What the Hell’s Wrong with People?

If you still don’t get it by now you’re lost, hopeless and pathetic

Welcoming Enslavement

Precisely as foretold by Billy Meier decades ago, we see the willingness of pathetically weak-minded Europeans to give up their sovereignty and complete control of their lives to the demonic EU dictatorship, with barely a whimper.

The dumb-as-door-knob SwedesAussies and brain-dead Brits, and others who rush to be bio-chipped, exemplify the next inevitable step in devolution; not content to merely emulate livestock docilely being led around by their “trendy” nose rings, they gladly relinquish complete control over their own lives. Having salivated like Pavlov’s dogs for the convenience of buying things with a wave of the hand, their ultimate reward will be total, marionette-like manipulation, i.e. complete enslavement.

Meier was told, long ago, about the German psychopath unleashing a global crush of migrants, criminals and terrorists. The current packaging of politically correct absurdities rivals the cynical contempt of pharmaceutical companies disingenuously inviting you to see if their deadly side effects are “right for you”.

Feel the Burn

Oh, is Paris burning? Does it remind you of what Meier foretold in…1981? And what’s this about a “global financial crash”? Could that be what Meier was forewarned of 72 years ago, told me about in 2006 and again warned about in 2017?

Now the government is forewarning of worse disasters to come from the climate change and there are previously unnoticed and unreported ominous effects in our national parks.* But Billy Meier’s been specifically warning the governments about all this for eons…and did they listen?

You can also watch a report on the latest information on the real, still ongoing, unimaginable damage from Fukushima and then refer back to what Meier was told about the incident a week after it happened.

(NOTE: Let’s hope that all of this increased radiation doesn’t mess with the functionality of the…biochips. Can you imagine the outrage if the implanted cretins can’t get into a pay toilet because their chip was as fried as their brains?)

After the Fact

While the Russians want to check out the moon to see if the US really beat them there, maybe they’d best first learn about how the scam was pulled offafter the fact.

For all the dimwits who yammer on about “UFO disclosure” and “alien contact”, etc., haven’t they yet figured out that the actual extraterrestrials who’ve been working with Meier for over 76 years, won’t be getting in further “contact” with a species that’s so suicidal, barbaric and unwilling to learn that it’s now collectively incapable of assuring its own future survival?

Taking Out the Trash

Apparently, there’s one group in the world who may have escaped being made stupid by politicssince they appear to know how to deal with the vermin.

Connecting the Dots

So, just how many times do we need to be warned? Maybe now that some scientists are beginning to connect the dots, instead of praying and hoping that some imaginary deity, some saint, savior, messiah, or snake oil salesman will save the us from ourselves, more of us will see things as they really are.

Really, what the hell’s wrong with people? Will the human beings of Earth choose to remain lost, hopeless and pathetic, following the dead-end path created by power-crazed psychopaths? Or will they, will we, pause and reflect on the potential for genius and beauty that is part of our birthright, and expresses itself even in the youngwhen nurtured. Will we take the past less traveled that requires we also take full and complete self-responsibility for our own lives and for rectifying the utter mess we’ve made of them and our home world?

Here’s a new interview about the harsh truth.


Let us hope that this new incident isn’t presaging the information I refer to here, from Contact 251:

The war will begin with conventional weaponry and escalate to nuclear, chemical and biological warfare. The world war will begin in November of a specific year, after 5 years of intensive effort are spent reaching this goal, which is preceded by 4 years of unspecified preparations. Should war actually break out, it will last for 3 years and 11 months and will therefore end in October of the fourth year.

*‘Human-caused climate change is already increasing the area burned by wildfires across the western US, melting glaciers in Glacier Bay National Park and shifting vegetation to higher elevations in Yosemite National Park (pictured),’ the researcher said.

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Thanks to Norm DeCindis Monte Cook, Greg and others for providing links.

Build your library…for the coming times:

The Goblet of the Truth, The Might of the Thoughts, The Way to Live & The Meier Contacts



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14 Replies to “What the Hell’s Wrong with People?”

  1. I heard on pbs weekend newsthat the Brits desided NOT to join the EU after all this time and the Grits will finally exit the EU so much for the the biochipping??? “I myself “REFUSE” to be biochipped!!!” What must we do if we are forced into being biochipped here in the US? How must we fight this biochipping should this happen soon? we NEED to organize and fight this biochipping quickly!!!”

  2. Have been working with a professor who has done research involving several species of bumble bee in the Rockies…just over the last 20 years or so there have been massive and cataclysmic shifts in flower and pollinator species flooding into higher elevations, pushing previous residents out and into potential extinction. The biodiversity lost through climate change is terrible to have to witness and will have truly terrible results for us as well…if only we had come to our senses!

  3. Contact Report 150 http://www.futureofmankind.info/Billy_Meier/Contact_Report_150
    In regards to this, I would like to set a question: Is there actually no possible way to use atomic energy without having big dangers thereby arise for humans, animals, and plants, etc.?
    80. This possibility exists, and it is also used by us.
    81. The Earth human, however, is not yet in a position to do this.
    82. Nevertheless, he still works negligently and completely irresponsibly with atomic energy, whereby through this, he consciously produces deadly dangers for all life forms.
    83. In every respect, nuclear energy may only be used by humans then, when all occurring substances and waste can completely riskless be utilized and processed as far, as to ensure that absolutely radiation-free matter emerges from it.
    84. But this is only possible through a process of change, that changes the radioactive radiation back into the original mass, through which means the feedstock again emerges.
    85. Now, if the human works with or uses radioactive materials before he is capable of the process of changing back into original matter, then he acts in ways that are criminal and that violate the laws of nature.

    I like going out on a limb, not to turn around and cut it off though. 😉 If 85 out of 100 are believers, that might reflect in the percentage of the death toll. There, I said it! What other’s lack of self-responsibility, Prophecies & Predictions and Cause & Effect has brought me to think.
    About the chipping of the sheeple, I couldn’t “believe” it when I read about Gillette putting RFID chips in it’s products packaging over a decade ago (search: gillette rfid) and yet there it is. I am not saying that you or I are but a consumable, but… others do.

    And now to my research of good things in the past 7 days or so: THORIUM, LFTR, MSRE.
    Thorium: An energy solution – THORIUM REMIX 2011
    Now this video is 2 freakin’ hours long but well worth it. Just be ready for Kirk to dis Geothermal, in the second hour, as knowledgeable as he is in chemistry etc. I get the feeling that he is not knowledgeable in the purpose of being conscious of being conscious, you know, of life, overpopulation, etc. His argument lies in the fact that Thorium and Uranium are burning in the inner of the Earth and hence Geothermal is piggybacking off Thorium anyway, I wonder if you start extracting Thorium from the upper Earth if you just might set off a chain reaction of upsetting the current reactions in the inner Earth (the Plejaren say that they do not mine their own planet, I know that we are not in a position to do that, yet).
    I was led on this path of research from here:
    These guys and girls are still believers, so be ready for the religious crap if you delve further into their research and website, which in my opinion is pretty darn good, most of the time.

    1. Hi Andrew Ithink you meanthe end of the movie ” The Wrath of Kahn where Spock pus hiscontra into Dr. McCoy when Spock tried to shut off the main nuclear reactor from the Enterpise. There is an article about the Santa Susana Nuclear power plant right in the middle of that Woolsey Fire in Calkfornia that they tried to shut it off sothat the thorium and iodine 131 would not spread but thas what caused the Woolsey Fire in Paradise, Ca anyway unfortunately I sent MH the article from counterpuch for 11/30/18 “Woolsey Fire Started at Santa Susana Field Lab Site”(fourth largest release of iodine 131 in the history of nucklear power from counterpunch.org for Friday November 30th 2018 if you want to check it out. Salome

  4. Let’s hope we won’t go to war…

    P.s. It may be just a detail, but the link in red to “new interview” leads to a youtube video ‘Universal Consciousness Show 11-23-18’…
    The caption text reads “… we will be talking about Billi Mayer…”
    (I already made a comment about it under the video)

          1. Hello,

            A requirement for commenting on this blog is that you use your first and last name. Please follow the rules so I don’t have to delete any further comments. Thanks.

          2. It is. But it is according to the spiritual teachings. This part (might of the thoughts) is thoroughly explained in Billy Meier’s book wit the same name, The Might of the Thoughts.
            I too hope that the majority of people have a strong want for the better, and we can prevent a global war.

  5. Wait, are you telling me that The War is actually starting? Seriously? What about those Four Leaders, that should die Seven Days apart? Weren’t They the signal?

    1. None of us knows the day or time for any of the prophesized wars. It’s also possible that some of the events have been changed or averted. Although, I wouldn’t count on many of the events changing for the better.

      Please also use your first and last name. Thanks.

  6. From counterpunch.org for Friday November 30th 2018: Here are three articles you need to check out tio be aware of 1. Washington is Ramping Up Military Confriontaion With Russia and Chinaby Brian Cloughley 2. Woolsey Fire Started Snata Susana Field Lab Siute oif “(fourth largest release f iodine 131 in the history of nuclear power’ 3. Amessage to Today`s Young People: Put an End to the Nuclear Era by David Krieger

  7. Posted the comments below on Facebook about 2 months ago and did not even receive 1 “like”. The majority of people in this world refuse to see the truth.

    “Is it possible that there is no creator but there is a Creation? A Creation that is the spiritual force of humanity that drives towards a neutral positive way of thinking in all human beings. A Creation that is all about Love, Wisdom, Knowledge and Consciousness. A Creation that cares about the Beauty and Love of all the plants, animals and all Universal beings of life. A Creation that is endless in time where we spiritually reincarnate for many lifetimes to a point of complete perfection. A Creation where there is no more war. hate, anger, animosity towards our fellow human beings. A Creation where we all are One.
    We have to stop thinking as individuals from different countries, but rather, as individuals from this great planet we call Earth. We are all loving and creative individuals. I am so proud to be an Earth human being.”

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