Creating Your Personal Future

Whatever the external circumstances we must go forward fearlessly

With the ongoing fulfillment of the prophecies and predictions,  we remind ourselves that it’s only through complete self-responsibility and seeing things as they really are that we can create our own preferred future and choose to become part of the spiritual teaching people.

UPDATE: I’m posting the following questions and answer sfrom the video because I think important points were raised:

What if some of these like minded seekers of truth, that we are to come together with and build the future, what if some of these individuals are refugees from war torn or environmentally ravaged nations? How can we find a way to open our doors and collaborate for the future, together?
TheyFly TV
This question is interesting and important because it expresses what’s called a normalcy bias, meaning that it presupposes that things “here” will be “normal”, untouched, etc. Wherever we may be, we don’t want to think that our nation could end up being one of the war torn or environmentally ravaged ones. Of course many people in the world already have experienced that.
When we read the various prophecies and predictions, we see that the problems will ultimately be worldwide. We also note what’s said in the Henoch Prophecies about the fate of the USA:
217. Far in the West, it will be different; the United States of America will be a country of total destruction.
The reasons for this are also clearly stated…and in clear evidence today. So, we may want to contemplate the warnings, and the spiritual teaching, which explains that, intrinsically, all human beings are of equal value. Nonetheless, in all situations including cooperative ventures, people must still use discernment and be self-responsible, etc.
Scott Reed
Hello Michael. Please explain what you are referring to by your words, “come back to this video.” The rest of your speech is such a great explanation, perhaps the best I’ve heard, of certain things. I am a lucky human being to be alive at this moment in time with you. I’m not licking your boots. I’m showing my appreciation for your work, your will, and your motivation. Salome, Scott.
TheyFly TV
Hi Scott, I think that we will have many opportunities to reflect on startling and dramatic environmental, geo-political, financial and other events and, rather than always finding ourselves completely thrown off, confused, etc., I wanted to have something “already in place” that could serve as a…reminder that we can and should center and compose ourselves and not lose sight of what’s necessary so that, while we may be affected by causes of the past, we are mindful of creating better ones in the present, in order to create our own preferred personal future and contribute to a better future for all of humankind and our world.

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    1. Terry, for the last time, this issue is not caused by Michael’s blog. You will need to use a different browser or have someone look at your setup. I won’t be posting anymore of these comments from you. Salome

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    1. Hi Terry, I believe Google Chrome is the browser that has the most compatibility issues with the Go Daddy server. Have you tried the Duck Duck Go search engine? They don’t track you like Google, but you would probably still need to try a different browser for best results. Give it a try, you might like it.

  3. Melissa, I did try Duck Duck but somehow it didn`t work too well eather but I`lltry it agian to see what happens. IUhave alot of icons on the top of Google Crome such as Bager which helps There is what`s called Google web store which I use under extensions such as add bloggers,spell checkers, Google translate etc, I`m not crazy for duck duck, but I`ll try again. I once tried snapchat but snapchat doesn`t seem to be very nice and friendly I do have an account at facebook but I don`t use it since I`m not into the social media thing unless I know who is on the otherside of the moniter and unless i know somebody real well. Social Media doesn`t really excite me all that much because you don`t know who you are really dealing with. Most people seem to be good but you might run into a criminal crook or too if you are not careful so that`s why I avoid the social media thing like facebook and twitter etc. “I like to be very careful with who I`m dealing with and play it close to the vest using and/or ur on the side of caution and to play it carefully since there are all kinds of people using the social media. There could be some nasty people on the other side of the monitor and keyboard too! You never know!” Salome


    I’m writing to share with you all an incredible, extraordinary experience. It’s important for you to know that I’m an ex-cop from what was then a very dangerous city, who shared gangsters with Los Angeles and deadly bad guys from Juarez, Mexico. So I have experienced more crime and bad humans in my 7 year term as a police officer than the average person sees in 7 life times. Especially since my partner and I held more felony arrests than the entire shift of 34 police officers for more than a year. In my psychological testing as a police officer and again in later years as an insurance agent with Southwestern Life Insurance Co. I was shown to have extremely deep and penetrating thought and one of the highest IQ’s of any individual who did not have a Masters Degree. Thus under the advise of BEAM, specifically “Those of you who are hardened need to soften up” and in that difficult trek of which I’m still in and have been for almost a year this experience occurred. I raised my son from the age of 9 years forward. I love him TREMENDOUSLY, and so do his teachers, coaches, friends and family. Teachers and coaches wrote notes on his report cards like “a pleasure to have in class” and ” a hard working, well demeanor’d young man”. During face to face visits with his coach he told me ” You did it right Dave, you did well with him”. So you can see how deeply I love him. Lets now get into the astonishing experience. Just before I left for El Paso this past holiday season to spend 3 weeks of doing fixture and paint work on my mom’s home (she’s 85 yrs old and still healthy and strong). I was sitting on my couch with the TV on enjoying a spiced rum and coke, when I began thinking of my son, who now lives in a Frat house and attends the University of Washington. In my deep thoughts of tremendous Fatherly Love for him, I CHOSE to include all of humankind into this fatherly love. When I made that choice, all of a sudden this Energy completely enveloped my body! It was not subtle, in fact it was OVERWHELMING and very strong! It startled me, OH MY GOODNESS! What an extraordinary feeling, so I lost my concentration, not an easy thing to occur because I can literally turn off all surrounding sounds when I enter deep thought. Many times my teachers would have to yell my name several times to get my attention when I was deep into study. As soon as I lost my concentration that INTENSE Energy disappeared. SO IT IS TRUE, as Billy says, and overpowering energy will fill you. It shook me up! That’s another thing that’s hard to do because I Fear NO man. It was completely by Surprise, not expecting this to occur at all and not even thinking about it really. BUT NOW I KNOW IT’S REAL, now I KNOW HOW TO GET THERE! I did misinterpret it slightly, thinking “I’m not ready for this, I’m still just learning, I’m not polished nor knowledgeable enough yet”. But Michael with a single sentence corrected my misinterpretation. Michael is such an extraordinarily perceptive man, I love him till death and I haven’t even met him yet. What he said was “That’s a very ingenious way to spread love to all human kind.” Ah Hah! That one sentence set me into a better understanding of what occurred to me. NOW, my interpretation of the occurrence is this, (please correct me if I’m wrong Michael). What I believe OCCURRED is the Amplification of my Fatherly Love to an ample degree to reach peoples psych to the furthest reaches of Earth and possibly beyond that. Sincerely TRUE and Love to you all, Mexican Dave.

      1. Acts of war and acts of nature like Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Floods are the automatic exclusions, why Shella? I’m no longer an Ins. agent. Another thing I would like to hear from you is any possible advise as how to Soften Up. So far my approach has been, Return to Innocence, as I was before I became a cop. When I wanted to save the world not just 1/2 of my paycheck. Somethings that have helped are movies that I enjoyed while raising my son such as Dinosaur (Disney movie), The Croods to relearn to assist even crude uncultured people, etc. But my automatic defenses and my unkind critical verbs continuously reoccur.

  5. to Andrew Grimshaw, perhaps you missed the phrase ( if I’m wrong please correct me Michael) it’s just a guess, a malleable thought, because the truth is I don’t know, I’m still just trying to figure things out. It just seems to be a possible cause for the tremendous energy that overwhelmed me. What was it? How is that possible? What conduit caused it?

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