US Suppresses News of Predicted Volcanic Eruptions

Billy Meier’s prophecies continue to fulfill…despite news blackout 

Unnatural Disasters

It should now be obvious to anyone who’s learned about the singularly authentic Billy Meier UFO contacts that suppressing public awareness of the contacts, and the ongoing corroboration of Meier’s prophetic information, is a major focus of US/worldwide media, intelligence and secret services, etc. The goal of this decades’ long news blackout is to keep the public from advance knowledge of the real, now inevitable catastrophic results…lest such knowledge lead to social actions that interfere with the pursuit of power and profits. While so-called natural disasters will always occur, the Meier material points out that virtually all have now taken on unnatural proportions, due to humanity’s excesses through overpopulation, extraction of petroleum and natural gas, mining of ores, overbuilding of cities, etc. All of this contributes to illegal immigration, strife, civil wars and wars, famines, etc., which is the stuff that the military machine in turn feeds and capitalizes on. We really are on Planet Stupicide.

Unstoppable Monsters

While a child may pull a blanket over their head to make “monsters” disappear, these unstoppable monster quakes, eruptions, tsunamis, storms, etc., the monsters of our own making, won’t oblige. Information about the latest eruption of Mt. Etna is, so far,  covered only in the foreign press. (A small channel posted this short video.) We learn about the otherwise unreported eruptions of Stromboli, “with frequent explosions of varying size from several vents” here. And, of course, the original warnings from Sfath were given to Meier in 1948:

223. But also in the south of Europe, the all-transforming consequences will be enormous when the volcanoes of  Mount Etna, Vesuvius and Stromboli as well as the submarine largest active volcano of Europe, Mount Marsili off the coast of Italy, together with about two dozen further submarine volcanoes in the Mediterranean, begin to erupt.

The eruptions have indeed begun and will continue. And then come the…consequences. There is also this information from Semjase, in 1979 (emphasis added):


177. The situation concerning the eruption of Vesuvius has changed, but the danger will exist furthermore.

178. The things of world events have already shifted time-wise, and certain prophecies will thereby change, be canceled, or come true at a later point in time.

179. The Etna volcano and Stromboli, however, will become very active, particularly starting in the late nineties, and will carry the risk of exploding in themselves.

180. Similarly, this applies to an Atlantic volcano of the Spanish Archipelagos.

(NOTE: This refers to the Cumbre Vieja volcano on the island of La Palma in the Canary Islands, Spain.) Meier was first specifically warned about Cumbre Vieja in…1975See this video, which echoes Meier’s information. Billy Meier was also the first person, in 2008to specifically warn about the coming NW earthquakes and tsunamis, years before OSU.


Some people may wonder why I’ve posted so many articles in the past years about these eruptions. Others will predictably, cry and wail, “Why didn’t somebody warn us in time?” The answer, as previously stated, is that it wasn’t deemed either convenient or profitable by the powers-that-be to warn and prepare the people for these catastrophes, let alone to heed the warnings about all the coming – and at one time still avoidable – wars and disasters, etc. It was more important for them to suppress the information from Meier, the Plejaren and the prophets of old. And that’s because, as has long been the case, the real gods of all the religions, politics, governments, etc., are money and power, no matter the costs to every form of life itself on this world. Adding to what he already published years ago, in Contact 251, and what Henoch long ago foretold, Meier has also stated that one of the consequences of the mad rush towards complete domination and control, is that advanced technologies, like AI and robots, “will be used against humanity itself, with the finite goal of cyber-hegemony and the complete destruction of humanity on earth.”

The Spiritual Teaching

And so, once again, it must be pointed out that the law of cause and effect can’t be fooled or broken, and the prophecies can’t be outsmarted. What will be reaped, as the time fulfills, are the consequences of humankind’s own foolishness, ignorance and arrogance. While that is no consolation, we also mustn’t succumb to being dour and depressed. As realists, we must turn our focus towards the spiritual teaching and leave behind the distraction, disinformation, conspiratorial quagmire, soothsayers, pointless politics, false teachings and false leaders, etc. We must be clear-thinking and sober, choosing carefully how we spend our time, and with whom. Forging strong alliances with like-minded and like-valued people must take precedence over frivolous and escapist pursuits. Being purposeful in pursuit of our priorities also need not be joyless. We must keep in mind that peace, love, freedom and harmony, etc., aren’t only the desired goals but also the behavioral path to tread and embody on our journey. Things to add to our preparedness include:


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    Thanks to Chris Lock for the update on Mt. Etna.    

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  1. Mary, re your, “how close this psychological state is to what has been described by many esoteric traditions as the behaviour of someone ‘enlightened.’”

    Someone “enlightened” would behave with compassion, love, understanding, and appreciation for others. This is their signature character. If they do not behave that way, they are not enlightened, period. Experiencing the oneness of everything is experiencing all as an overwhelming universal love. It is claimants to any “enlightenment” throne who have not experienced it that might behave as you think. A few that do experience it do unfortunately allow themselves to be put on a pedestal, from which it is hard for them to descend, but I wouldn’t define that as psychopathy per se.

  2. Here is another article on the Krakatau Volcano. BBC News Sience&Environment Anak Krakau: Finish radar satalite eyes tsunami volcano By Jonathan Amos 10 January 2019

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