the so called chem-trailers and their families avoid breathing the air they poison?

      Also, use your first and last name when commenting.

      1. There is ample evidence for every thing I wrote. You know it , if you were not so intellectually lazy you would admit it instead of seeking some Billy meier. Which I guess isn’t even his real name?
        The purpose of Weather modification is many. Have you ever heard of cyanobacteria? In the ocean spray of the Article and artic are bacteria that take molecules of nitrogen out of the air using sideospheres. What if our rulers and mad scientists managed to genetically modify this bacteria to take Carbon molecules instead of nitrogen.
        Think red tide. Dept of Energy did that one. Somebody that talks derisively about conspiracy theories and yet believes in some prophet you look kind a silly.

        1. Obviously, you’re both completely unaware of the extensive documentation, scientific evidence, independent expert authentication for the contacts, etc., as well as typically proud of your ignorance.

          So, some suggestions. First, determine if you’re actually interested in, and capable of both researching, the contents of this case, only a few thousand of the over 45,000 pages of information available in English.

          If you are actually interested, even for purposes of comparison, debunking, etc., then I’m sure we’ll take the time to point you in the direction of, and provide some specific links to, the information, evidence, authentications, etc.

          First things first. Do you mainly want to make your amply…unsubstantiated pronouncements or do some actual research?

          1. Bibble Babble
            Not a word you wrote makes sense. Why would I research thousands of pages of a foreign language to engage with your Billy meier fantasy.

            1. I think we get that you’re rather…challenged in a few areas. So, without wasting too much of my valuable time, I’ll give you some introductory links, in a language you’re obviously still learning:




              Now, if I get something that resembles basic intellectual curiosity, and not not just another textbook of typical American bone-headed, arrogant ignorance, more will follow.

        2. How do the chemtrail sprayers and those in charge of the program avoid breathing the air they allegedly poison?

          Billy, as in Billy the Kid, is a nickname that just so happened to stick, but it’s not hard to find out that his real name is Eduard. He’s not hiding it from anyone. Intellectual laziness is blindly believing conspiracy theories without doing any real research yourself. The masses have grown incredibly lazy in this department and now we have folks who can’t use reason and deductive thinking.

          Michael gave you some good advice.

        3. Funny enough, Billy talks about cyanobacteria and it’s effect on the environment and the fact there are 2 other countries who have HAARP and even names them. Bet you didn’t know that Mr. Christersin.

    2. Thanks Mike. We understand conspiracy videos can be convincing, especially when the dramatic music builds and the narrator tells us we are right to be irrationally scared about everything, but, we also know facts exist and seek those as often as possible so that we can summon the courage, e.g., to post comments with our real or known names.

      Stay strong.

    1. If you are so dense that you believe that a condensation trail from an airplane can last up in the troposphere for hours and not dissipate is hopeless to talk to.
      You can find plenty on Contrails maximum life of a contrail according to the Air Force is 30 minutes.

      1. So, you want to continue to parade your know-it-all-ism…gleaned from the online idiots that you follow. Okay, yet I’ll ask one more time: Do you want to begin to do actual research into this information?

        1. Ok, you believe this character predicted OBL death in Pakistan in 2011. And you know OBL was killed by secret forces how? And of course before they buried him at sea you saw the photos right?
          This malarkey is what I am responding to now. Are you self aware at all?

          1. I’ve asked you several times IF you want to delve into this so that even this question of yours will be answered. Unless I have an answer, one way or the other, I won’t be responding further. You’ve read Mr. Tysk’s article, presumably, so now you’d know that the UFO contacts are real, which is where we’d start.

          2. I am sorry. Perhaps I am to harsh. I actually believe in UFOs and extra terrestrials etc however I have determined as far as research, what is the point? I think the first time you actually meet an ET it will not be anything like whatever you researched. However, as to 911 or Spraying our skies maybe if enough intelligent people could see that if we do not unwind 911 it will never get better in USA, no aliens or prophets will help.

  4. Also, if any of you have actually communicated with an ET perhaps you could ask them how we here on the blue planet can expose the evil doers that are driving us to extinction?

  5. Wow, I mean wow! You found a Billy meier debunking of Chemtrails and the Protocol of Zion in one! Does he do one on the wacko 911 conspiracy that it was an inside job and how 2 planes took down 3 huge concrete and steel buildings causing them to collapse perfectly into they own footprint?
    How about the Pentagon? Does he have any prophesies on 911 at all? I will be happy to check the links. Does it ever occur to any one that the wackiest conspiracy theory is the one propagated by the us government and its minons? The big hole in the pentagon? Can Billy tell us where did the aluminum wings on that Boeing airplane go?

      1. Thank you for the links. I did notice this from Billy,

        “CIA boss Tenet did not react to the warning that terror attacks were to be carried out with hijacked passenger machines, whereby he also even hid important information from the FBI, through which it would have been possible to arrest all the terrorists who were entangled in the terrorist disaster.”
        Tenet got a Medal of Freedom from GW in 2004 for that.

        1. You’re welcome of course.

          I should tell you that there is an immense amount of information, some/much of it that may raise additional questions. I know that people who comment on this blog also can be helpful, as the moderators aren’t always available. So, as you come up with questions, challenges, etc., know that if an answer isn’t promptly forthcoming, it’s just that we may not be immediately available.

          But you can be assured that we will get back to you. As I said, there’s some very interesting and also provocative material and we never ask that anything is to be “believed”.

          1. Billy doesn’t always mention everything, otherwise we would never think for ourselves. Billy and the Plejaren give us just enough to stir the consciousness into thinking.

            Although it might not be the case here, I wouldn’t accept anything from Wikipedia as being reliable or truth based.

          2. Hey genius, you don’t and can’t afford a random thingamajig to be ignorant about, ya know, it is in the name: know-it-ALL!

          3. All men and women can come to agree from disagreeing. Throwing around judgements without substantiating why you’re stating the way you do is just an opinion. Opinion is unsupported judgement. You should in your own words form whatever disagreement you have with Billy Meier or his stuff instead of trying to get inside his head and misread what he writes down then post links over a wild goose chase that doesn’t tell us why you made those judgements in the first place.

            The biggest disaster the internet has done is allow anyone to sit at the discussion table with no evidence or experience on what they’re talking about and casually pass hot air and memes to other people creating a substantial amount of ‘bad music’ to arguments.

          4. Mike, No, Billy spoke about it. [Simpsons did it, Simpson’s did it] so there was no negligence, or, other quick to judge-down negative characteristics you have self-appointed about in the Kingdom of Spoonfed. It doesn’t matter anyway compared to what has been prophecised and predicted and we’ve all here seen unfolding for decades and will unfold in the next 10-20 years and you could have just got here in the nick of time. That’s really up to you.

            Seem to recall Billy said building 7 caught fire from falling debris from the twin towers. Inside Building 7 were rooms full of papers, chairs, carpets, etc., which all caught fire and burnt the building down, like this: youtu.be/jcO2BD2Ma1c

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