Creating Your Personal Future

Whatever the external circumstances we must go forward fearlessly

With the ongoing fulfillment of the prophecies and predictions,  we remind ourselves that it’s only through complete self-responsibility and seeing things as they really are that we can create our own preferred future and choose to become part of the spiritual teaching people.

UPDATE: I’m posting the following questions and answer sfrom the video because I think important points were raised:

What if some of these like minded seekers of truth, that we are to come together with and build the future, what if some of these individuals are refugees from war torn or environmentally ravaged nations? How can we find a way to open our doors and collaborate for the future, together?
TheyFly TV
This question is interesting and important because it expresses what’s called a normalcy bias, meaning that it presupposes that things “here” will be “normal”, untouched, etc. Wherever we may be, we don’t want to think that our nation could end up being one of the war torn or environmentally ravaged ones. Of course many people in the world already have experienced that.
When we read the various prophecies and predictions, we see that the problems will ultimately be worldwide. We also note what’s said in the Henoch Prophecies about the fate of the USA:
217. Far in the West, it will be different; the United States of America will be a country of total destruction.
The reasons for this are also clearly stated…and in clear evidence today. So, we may want to contemplate the warnings, and the spiritual teaching, which explains that, intrinsically, all human beings are of equal value. Nonetheless, in all situations including cooperative ventures, people must still use discernment and be self-responsible, etc.
Scott Reed
Hello Michael. Please explain what you are referring to by your words, “come back to this video.” The rest of your speech is such a great explanation, perhaps the best I’ve heard, of certain things. I am a lucky human being to be alive at this moment in time with you. I’m not licking your boots. I’m showing my appreciation for your work, your will, and your motivation. Salome, Scott.
TheyFly TV
Hi Scott, I think that we will have many opportunities to reflect on startling and dramatic environmental, geo-political, financial and other events and, rather than always finding ourselves completely thrown off, confused, etc., I wanted to have something “already in place” that could serve as a…reminder that we can and should center and compose ourselves and not lose sight of what’s necessary so that, while we may be affected by causes of the past, we are mindful of creating better ones in the present, in order to create our own preferred personal future and contribute to a better future for all of humankind and our world.

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26 Replies to “Creating Your Personal Future”

  1. Dear Sheila, there you being presumtive again, because I said I love him dearly, doesn’t mean I don’t love the others. The truth is I love them all and very proud of them all. D*** owns her own home and works for a medical imaging firm, raising her beautiful daughter but never got married, whom I spent time with this holiday season, V*** Is a a total brain, considered one of the smartest women in El Paso, received her Doctorate out if Chicago University, A888 went to Vassar university. As For your license # was merely to see if you have done the extensive studies required to pass the Investigator’s exam which you must do to be licensed. It’s not an easy exam, it eliminates all those who think that an Investigator is anyone who investigates, which couldn’t be further from the reality and truth. Most people who claim they are are not and taint those who are.

    1. Hi Dave that’s so awesome that your daughters are so beautiful, smart and successful. I see that you’re not at all biased lol. You never mentioned having raised them though.
      You claimed that physicians didn’t know how to treat trauma victims but didn’t explain why the police were not working in emergency rooms and performing surgery. I will leave the insurance claim alone for now because who knows what insurance ship Kaptain Kmart was sailing because the results today are unstable:
      I doubt many who have found the Meier material are licensed investigators so being licensed is hardly an indicator of being able to find truth. But since you are indicating that you are a licensed investigator, can you tell us how many licensed investigators have found the Meier material?

  2. Sheila, let me explain what was occurring back then, yes since trauma centers were just beginning to be established the government created a task force to educate 1st responders in initial trauma treatment at the scene so they injured could be stabilizedand not die at the scene or during transport. Since all was so new, physicians had not been educated yet in trauma treatment which is very different from typical medical practices at that time. Thus we we told not to let a good Samaritan physician to perform any treatment at the scene. At the same time they were training the physicians that worked in the emergency rooms in the county hospitals that were being converted to Trauma centers. I did get and still have my medical patch as we were trained as EMT1 personnel. Those were very interesting times. As this training was being done throught the USA, CITY BY CITY. Further you were out line stating that I only loved my son. So get off your high horse and allow me the peace of mind to forgive you for your indiscretions.

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