Fake News Attacks Foretold in…1948!

Is it all a distraction to divert attention from the Billy Meier UFO contacts?

Michael Horn Live, EP 40!

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

7:00 PM Pacific

Yes, a mere…70 years ago, among the many things Sfath told Billy Meier, was this:

304. Speakers, journalists, missionaries, recruiters and public media and lecturers will appear and publicly spread mendacious stories and slander about true truths to kill them off and lead the peoples into the unreal and away from truth through thought up mendacious facts.

Keep in mind the purpose that Sfath gave regarding what we today call “fake news” slandering and killing off the true truths was to:

“lead the peoples into the unreal and away from truth”

I was having lunch with my friends, Dino and Christine, and they felt that virtually all the news, media, etc., deliberately promoted and perpetuated the unrelenting polarization and conflict that infests the so-called “news” and infects those who consume it. The underlying purpose being to direct people away from the Meier information through arguments and fights over any and everything…just so long as they were fighting with each other and distracted from the truth.

While that may initially seem too “conspiratorial”, maybe it’s not. Notice that the internet is flooded with every kind of conspiracy, far-left and far-right hysteria, an endless supply of idiocy about UFOs, “aliens”, etc., yet never a word about Billy Meier, his singularly authentic UFO evidence and voluminous, specific, error-free prophetically accurate information.

In other words, nothing about the true truths…nothing.

100 Year Old Monsters

My friends cited one particular example from Meier’s 1958 Letter, which is simply super-saturated with dozens and dozens more examples (emphasis added):

68.) The bodies of the people will be destroyed by drugs and addiction and towards the beginning of the Third Millennium a dangerous new drug with the name crystal will cause a furor amongst addicted people whose faces and bodies will be furrowed and ruined within a few months, and aged in such a way as if the addicted were monsters a hundred years old.

And they also related a problem that many people have encountered, in trying to share Meier’s amazingly accurate prophecies and predictions information with others. It’s summed up by the inanely stupid comment, “Anybody could’ve said that.”

Apart from the fact that none of the geniuses who make such an idiotic claim evercan site such an “anybody” who in fact did say it, they ignorantly gloss over what my friends pointed out:

The overall mindset in the 1950s, the things that people thought and talked about, etc., didn’t include any drugs called “crystal” and, even more monumentally important, it didn’t include any mention of a substance that would cause the rapid, devastating physical effects specifically foretold in 1958 by Meier.

Again, the truth is so staggeringly amazing that the monumentally, digitally dumbed down population of today simply can neither recognize nor comprehend it…which brings us to this:

For the Survivors

If you’ve been involved in a serious study of the Meier case for a sufficient amount of time, you’re most likely among the relatively miniscule number of people who do know the truth and, therefore,  may despair because your ability to think and evaluate information leaves you with the inescapable conclusion that, well, some things may well be…inescapable.

But again, don’t despair. As my friends, Christine and Dino, also noted, for the most part the Meier information isn’t meant so much for the majority of people of these times. It’s meant for the…survivors.And that can and should include many people alive today. So, stick around because, as the prophecies and predictions rapidly fulfill, we may also witness what Quetzal told Meier, in 1987 (emphasis added):

Quetzal: You apparently never give up hope. Your optimism is honourable and deserves to be heard by human beings, but the way things have developed throughout this century there is not too much hope that human beings of Earth will come to their senses and heed your words. This will then be the case only when the prophecies prove to be true or, even worse, have already come to pass. Probably only then will the time come when the defamations against you will end in regard to your contacts with us, although they will long continue to be vehemently disputed by your enemies as well as by pathological know-it-alls and critics who dismiss them as swindle, lies and fraud. The full truth about our contacts with you will be proven in the distant future, and then mankind will accept our help we offer through you—even when they erroneously assume we come from the seven-star system known to human beings of Earth as the Pleiades.

Of Unicorns and Dragons

Regarding this new information, perhaps the following maybe relevant:

The following is from the FIGU Forum, in 2006:

Greetings Billy,

My next question is in regards to your thoughts on Astro-Theology and it’s relating symbols that can be traced back hundreds or thousands of years which corresponds up to today involving a verity of different religions, like in the popularity of the Da Vinci code. In particular I was wondering about the popularity and symbolism of mythical creatures such as fire breathing dragons, gargoyle serpents and even unicorns which even today have gained much popularity in the least likely of places, such as in temples and churches world wide.

Question being, are these things related to an extra-terrestrial nature like reptilian ETs, or do they represent prehistoric creatures which still existed back in ancient times?

Peace in being,
James Truthseeker


Most of those are fantasy products. However, unicorn existed, dragons too (they produced gases which then ignited).
There existed also half-human, half-animal life forms, like centaurs (who were procreated through genetic manipulation).

Conservative “Thinking”

I listen to both the politically left and right radio shows. The painful stupidity of so-called “conservative thinking” was on display in an exchange between Rush Limbaugh and a caller to his show. Both were griping about how those concerned with the environment want to get rid of fossil fuels, etc.

They were saying it was a big mistake because fossil fuels were needed for many applications. and that if you go to less developed countries that have oil reserves they don’t use, you can see how it has hindered them. They said that with so many billions of people on the planet, only fossil fuels could provide the necessary energy, etc.

Neither of these two geniuses contemplated the underlying problem, overpopulation, nor did they extend their thinking to take into account the inevitable exhaustion of such reserves of oil, wherever they may be found…let alone the devastating connection between oil extraction and earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Don’t Rock the Boat

P.S. Regarding the recent incident between Russia and Ukraine, here’s a comment from a friend with first-hand experience in

“This is a typical CIA op. Very Typical. CIA never changes their method or strategy. I worked on a research vessel, that was CIA, doing Covert Ops – under a – GREEN EARTH RESEARCH BIOLOGICAL VESSEL. Out of Florida, docked at UNIV FL.

This is nothing new. NUKES were moved from TX to NC, about 5 years ago, and Sen L-Graham knows about it – but – acts like a babbling idiot. Just look up Lyndsey Graham and NUKE DETONATION off North Carolina.”

As I modestly understated, politics makes people stupid.

Michael Horn Live, EP 40!

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

7:00 PM Pacific

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Thanks to Nate for the unicorn information.

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  1. C2C also mentioned energy waves too which are really the high called EMPs and Noory said that even the military are finally beginning to wake up to the destructive power of these very dangerous EMPs which could wipe out the USA and possibly the rest of Planet Earth too! Ask Micho kaku has said even the miitary won`t even use hydrogen bombs either because once dropped these hydrogen bombs will multiply all the way out into the cosmos into kingdome come possbly the entire DERN Universe maybe more who knows!!! Also I heard on the news of a 27 year old North Carolina guy who wanted to get access to a radio active device to kill his parents etc,etc! Its very high time that we better wake up anddo something to fix this awful world up! Sooner than later the Plejarens will have to intervene otherwise the world will go insane and WW4 will start by 2020!!!

  2. “URBENT!” Very impoortant! From counterpunch.org for Monday December 10th 2018 “Reviving the Nuclear Disarmament Movement a Practical Proposal” by Lawrence Wittner MH I almost didn`t get onto They Fly Blog! I had to leave this article with other FIGU websites do to technical problems! I finally had to type your name michael horn/They Fly Blog or else i can`t get onto They Fly Blog! Sorry for all the mess:-((( Salome Terry I hope you can fix this technical problem?

    1. Terry, the problem is not coming from Michael’s blog. Try using a different browser or have someone look at your computer setup because there is nothing we can do to fix your issue. Salome

  3. When I checked out New Knowledge they had an article about how most Americans cannot distinguish between real and fake news. On the surface it appears this cyber security organization has your best interests at heart.


    Who knew the manufacture of Russian Bots were made in America? You have to look no further than the co-founder of LinkedIn, billionaire Reid Hoffman and New Knowledge cyber security CEO Jonathan Morgan who should really be charged with interfering in the senate election.
    If anyone dares to scream about Russian Bots again, please feel free to send them this article.

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