Billy Meier Foretold New Russian Moon Mission in 2011

I’m sure there are some good reasons not to despair being trapped on planet Stupicide

Regarding what’s briefly mentioned in the recently published What the Hell’s Wrong with People?:

“While the Russians want to check out the moon to see if the US really beat them there, maybe they’d best first learn about how the scam was pulled offafter the fact.”

…Jan Bayer wrote to remind me that Billy Meier also explained the Apollo 11 moon landing hoax AND that the Russian and/or Chinese would go to the moon to corroborate the evidence there, which you can watch (beginning at 30:28) here:


I filmed that interview with Meier in May 2011.

The Time Traveler’s Frustration 

For those of you having one of those “I read the book, saw the movie and know how it ends” moments, who feel like time travelers from the distant future, helplessly watching how the ignorant, impotent, incompetent know-it-all “experts” of the past missed every single opportunity to discover the truth, heed the warnings and avoid making the deadly, civilization-ending mistakes that your surviving ancestors had to laboriously and painstakingly climb out from under and rebuild from the ashes…don’t despair. (I’m sure there are some good reasons not to despair being trapped on planet Stupicide. I’ll try to come up with some, soon.)

And yes, as the time fulfills is full of dozens of examples of Meier’s specific, prophetically accurate information. You can get your own copy here.

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  1. ell MH Geuss what “TrumpThe Empoer Has No Clothe” president`s approval rating is now down to “15%!” You can predtty well believe what you want to believe. After all I DIN`T vote for Trump nor did I vote for Hill Kill Clinton either! Saloime

    1. Terry, I don’t care one way or the other about the brain rotting politics, but I seriously doubt that’s true. I think you should lay off the news for a few days. This obsession can’t be good for the overall health.

    2. Alsio I just heard that 60% of the people in the US “disapprove of Trump`s handeling the afares here in America!” This was from Richard French on local RNN cable TV. Here is an article from counterpunch for Tuesday November 27th 2018 ” International Conference Against US/NATO Military Bases by Roger Harris Google is threatening to start spying on ALL of us soon by spying and telling us witch website we are allow to log on to and suggest sights for us without our cement and which websites we are not allowed to visit soon. I heard this on c2c last night.,

  2. I grnerakl don`t listen to the news unless it`s off the beaten track(not your normal everyday news) I tryto get the news from a different angle that is not your everyday normal news. in otherwords not your normal official conservative angle such as Trump being a climate denial as one example etc. Quite frankly the news dosen`t interest at all. I mostly wsitch channels and if the topic interst me then I will watch it such as the drastic extram climate disareparities. and immigration poklicies which are being broken since this countrywas buiklt by immigrants hundreds of years ago are two examples. These mean selfish politicians just try to break the laws any wichway they can no matter what happens! That is why you have so many stupid wars which will lead to WW4 etc That is why we MUST join and become members of the Plejaren Federation so we can all get rid of wars,climate deinal,religions, politics, corporations, militarisms all the things that the people from Erra did away with 50,000 years ago when they left Earth for Erra! “We NEED to do the same if we are going to live long healthy happy lives! How are we going to clean up our mess if these filthy rats just mentioned keep on doing what they do by stealing everything from us and leaving us nothing but crums to live on with no food, clothing, housing etc You tell me? As I`v said before the old ditch “Let`s join the Ps r die trying to even ex out a life dying of cancer and radiation poising!”

    1. I understand your concerns, Terry, but what are your proposals for cleaning up the violence, the overpopulation, the dictatorial governments and all the other rotten Earthly behaviors? What time frame are you looking at? Joining the Federation sounds very wonderful, but we must look at this realistically and understand that it will take thousands of years before that happens. We will not be a part of the federation until we are truly peaceful and highly evolved human beings. By the looks of things on Earth, I don’t see that happening for many more lifetimes.

      1. Melissa I ask you which would you choose cancer and or radianion poisonings from a nuclear war and radiation from Fulkishama, overpopulation, diseases, environmental disaster, What if the doctor told you that you you have cancer with only six moths or even six weeks left to live here on Earth with no helpfrom your family and or friends who might all die of the same thing due to a nuclear war etc? Or would you like to live to be thousands of years or more with a long happy healthy life free of wars,diseaes, overpopulation, religion, politics, with friends and family to help support and cheer you on with love peace and tranquility etc? I ask you Melissa which would you chose? If I were you Melissa Id sit down and think and take a good long hard look at what this horrible world is going to come to by 2020,which would you chose? Dying by 75,80, 90 years or would you want to live to be 1000, 2000 or more years with love, peace,kindness and so on? Which would you chose?

        1. Hi Terry, almost everyone would choose the better life in your scenario, but we don’t have that luxury here on Earth. We had a chance a long time ago to make the right choice, but we didn’t take it. Now, we are seeing the effects of our bad choices.

          I know it feels unfair at times and you think you/we shouldn’t have to pay for the stupidity of others, but in reality, we are all to blame for the current situation on planet stupid. We stood by and let the evil fester for thousands of years. We stood by and let our governments invade other lands and kill innocent people. We sat back while our leaders poked their noses in less developed countries forcing the inhabitants to submit to our authority. We did nothing to stop the insanity. Maybe as individuals we really had no control over what they did, but as larger communities, we had the obligation to stand up and say no! We continued to go about our business and not do anything because we were fed, clothed and comfortable in our cozy warm homes. We turned a blind eye to the pain and suffering of others because our comfort was more important than someone else’s pain. Now, unfortunately, the boomerang has arrived at our front door and it’s far too late change that now. We must start making better choices if we want to end this vicious cycle. Salome

    2. Terry, Billy said in one of his videos that people won’t be able to do anything about the troubles coming and that we will have to grin and bear it. I understand your fear, but it might be best to just prepare your spirit for the next life.

      1. I didn`t know anything about Billy and the Plejarens un till 21 years ago when somebody back in October 1997 gave me the book Sightings for my birthday when I first saw a paragraph about Asket,Sejase, Ptaah, andQueztsal that changed my life from then on and converted to the spiritual teachings back then. When igot my first computer, the first thing I did was to look up the FIGU Switzertland website andcopy all of the spiritual teachings into a big notebook which took several weeks to do. I now have 2 or 3 copies of the spiritual teachings in one of my nighttable next to my bed. I used to review them on the internet even on Youtube with Raul Saul every so often. I very much like Raul Saul`s English accent a lot. If and when I have theime I should go back and review the spiritual teachings every now and then when I can find the time etc. I don`t understand how and why we can`t find a way to flee Earth the same way the people of Erra did when they fled Earth for Erra! Who wants to get killed and die in a nuclear,chemical, biological war and so on. “If the people from Erra have learned their lesson and get out of harms way then why cant we do the same!”

        1. Hi Terry I didn’t realize you liked the accordion music of Raul Saul. Can you expand on that? Like for example when did you first hear of Raul Saul and how does it pertain to the Meier material? Thank you!

          1. Hi Shelia, I love listening to somebody with a good British accent even though Billy thinks a British accent is a fraud. Yes some British accents I hate such as the Cockney accent. Some British accents are good others are not. It depends on who uses the proper Queen`s English which I learned about a few years ago. But some British dialects arn`t so nice to listen to. Others I find very pleasing to listen to so it depenes on who andwhere the British accent is coming from. Billy is right there are some really bad British accents but there are also some really beautiful British accents too like Raul Sauls that I love to listen to too. Salome

            1. Hi Terry,

              When did Billy say British accents are a fraud? People can’t help having the accent of their homeland. Billy and the Plejaren say that English is not a proper language, but I don’t recall them saying that a British accent is fraud. Can you please clarify? Thanks.

  3. “URGENT!” From Tusday November 27th 2018 “Internatinal Conference Against US/NATO Military Bases by Roger Harris Alsio Google will start spying on the internet giving suggested websites and telling people what theyu7 can and cant log onto soon which Iust heard on c2c radio.

  4. These present and upcoming unnatural-natural events are necessary for growth now in my view and many of us are already practising for the recovery afterwards.

    Many people on Earth generate a serious amount of gewalt and it just gets passed around like an energetic shitstorm that cannot be ignored and must be countered, which Billly effectively shows us how to do. Ten years ago, there’s no way I could have handled knowing all these predictions without also taking in Billy’s spiritual teaching and that’s probably why its necessary for most people to completely bounce off and be repelled by what they perceive as “problems” in the “case” as it wouldn’t do them any good to forcefully know these things according to their capacity.

    Many spend their lives in judgment, avoiding reality to live out miserable lives with no real hope of experiencing true freedom, love, or, peace and I’m grateful to have experienced this to varying degrees. I can’t wait for the less religious and egotistical times to come when these values are taken more seriously. The pain to get to that (or be made extinct) is worth it in my view.

    Despair will not help, but, e.g., whilst the window of opportunity for countering the Red Meteor is being missed by those who are supposed to be Earth’s brightest and we could despair about all that, you won’t catch any of us here swimming in the black sea or being paralysed by fear when the time comes.

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