1948 Time Traveler’s Predictions CONTINUE to Come True

What this means for our future survival

Michael Horn Live, EP 38

While we’ve pointed out the many accurate predictions in the Henoch Prophecies, apparently few people have noticed that Sfath’s 1948 predictions contain such events as the:

  • Destruction of the WTC in New York City in 2001
  • Death of Osama bin Laden by a secret unit
  • Creation of the EU dictatorship and the Euro currency
  • Provocation of war by the US, EU and NATO against Russia
  • Formation of radical terrorist groups created by US USA secret services
  • Flood of illegal immigrants into Europe instigated by Angela Merkel
  • Election, and subsequent failings, of Baraka Obama
  • Italian earthquakes preceding multi-volcanic eruptions
  • Eruptions of EIfel Fields in Germany and Yellowstone in the US
  • Melting of the glaciers in Arctic and Antarctica
  • Spread of fake news through the public media
  • Polar shift and increasing desertification
  • Coming of 350 million refugees globally
  • Upsurge in right-wing terrorism

…and much more. We’ll discuss the implications and also how this relates to our discussion about:

Reverse Engineering the Billy Meier Predictions

Reverse Engineering the Billy Meier Predictions, Part 2

Michael Horn Live, EP 38

Wednesday, November 8, 2018

7:00 PM Pacific Time


In Other News

My film, DECEPTION ON DEMANDjust won the Diamond Award, the top award in the Best Documentary Short at Pinnacle Film Awards.

And Breaking the Silence, the film I made with my daughter, was screened at the Austin Indie Film Festival.

To Assure Your Future Survival

With certain coming events now unstoppable, with prophecies rapidly turning into predictions, it will take more than just being a “prepper” or “survivalist”, it will require being a…clear thinker.

This also means that, more than ever, we will benefit from learning how to control our thoughts, feelings and actions, as well as how to develop and refine our inner consciousness and intuitive senses.

There is no better instruction in how to do this – and much more – than this profound and timeless book:

The Might of the Thoughts

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15 Replies to “1948 Time Traveler’s Predictions CONTINUE to Come True”

  1. Last night on episode 38 of the Michael Horn live show, we were discussing the increasing violence and negative thought patterns around the country and around the world. These thoughts and feelings are contagious like a plague. I experienced this truth first hand when I moved from small town Ohio to much bigger city California. Over the course of the last 8 years, I’ve grown acutely aware of the negative energy all around me. It builds and builds over time and creates an enormous half life when trying to rid it from your home, body and mind. Knowing about it is half the battle, but there are so many who do not know that have fallen victim to this contagious negative energy. We see the world growing more violent everyday. The more of us that participate in the peace meditation and our own daily meditations will help to balance out this negativity.

    A little excerpt from the Spiritual Teaching:

    Very many human beings are not themselves because they adopt as their own the thoughts, feelings and machinations of others, whereby they degenerate to anger, joylessness, hate, sorrow and worries, etc. Generally, the human being does not understand that when he is raked over by others with bad words and actions, absorbs these in himself and makes them his own, he is not himself anymore, but he becomes an imitation of one who causes him harm or damage in any form.

    Attacks of others, be it through thoughts and feelings, through words, hate, slander or actions, may never be made one’s concern because they essentially are the concern of the creators, who must cope with them themselves. Through their aggression against fellow human beings, they inflict damage on themselves, because their machinations affect their own thoughts and feelings, whereby they are peaceless and joyless in themselves and decline to vicious frustration.

    Generally, attacks and problems of others must be ignored and warded off in a manner that they are the concern, the aggression and problems of antagonists and not of one’s own person. Only through this reasonable insight as well as reasonable ways of thinking, feeling and acting can the human being protect himself against attacks, lies, incriminations, hate and slander, etc., of others because, in fact, the entire evil and problems of such things are not those of one’s own person but those of the attackers and antagonists. The attacks and problems of others are not my concern but that of the attackers must be the constant motto for attacked people who are raked over with words, thoughts, feelings, lies, problems, slander and actions, etc. And if, in this form, the thoughts and feelings as well as ways of acting are cultivated, then the human being can free himself from the imitation of antagonists and truly be himself.

  2. Hi MH I was just watching your very thought provoking lecture EP38. There is one episode of Star Trek The Next Generation called Tin Man where this character who mentally can`t livie with everyone else’s thoughts so he triesto escape to an alien vessel to die with this old vessel. Poinof fqact is what Dr. Crusher found out that the more this character Tam Embrun likes the exotic alien the better. Here is my point. Seems to me that this same scenario is also played out when it comes to MUFON and the UFO community with these silly Greys,reptoids, etc the MUFON Exopolitics,etc, likes it because they think the more exotic the better. Ithink these so-called UFO guys are afraid to face the fact that there ARE REAL humanbeings out there that are nodifferent than you and are maby alittle more advance but being human even they admit they aren`t perfect ether. Just look at what is now going on with the Trump adminsitraion calling all the shots and making an awful mess of this world and Trump thinks he`s the emperor and won`t commit to the awful climate mess etc. Salome

    1. Yes Terry, the people of Earth, with their over-inflated Ego’s, like to imagine themselves as being superior to all other life. Aliens in Hollywood films are portrayed as monster-like in appearance and action. Our Holy scriptures tell us that god made us in his image. The Earth human Ego needs to believe that we are as close to god as is humanly possible. We just have to be superior. The preachers need to feel that they are perceived by the people as god-like or close to god, and it is similar in the UFO community. Whilst these people may be slowly turning away from religious enslavement in their consciousness development, they still have that desire to be perceived as being part of something special that elevates them above everyone else. Whether it is being privy to the evil alien plans or connected in some other way to magical mystical angelic ET light beings and their fantastic technologies and devices, the UFO ‘researchers’ need to feel connected in some way and thereby elevated to those lofty heights.

      The idea that our ET brothers and sisters are not only just as physically beautiful but far superior in all aspects of their development, is a hard pill for the Earth Ego to swallow. If only the Earth people, in their external search for greatness, could grasp that what they are looking for is not perched on a giant throne out in space but inside their own heads …

      Place your open hand on the side of your head. Your palm is now about 3 inches from the Creation itself. Incredible isn’t it? Now you are ‘elevated!’

      I think it’s important to contemplate this without getting overly emotional. 🙂

      1. Stephen, I agree with you 100%!!! High Five and Fist Bump to you:-))) We need to get away from this stupid monster thing from Dr. Who, X Files, SciFi Channel,etc,etc,etc!!! Oh and UFOs too!!!

  3. The point I`m making is this I personally think all these politicians especially once they become preisidnets they are all crooks and criminals. Same goes for all these hideous religions too. There is also an add spouting UFOs with Seth Suustak and a grey alien sitting at a desk typing on it`s computer.Now how low can you get with that stupid add? I wonder what Ptaah, Quetzal and Billy must be think now with the way Trump is behaving lately? Trump to me is getting very rude, nasty and just plain ugly to me!!! You may not agree with me but if you say that news conference on TV when these poor helpless reporters tried to ask questions and then also when Trump tries to fire all of his administration for another admiration for another, you realize this will make the Watergate Hearings look like a piece of cake I personally think we will ALL be in for a very very RUDE awakening very shortly to day nothing of Mike Pence the so-called religious fanic who might just be even WORSE!!! Seems to me every time we elect a new present the next one is even RORSE than the last one. Mabey Billy, Ptaah and Quetzal might want to analyze,mall over and think about what will happen next? As for the UFO MUFON thing if these groups will stop dreaming about exotic crazy aliens who are so ugly that are so inhumane and unfriendly who are just not spiritual,helpful and kind,etc I worry that maybe we are not evolved enough to learn right from wrong morally and ethically. Most of the Plejaren Federation are human beings people who have learned and evolved long before humans on earth learned to walk and talk and settle here on earth. Why are we de-evolving and loosing our minds and thopughts here on erth and making such a horrible mess of everthing with overpopulation,the envirmenoment, plotic, relgion,wars, and such stupid wrong ideas etc??? We need to take a hard good look at ourselves in the mirror and learn to think correctly and take good positive steps if we want to even live to see the next “LIght of DAy”! And this is what the spiritual teachings is all about learning to think positive thoughts of peace love, freedom, harmony, health and well being and logic and reasoning things out!!! “No more wars,cimes,diseases, and negative thoughts etc! If the people from Erra can do it so can we too!

  4. Michael, great blog. I respect all your efforts. These are challenging times we all really to shoulder to shoulder on this planet, really in truth our planet is not green emerald of living life, but blue a blue gem, theirs land masses missing from previous epochs, barron planets within our solar system and unfortunate tragedies within telescopic view (NGC 7293). Theirs an opportunity to change the narrative, so the same illogical mistakes aren’t repeated. Salome

  5. Luis You have to remember what Demjase told Billy back in 1975 that the universe and al other universes are relevant meaning there are god and bad everywhere. That is why the people from Erra don`t go traveling all over the place the way the people from Earth do in other words “Stay away from the bad ETs!”

  6. Billy, and his detractors who know nothing of the nature of prophecy, have shown the absolute truth of this quote by Arthur C Clarke:
    ‘If by some miracle a prophet could describe the future exactly as it was going to take place, his predictions would sound so absurd, so far-fetched, that everybody would laugh him to scorn.’

  7. Stephen, The Plejarens use Star Gates now not Beamships. Ptaah said that they they are having trouble problems with the Tardis ships from the Dr Who technologies? but from what I`v heard Star Gates are faster and more efficient than beamships and motherships since this technology Star Gates is from Asket`s peole in the DAL Univrese so beams ships and the Great Spacers are no longer needed unless the Plejarens have to travel into other univrese besides the DALUnivres,whi knows? This is just what I read and heard,so far but I might be wrong?

  8. Two hours ago on a local cable TV RNN at 6pm Richard French had a one our program on the rise of Neo-Nazis not just in Eruope but also here in the U.S. If you can get the Youtube video,you need to listen and watch Richard French about the Nazi uprising Also counterpunch has an article about the very same topic: “Chasing Down Fascists in Europe”(and the U.S.) by Ron jacobs Friday November 23rd, 2018

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