US Suppresses News of Predicted Volcanic Eruptions

Billy Meier’s prophecies continue to fulfill…despite news blackout 

Unnatural Disasters

It should now be obvious to anyone who’s learned about the singularly authentic Billy Meier UFO contacts that suppressing public awareness of the contacts, and the ongoing corroboration of Meier’s prophetic information, is a major focus of US/worldwide media, intelligence and secret services, etc. The goal of this decades’ long news blackout is to keep the public from advance knowledge of the real, now inevitable catastrophic results…lest such knowledge lead to social actions that interfere with the pursuit of power and profits. While so-called natural disasters will always occur, the Meier material points out that virtually all have now taken on unnatural proportions, due to humanity’s excesses through overpopulation, extraction of petroleum and natural gas, mining of ores, overbuilding of cities, etc. All of this contributes to illegal immigration, strife, civil wars and wars, famines, etc., which is the stuff that the military machine in turn feeds and capitalizes on. We really are on Planet Stupicide.

Unstoppable Monsters

While a child may pull a blanket over their head to make “monsters” disappear, these unstoppable monster quakes, eruptions, tsunamis, storms, etc., the monsters of our own making, won’t oblige. Information about the latest eruption of Mt. Etna is, so far,  covered only in the foreign press. (A small channel posted this short video.) We learn about the otherwise unreported eruptions of Stromboli, “with frequent explosions of varying size from several vents” here. And, of course, the original warnings from Sfath were given to Meier in 1948:

223. But also in the south of Europe, the all-transforming consequences will be enormous when the volcanoes of  Mount Etna, Vesuvius and Stromboli as well as the submarine largest active volcano of Europe, Mount Marsili off the coast of Italy, together with about two dozen further submarine volcanoes in the Mediterranean, begin to erupt.

The eruptions have indeed begun and will continue. And then come the…consequences. There is also this information from Semjase, in 1979 (emphasis added):


177. The situation concerning the eruption of Vesuvius has changed, but the danger will exist furthermore.

178. The things of world events have already shifted time-wise, and certain prophecies will thereby change, be canceled, or come true at a later point in time.

179. The Etna volcano and Stromboli, however, will become very active, particularly starting in the late nineties, and will carry the risk of exploding in themselves.

180. Similarly, this applies to an Atlantic volcano of the Spanish Archipelagos.

(NOTE: This refers to the Cumbre Vieja volcano on the island of La Palma in the Canary Islands, Spain.) Meier was first specifically warned about Cumbre Vieja in…1975See this video, which echoes Meier’s information. Billy Meier was also the first person, in 2008to specifically warn about the coming NW earthquakes and tsunamis, years before OSU.


Some people may wonder why I’ve posted so many articles in the past years about these eruptions. Others will predictably, cry and wail, “Why didn’t somebody warn us in time?” The answer, as previously stated, is that it wasn’t deemed either convenient or profitable by the powers-that-be to warn and prepare the people for these catastrophes, let alone to heed the warnings about all the coming – and at one time still avoidable – wars and disasters, etc. It was more important for them to suppress the information from Meier, the Plejaren and the prophets of old. And that’s because, as has long been the case, the real gods of all the religions, politics, governments, etc., are money and power, no matter the costs to every form of life itself on this world. Adding to what he already published years ago, in Contact 251, and what Henoch long ago foretold, Meier has also stated that one of the consequences of the mad rush towards complete domination and control, is that advanced technologies, like AI and robots, “will be used against humanity itself, with the finite goal of cyber-hegemony and the complete destruction of humanity on earth.”

The Spiritual Teaching

And so, once again, it must be pointed out that the law of cause and effect can’t be fooled or broken, and the prophecies can’t be outsmarted. What will be reaped, as the time fulfills, are the consequences of humankind’s own foolishness, ignorance and arrogance. While that is no consolation, we also mustn’t succumb to being dour and depressed. As realists, we must turn our focus towards the spiritual teaching and leave behind the distraction, disinformation, conspiratorial quagmire, soothsayers, pointless politics, false teachings and false leaders, etc. We must be clear-thinking and sober, choosing carefully how we spend our time, and with whom. Forging strong alliances with like-minded and like-valued people must take precedence over frivolous and escapist pursuits. Being purposeful in pursuit of our priorities also need not be joyless. We must keep in mind that peace, love, freedom and harmony, etc., aren’t only the desired goals but also the behavioral path to tread and embody on our journey. Things to add to our preparedness include:


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    Thanks to Chris Lock for the update on Mt. Etna.    

77 Replies to “US Suppresses News of Predicted Volcanic Eruptions”

  1. I just caught this article from BBC News under Science&Environment Indonesia Tsunami: How a volcano can be the trigger by Jonathan Amos Science Correspondence. This article is the top article from the c2c In The News too.

  2. Here is another article to check out from The Daily Mail for Tuesday Dec 25th, 2018 by Miranda “Mount Etna erups and releases a gigantic ash cloud over Sicily” You canalso check this article out in the bottom of c2c In the News in case you can`t find the Daily

  3. I just heard on the BBC News TV that there was a 7.3 earthquake off the cost of the Phil nine Island in Mindanao but no tsunami so far.

  4. I’m curious if the plejarens will conduct their annual population count as they generally do around this time of year, but really in truth I hope the world imbraces a world wide birth stop (because 130,000,000.00 new births per year) is ubsurd, illogical and clearly creating effects around the world.

    1. Hi Luis,

      Not sure if that was for me, but personally there’s a feeling that with the amount of chemicals in geoengineering, along with earthquakes and the like accelerating, the population is actually rapidly decreasing.

      Have you noticed that they are not updating figures for disasters or showing where the homeless are going?

      A friend’s sister in Paradise had her home of 50-years incinerated and the family only had 5 minutes warning to get out.

      There’s a lot going on…. Ireland now joining in with the yellow jackets and making clearer demands… a feeling Trump may be assassinated soon to bring in civil war.

      Happy New Year %)

      1. Hi Mary, the population has been increasing at alarming rates and will continue to increase if we don’t take immediate action. The destruction of the environment from fires, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, etc. will only continue to increase in the coming decades. Many folks will perish due to the climate upheaval, but it will not be enough to offset the current trends. There are other humane ways to decrease the population without letting the Earth take care of the problem. We can’t afford to continue to ignore the problem of overpopulation.

        Here’s a few short and informative video’s on overpopulation.

        1. Hi Melissa,

          Not sure if that was for me, but personally there’s a feeling that one of you two isn’t right. ;-> I mean, where is the proof from either of you, I couldn’t possibly be expected to do a google search of my own, could I? I can only wish that I could find a website that has a count of births and deaths and apply a complicated subtraction equation to find out if the worlds population was increasing or decreasing!!!
          WAIT, WTF, it appears that ALL my prayers have been answered by some imaginary deity:

            1. I hope we will get our annual real numbers from the Plejaren. =)

              For anyone interested, these were the true population numbers according to the Plejaren last year (2017):
              The latest population scan of the Earth as given to us from JHWH Ptaah of Erra/ Plejaren was on 31st of December 2017, midnight CET and totaled 8,844,128,002 human beings!

        2. That’s a great info page – the way they have put it together, thanks.

          It’s very strange to be old enough to have experienced this planet when there was less than half the population there is now plus another 600,000,000 less.

          The sense of open space, clean waters, predictable seasons, natural cloud formations… etc, and far less fear…

          And the sense of space within…. the nebulous feeling of belonging to a collective race called ‘human’ that, try as you might, you can’t fully identify with…

        3. Having to go offline now Mellssa and will check those films later. Thanks.

          (Responded to Andrew’s before seeing yours)

      2. Mary the Californian fires were an act of war.
        DEW (directed energy weapons).
        Mark my word the fires will happen exactly same time next year in exactly the same areas.
        I saw a helicopter footage of two manmade UFOs near the vicinity of the fires.
        These back engineered deep state black budget special access project funded flying devices are being used more readily to carry out such attacks on the American people.
        DEWs were used on 911.
        How much more miniaturized and mobile these weapons are now since 911 that they can willy nilly carry out these attacks anywhere in the US mounted on these so called antigravity flying devices.
        Imagine what the dark order deep staters will do if Trump gets re-elected in 2020.
        They will project bluebeam the US with fake alien invasion scenario and try to rest power away from Trump if he isn’t already impeached by then.

        1. Matt,

          Last month I received this response from Christian at FIGU in Switzerland:

          “Regarding all the fires in California Billy told me today (through the telephone) the following:

          There are three causes for all of these fires:
          1) Lightning strike (including lightning caused directly by great heat, an occurrence which is not yet known by terrestrial scientists)
          2) Lens effect (dew drops) on dry foliage
          3) Arson/incendiary

          The Plejaren did not observe any interventions (causes) from government, military or secret agencies, i.e. no application of laser weapons etc. etc.And Ptaah also spoke (privately) of coming very heavy rain in California, which will lead to flash floods (Sturzfluten) and mudslides etc.”

          Please keep in mind that extremely devastating fires can be set (arson) and there are various kinds of incendiary devices, from the simplest to most sophisticated. And arson as a form of terrorism is extremely hard to prevent as well.

            1. Hi MAry,

              I will try to get to that in the next couple of days. Here’s what I received from Christian Frehner, some weeks ago, about the fires:

              “Regarding all the fires in California Billy told me today (through the telephone) the following:

              There are three causes for all of these fires:
              1) Lightning strike (including lightning caused directly by great heat, an occurrence which is not yet known by terrestrial scientists)
              2) Lens effect (dew drops) on dry foliage
              3) Arson/incendiary

              The Plejaren did not observe any interventions (causes) from government, military or secret agencies, i.e. no application of laser weapons etc. etc.And Ptaah also spoke (privately) of coming very heavy rain in California, which will lead to flash floods (Sturzfluten) and mudslides etc.

              PS: We also spoke about the many trees that are still standing among the burnt ruins of the houses. Basically a tree with green foliage contains quite an amount of water, and depending on the direction of the strong air draft blowing into and beyond the fires (houses), a tree may very well withstand and must not burn in the same way as a house. But probably many of those trees will be damaged at least on one side, but will survive. I’ve noticed the same here in the FIGU forest when we had a huge fire with very high flames close to a foliage tree. All the bark on one side was burnt and destroyed way up the tree, but the tree survived and had new foliage the next year again, nourished through the bark on the rear side.

              However, if a dry = dead fir tree will stand beside a burning house, such a tree will be burning lightly.

              And an additional remark from my side: As I have noticed a lot of American houses are built in a rather ‘cheap’ way that is prone for, or good tinder for a fire (wood frames with empty spaces, no heavy logs, no stone walls, much artificial stuff, etc.).

              Regarding the temperatures: A burning house made of wood may produce temperatures over 2000 °F (1200 °C). And if metals like aluminium have started to burn then spraying them with water (as fire brigades do) increases and intensifies the burning process. In order to exhaust burning aluminium you have to cover it with sand.”

              Last night I caught a few minutes of a recent Dutchsinse video where he happened to mention places in N. CA where there were volcanoes near the areas where some of the fires broke out and, if I recall correctly, some areas where there was a lot of heat underground from them.

              Again, we are very quick to rush to attribute things to conspiratorial actions when sometimes there are “simpler” answers, which may not befall understood. Also, arson is something that can be very difficult to prevent as a terror tactic. It also can occur when someone sees that a fire is underway somewhere and they decide to add to the problem, etc.

              Certainly there are weather weapons, and we know from the Henoch Prophecies that they will most likely be used against us, and other countries, in the future. And Meier has also written that great damage has already been done by HAARP. So, the info from the Plejaren and Meier bears consideration, since they’re certainly not denying, or trying to cover up, such technologies and their applications.

              But again, it’s also possible that sometimes we don’t know, or understand, all of the causes and/or effects of previous actions. Not everything is a conspiracy. All too often it’s the result of negligence, carelessness, accumulated results of irresponsibility, acts of nature, etc.

              1. I think they have done an impressive job using fear and religious delusion to manipulate folks into believing that the governments and wealthy elites would poison their own air and water. The amount of delusion I see online is startling to say the least. It’s especially disturbing when I come across flat Earth and end time conspiracies.

                The thing with conspiracy theories is that they always contain partial truths which makes it harder for folks to discern what’s true and what’s nonsense. Yes, the elites want to thin out the population and they don’t care about us at all, but if they are going to eliminate a large portion of the population, they are going to use something that can be controlled. They are going to use something that they can turn on and off at will.

                I would keep an eye on new plagues and diseases, frequency technology, RFID chip technology and the gene editing technology. They have the time, resources and scientists who can research, test and experiment with anything imaginable. They are going to use something that they can render themselves immune to. There is no limit to their power and resources and their science is most likely ahead of mainstream science in many fields, but poisoning the air and water is illogical because they aren’t going to kill everyone and especially themselves.

          1. Hi Michael
            If my memory serves me correct the Plejaren are not allowed to speak openly about secret military activities especially where it concerns military technologies.
            So I am perplexed as to how they would allow Christian to disclose private group for-your-eyes and ears-only matter to trickle out.
            Obviously there may be certain clauses which does not preclude a figu group member from exercising his/her freewill to disclose such information.
            Anyway I’ll take it for what I will but uninfallible as my perception and research may indeed be the truth of the facts to me at least about the Californian fires is that some type of exotic highly advanced DEW type weapons were used with ample video footage out there to back up this claim.

            1. Hi Matt,

              I hardly think that Christian and Billy’s comments qualify as revealing any secret military activities. To the contrary, they state that there weren’t any.

              Again, I don’t know myself, but what I do know is that with conditions as they now are in the environment, which has been so badly damaged and imbalanced through human abuse, there may well be certain, previously un-occurring, or unnoticed, phenomena or effects that are a direct result of this.

              At this point – and certainly from here on – it’s highly recommended to focus on that which is more under one’s control and influence in their own lives. Sure, we provide and see information that points out the damage, destruction, etc., all of which are products of human stupidity, insanity, etc., rooted in overpopulation, which itself is another manifestation of the destructive harm of mind-enslaving, power-hungry, bloody religions and politics.

              But the real point is to learn and implement the spiritual teaching, especially the might of our thoughts, in our daily lives.

              1. One of the unofficial reporters who was in the fires and putting forward the conspiracy argument did inform that there were many old unburnt inflammable packs left out in those woods from previous fires. They had dropped these then to act as fire breaks, but the devices didn’t burn then and they were just left there; so they burnt up this time when the fires reached them masking the fires worse than they would have been. While that does not explain everything, it’s another reason to keep in mind why the fires were so bad. This wasn’t reported in the pop media, probably so as not to denigrate the brave forces fighting against the fires.

              2. Michael you said.
                At this point – and certainly from here on – it’s highly recommended to focus on that which is more under one’s control and influence in their own lives. Sure, we provide and see information that points out the damage, destruction, etc., all of which are products of human stupidity, insanity, etc., rooted in overpopulation, which itself is another manifestation of the destructive harm of mind-enslaving, power-hungry, bloody religions and politics.

                But the real point is to learn and implement the spiritual teaching, especially the might of our thoughts, in our daily lives.

                That’s the whole point
                The spiritual teachings and living it.
                But you do realise that there are so many preliminary and prerequisite baby steps that must be tread by the masses in order to get to the final destination (truth about the Creation, natural laws and the teachings).
                Disclosure regarding DEW is one can of worms that must be opened and one that represents a tiny piece of the jigsaw puzzle in order to get there.
                How so you might ask.
                By all these disclosures and opening of all these cans of worms it leads to the next revelation and then the next and so on in order to reach the final conclusion.
                Everything is joined at the hips and is an extension of every other and the path to the truth is many but it culminates at a point of convergence where just like an exit to a maze everyone will inevitably have to get to the same point however long it takes and whatever path that they had to trudge through to get there.

                1. Matt,

                  Seeing as manifestation is infinite, as physics confirms, the main problem seems to be that we expect any being from anywhere (that’s taking on a meat-suit here for a brief sojourn) to think/act/feel the same.

                  65-years here has shown that this is pre-kindergarden for the majority.

                  No worries, we will soon be going back to where we resonate with most.

          2. The other thing in relation to psychopathic psychology is that the elite believes they are actually saving the planet and human ‘species’ by culling the masses of ‘food-wasters.’

            As Prince Philip said; if he had to reincarnate he would wish to be a deadly virus.

            They actually feel noble and passionate about what they are doing. We are dispensible objects.

            1. You are right Mary and I agree.
              As I wrote many times before especially at the FIGU forum it’s not so much these virulent mastasistic cancer of a people we call power hungry whores for money dark order deep state elites machinations but the regular off the street joe blows and Jane doe’s that by virtue of their ignorance are abeiting these scums narfarious actions through their apathy, stupidity and lack of awareness.
              As commandable as Michael Horn and other like-minded supporters efforts are for all these years to disseminate the truth the reality is it takes two to tango and I guess it’s a matter of time before the tree will fall after a thousand blows and people will come to tango and not leave the truth anouncers standing all alone by themselves on the dance floor chopping wood.
              But in order for this to happen they must directly experience all these heinous natural, manmade and environmental destruction before their light bulb goes off and realisation dawns.
              Sadly it takes shit load of time and many of these calamitous events for them to finally get there and not before.
              Look around and mostly you’ll see the vast majority of people looking down
              Looking down at their smartphones doing social media to even notice what lies ahead in front of their noses.
              Do you think they deserve to know when simply they aren’t putting any appreciable effort towards informing themselves.
              So all in all we humanity deserve what we brought upon ourselves for the better or for the worse.

        2. Matt,

          You don’t have to convince me; I have done extensive research – and via a scientist friend in the UK. The evidence is there before our eyes, as with Chemtrails/geoengineering.

          For over 30-years I have taken the time (hours) to watch/study how the trails trap vapour underneath. But only cloud-lovers seem to be aware – and it has to be said those old enough to remember what they look like, their phenomenal beauty plus the way the build-up to create a storm. PLUS those who have the guts/integrity to wake-up to the fact that a mass culling has been going on for years.

          So, no, I don’t agree with what Billy says about this.

          One thing is for sure; WTSHTF good and proper, no one will be around to hold our hands. It’s time to trust our own senses/ESP. That’s how we are intended to operate – and no more so than in this – the madest zone in Creation %)

          1. The thing that doesn’t compute with the chemtrail conspiracy is that no one ever seems to explain why the ultra wealthy elites would poison their own air. They don’t have a separate atomosphere for themselves that they can breathe. I mean, it would be hard to pick and choose who to cull since the Earth is round and wind and ocean currents carry everything all around the globe. There’s literally no place, no person and no animal on Earth that would remain unscathed.

            1. I started photographing the so-called chemtrails in about 2000. I even photographed some from a plane, going into Zurich. I was very surprised by Meier’s statements about them, which were also echoed by professor of meteorology, James Deardorff, and a commercial pilot who had written to me separately.

              Still, it seemed like they just “had” to be due to some kind of spraying, etc. But in addition to what Melissa has said, we have to wonder why, with all the claims of aluminum and barium, etc., being sprayed into the air everywhere, the hospitals aren’t reporting being full of people suffering from poisoning from these substances. And certainly the so-called elite and everyone else, and also animals, would be keeling over everywhere.

              I know that there are theories about all this, even papers written about spraying stuff, etc. But I also think part of the problem is that people don’t understand that the climate and atmospheric destruction may produce…many previously not witnessed phenomena, as well as the increase in frequency and severity of those we are familiar with, like storms, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, floods, etc.

            2. Hi Melissa
              Good point but if you can understand the mindset of a psychopathic, sociopathic, suicidal, genocidal and crazy lunatics atop the social pyramid you can begin to understand what they are capable of.
              If all the money and power in the world can give you access to everything unimaginable which is unthinkable for the regular people imagine what antidotes and pills these people have access to to be immune from the effects of atmospheric poisoning.
              Since the chemical spraying is localised these elites would be notified beforehand and warned against venturing into places that were being sprayed.
              Everything disperses in the atmosphere so even if micro doses can be inhaled from the residue that has settled at the ground level it would be tiny amount for the ultra elites to worry about who are protected from access to advanced medical science and foreknowledge of these events.
              Genocide does not mean the killing and murder has to happen right here right now it could just be a slow process involving many methods.
              Drugs is one example.

              1. This is massively illogical. It requires that all of the so-called elite, which includes their children, are constantly monitored and informed about any and every atmospheric spraying and poisoning, etc. It requires some kind of a communications system that only they are privy to, which would never be detected by anyone else, along with specific medications that they, as the so-called elite, are provided, which they always have to have with them, because this idea of localized spraying doesn’t accord with the way things like….the wind work, independently of whatever nefarious plots and plans these evil people may have in mind.

                How’s about one of those moments where the elite are stuck in traffic, in convertible cars, or late getting back from a walk, actually anybody that wants to continue along these lines can easily see that this conspiracy falls apart rather rapidly. As Melissa pointed out, and as has been already presented by Meier in his new predictions and prophecies, REAL, sinister, scientifically sophisticated plans are, unfortunately, far ahead of search clumsy concoctions as this theory offers.

                1. Michael please factor in the state of their sociopathic, psychopathic, genocidal and murdous mindset.
                  If we base our premise on the fact that these elites decide based on logic then by right they would never have conducted over 1000 nuclear bomb tests above ground, in the atmosphere and underground knowing full well that ionizing radiation kills and it effects everyone including the elites themselves and that of the rest of the world.
                  Compared to this what is a bit of chemtrails spray here and barium there.
                  This is 100% unequivocal fact in that the US military, airforce, navy and the CIA have conducted numerous atmospheric tests involving harmful substances and chemicals.

                2. Michael !!!

                  ”How’s about one of those moments where the elite are stuck in traffic, in convertible cars, or late getting back from a walk, actually anybody that wants to continue along these lines can easily see that this conspiracy falls apart rather rapidly.”

                  We don’t see the elites walking around parks or holidaying on beaches etc. They are not found in restaurants or public places. They live an illusionary existence – like the gods – their lives are sheltered – they don’t experience the world as we do – and have the pollution aspect supposedly sorted in their own insane way.

                  Billy talks about ‘Creation’ which was what drew me to the teachings.

                  Creation will have the last word, giving every human being a kick up the backside for selfishly turning a blind eye.

            3. PS


              The elites, being in (seemingly) ultimate control, cause and allow all sorts of atrocities to poison this planet.

              There’s a lot of talk about what would happen to the ecology if WW3 takes, but little attention to the fact that they test nuclear weapons constantly.

              Really, people need to read classic psychological descriptions of what psychopathic actually means and its origins to see that those with this condition view everything and one as purely an object for self-gratification.

              Like spiritual teachings, psychological understanding has been watered down by the ‘new-age’ homing in.

  5. I think I’ll just leave this here for those who may be interested. It’s up to each one of us to examine the information and come to our own conclusions. No one can convince another human being and we shouldn’t try. Use your inner guidance to reflect and find the truth.

    From FIGU Special Bulletin 035:

    According to the Plejaren, neither barium nor aluminum is found in the contrails which are called “chemtrails” from airplanes, nor in the aircraft fuel.

    And, were the assertions from conspiracy theorists true, then in recent years, as a result of the alleged “chemtrails”, the irradiation of the Sun on the Earth would have diminished and not strongly increased as is verifiable.

    Therefore, the nonsense of the conspiracy is thereby also proven, because a successful application of the greenhouse-effect-cleaning chemical supplements in airplane fuels, and so forth, in all the years, would have had to cause a compensating effect.

    But the fact of the matter is that the so-called albedo value, respectively, the radiation reflected back into outer space, has diminished, which means that the greenhouse effect is not diminished, rather it climbs higher.

    The conspiracy theory in regard to “chemtrails” is not only extremely dubious, rather absolutely dim-witted, on which the book-writing conspiracy theorists, however, come by their financial health, because lowbrows buy the hogwash books and, through the praised nonsense, are shifted into angst and terror which once again induces them to buy more books.

    So only few truly reasonable humans take the effective truth as actual fact, that namely the entire dimwittedness is only based in conspiracy theories while the lowbrows and those who have succumbed to conspiracy theories feel even more vindicated in their conspiracy theories.

    Faithful stupidity and dimwittedness are the fertile ground and the distinguishing feature of all conspiracy theories; and stupidity and dimwittedness, indeed, as is known, know no bounds.

    1. Melissa do you realise that the whole of the Meier case is a conspiracy theory.
      By that I mean to the masses it is just so outside of their normal paradigm that ‘that namely the entire dimwittedness is only based in conspiracy theories while the lowbrows and those who have succumbed to conspiracy theories feel even more vindicated in their conspiracy theories’.
      This is the masses perception of the Meier supporters.

      1. Hi Matt,

        Yes, I do understand that we are considered the crazies. How ironic is that? It’s okay, though. I’m at peace with that fact because I can’t deny what my inner self has realized over the years. When I listen to people talk about aliens being actual demons, God coming to save us, dimensional creatures abducting people, the Earth being flat or even mainstream folks talking about Russia, Russia, Russia, I know deep inside myself that I am not wrong in what I have realized. And I no longer feel like I have to prove anything to anyone. I feel it is their responsibility to find their inner truth. Salome


      And this is the best as an overall view


      These are all old videos apart from one below – and the list is endless.

      Research articles by papers like The UK Independent etc; governments have come out, many high-ranking whistleblower scientists etc…

      The thing that really gets me is that we can SEE what they are doing with our own eyes – if we take the time to LOOK.

      Anytime there is a clear blue sky and you see the straight contrail lines coming over, all you have to do is keep observing what happens. It’s there in our faces – and really shows just how much the chemicals – including lithium – have already affected our brains/perception.

      I was just looking for natural cloud formations and it seems that it’s impossible to find a totally natural sky now. But this is a perfect example of natural formations which anyone can see are ALIVE/moving/beautiful and to the far left, a dead motionless formation heavily laden with toxins.

      I’m totally convinced that only old cloud loves cum sky watchers actually know what a natural cloud formation looks like.

      Regarding your reply about why would they want to contaminate themselves? We are talking about a very very small group of people and where money is not an issue whatsoever.

      They have underground water sources and means of filtering air – and means of growing organic food. Add this with the being frozen after death scenario, the fact that CERN is seeking to penetrate interdimensional space etc, etc, etc, really the list goes on which proves what psychopathic means.

      People bandy that psychological term around without fully understanding that it means tremendous personal inflation, a complete lack of conscience, pleasure from sadism etc.

      1. Mary, I have researched this topic very thoroughly and I have already come to my own conclusions. The elite may be a small group of people, but they are not going to destroy the animals, crops and water in order to kill off a large portion of the people. The governments and elites are going to want to come out of their bunkers eventualy and live on the planet. It’s all nonsense to me and I have no desire to research it another minute.

        1. George Soros, self declared god and psychopath:
          “I admit that I have always harbored an exaggerated view of my self-importance—to put it bluntly, I fancied myself as some kind of god” and “I carried some rather potent messianic fantasies with me from childhood, which I felt I had to control, otherwise I might end up in the loony bin.” 

          Lives in Bedford, NY but looking for a rock to crawl under.

        1. Andrew,

          Psychiatrists generally believe in chemical/hormonal imbalances and treat accordingly. Psychologists tend to use behavioural methods. Both these mental health professions do not require the practitioner to undergo their own therapy and neither is weekly supervision compulsory.

          The reason in-depth personal therapy and continued weekly supervision is required is so that psychotherapist doesn’t project their own unresolved issues into their patients. For example, if there is repressed grief, or denial of early sexual abuse, etc, then the therapist most definitely will inhibit their patients from releasing their own traumatic memories.

          ‘Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves’ Carl Gustav Jung 1939

          A proper psychotherapy training begins with ‘object relations.’ This is a lengthy in-depth subject to sum-up but basically, the breast/bottle is the first ‘object’ the infant experiences and how it’s presented is vital for necessary maturation development. This research was mainly done (globally) via what’s called ‘infant observation.’ A training psychotherapist observes how the mother interacts with her infant. They do not interfere in any way but take their observations back to their training institute for group training discussions.

          What was personally found is how important our birth experience is and when we come into this world in a violent way, then, of course, we internalise violence. This was written for mothers by pedarirican and later psychotherapist ‘Leboyer’;

          There is the initial ‘pre-ruth’ (meaning ruth-less) stage where the infant cannot associate the breast with the mother; they are in their own inner world. As they emerge from this formless state, and if all goes well, they go through what’s called ‘the depressive position,’ where they learn that if they bite the nipple it hurts the mother, that the mother is separate from them and not under their total control. George Soros obviously underwent difficulties during this phase, as did Hitler, and all the other megalomaniacs that have tried to omniptently control humanity.

          If the mother is balanced and in-touch with maternal instincts, she sees biting/demanding milk etc as healthy and responds accordingly. It’s also the prerequisite for creativity; the infant imagines the breast and it appears (without trauma).

          Likewise, the stage of omnipotence – narcissism – is a normal stage of early development and in a healthy environment (without shaming), gradually the baby learns that they cannot demand, nor be the centre of attention all of the time.

          There are many vital stages during the first 3 years in particular. If any trauma occurs during these stages, then psychological difficulties in relating appear in later life.

          We can mask over with acceptable personality traits acquired in social adaptation. But when, for example, a couple get together, then they begin to surface and can wreck relationships.

          Basically, Freud began all this and his student Carl Gustaf Jung did not agree; that we are born a blank slate, that how we are depends solely on genetics and educational circumstances. Jung’s work proved (especially in relation to archetypes embedded in the collective psyche) that we have a ‘soul’ etc and are under many influences that shape us into who we are.

          ‘The great events of world history are, at bottom, profoundly unimportant. In the last analysis, the essential thing is the life of the individual. That alone makes history, here alone do the great transformations take place, and the whole history of the world and the whole future ultimately springs as a gigantic summation from these hidden sources in individuals.

          In our private and most subjective lives, we are not only the passive witness of our age and its sufferers but also its makers. We make our own epoch.’


          ‘Today humanity as never before is split into two apparently irreconcilable halves. The psychological rule says that when an inner situation is not made conscious, it happens outside of us as fate. This is to say that when an individual does not become conscious of his inner contradictions, the world must perforce act out this conflict and be torn in two halves.’

          Carl Gustav Jung; Founder of Analytical Psychology.

          It needs to be noted that Jung predicted the 2nd World War and also had a vision on his deathbed of huge areas of the Earth destroyed – at this juncture in time. This is because of understanding the collective psyche. Freudians also admit there is a collective psyche as creatures have, which allows them to easily move in close-knit herds. And this is the root of how, via corrupt Freudian therapists, the elites/ corporations have brain-washed/controlled us;

          Basically, because proper psychotherapy is incredibly expensive and lengthy, new-age quick-fix techniques have taken over but they don’t get to the root. A sound psychotherapist knows their patients have to project onto the therapist unconscious ‘primative’ dynamics in a safe/contained environment where all this can be worked through.

          Psychotherapy is the most hair-splitting subject there is and there are more diverse schools of thought than religions. And so just labelling people as aggressive/mad is not enough; we need to look at the roots of psychological distortions and this should give us hope that we are not innately destructive beings and that this particular world/dimension actually creates mental imbalances from the word go.

          Michael has my references (that can be checked) which show I co-founded a government registered psychotherapy training organization. I also underwent both Freudian and Jungian training and therapy in order to have a greater perspective.

            1. Andrew,

              I have just had time to read it and found this part (and extended), in particular, completely accurate;

              Psychopaths – female or male psychopaths must always be assumed at that – have particularly strongly pronounced characteristics, because they exhibit an overwhelming charm and have an unusually confident demeanour as well as an extraordinarily strategical capability to think. These characteristics, in particular, are the ones which make it so tremendously difficult to recognise psychopaths as such. In practice, they have perfected using the positive traits as a facade and feigning emotions and feelings, which are not their own, in order to remain unrecognised as psychopaths amongst the fellow human beings, consequently, it is also difficult to see through them as such and to recognise them. It is also characteristic to them that they know no inhibitions; consequently, they also are hardly ever, or never, intimidated, namely, by the female or by the male gender, as well as hardly ever by threats. This is precisely because they are susceptible neither to anxiety nor fear; rather they simply filter them out of their thoughts and feelings. It so happens that their anxiety centre and emotion centre, which is found in the area of the amygdala, as a rule, is not active at all, which leads to the fact that psychopaths hardly ever, or never, perceive threats and even dangers as such. Because psychopaths do not know thoughts, feelings and other impulsations of anxiety and fear, they have an extremely pronounced resilience and exceptionally strong nerves, which has probably led to the expression ‘nerves of steel’.

              This is describing psychopathic behaviour/tendencies, whereas I was trying to explain why/how a person becomes psychopathic. As explained in the previous response, psychotherapists from all over the world have found that the roots lay in infancy.

              Included was the fact that if we experience a violent birth, including the mother being ‘induced,’ it becomes internalised and in complex ways. Many women today haven’t the patience to breastfeed and the fashion is cesarian so they don’t feel pain and can have a tummy tuck at the same time.

              To cut a very long story short; for a psychopath, the first object presented, which begins the first experience of relationship, (the breast) was done so in a persecutory way, either unconsciously or unconsciously or a mixture of both.

              This infantile position remains frozen in the psychopath’s psyche. It means everyone is seen an object rather than a sensitive feeling being in their own right. Role reversal takes place, and they seek to have others at their mercy, from which sadistic gratification comes.

              Regarding ‘cutting off from their feelings’; the mother is completely out of touch with her own feelings, which means empathy, and so this will be passed on from generation to the next. It’s not that a psychopath doesn’t have feelings, it’s more like they have never been able to express them.

              Final note; because of the way that description of psychopathic behaviour was written, in reading the included section, it made me realize just how close this psychological state is to what has been described by many esoteric traditions as the behaviour of someone ‘enlightened.’

              Another thing to mention is that there are many ways to murder. Many try to do it through mind-games, cynicism, trying to put someone down publically, scathing remarks, etc.

              There has been no greater point for needing to understand what psychopathic means, for when the shit really hits the fan, our lives will be dependent on discerning them.

          1. Hi Mary, basically you’re saying that Soros and Hitler turned out the way they did because they bit their mothers nipple as babies? LOL
            How about the fact that ALL babies bite the nipple at some point?

            1. Ouch!
              I am glad I don’t have the same kind of nipple as the women do and I can’t imagine being perpetually imbroiled in intergenerational teet for tat.

              1. Lucky you Matt. I found it funny trying to pin psychopathy onto “nipple biting” when a baby cannot even have a memory of it seems illogical. What does start a child’s degeneration?
                1. Wrong marriage partner
                2. Which causes children to be unloved
                3. Unloved become criminal elements
                4. Due to overpopulation more and more unloved are being born.
                Contact Report 154

                1. Yeah I agree with your 4 points there Sheila.
                  And those main points you outlined is predominantly the main reasons why children grow up to be adults resenting their parents if these were lacking and why they have hangups, emotional issues, psychological imbalance, ego issues, inferiority complex, violent tendencies, lack of confidence, criminality, make bad friends, make poor choices in life and difficulty adjusting to society due to antisocial tendencies and poor perception of reality.
                  Genetics plays a part as well especially if children are already susceptible to certain tendencies and characteristics from hereditary and if ideal or inideal environmental conditions are present that compels these characteristics to flourish such as tendencies of violence and psychopathology.
                  So it’s one big motherfucker of a shitty deal for kids if would be parents make bad choices that leave sins-of-father legacy for children yet unborn.

                  1. Hi Matt I can’t take credit as it is Billy’s information which I summed up from CR154. You make some great points. Add to that the genetic hereditary of religion as well. It has nothing to do with breastbiting or violent births. It all comes back to whether parents are capable of giving unconditional love and if children feel this love and know they are wanted because THIS is what they remember and carry forward in their lives.

  6. One or two scientific tests, Matt, are very different from a full-on, what by now must be a permanent, mass program since first reports of Chemtrails came out between 1997 and 2000. Chemtrails have become yet another “reason” for why people feel so bad, suffer from ill health and ailments. It’s all THEIR fault! It couldn’t possibly be anything they are doing or not doing themselves. That would require too much self responsibility.
    Our nuclear scientists didn’t know the full extent of the dangers they were engendering when they carried out the bulk of their nuclear tests. Human ignorance is also boundless.

    1. Just to make things clear Chris I don’t fully subscribe to chemtrails conspiracy nor am I ignorant of Billy and the plejaren’s position on this subject.
      I’ve made my position very clear on numerous occasions at the figu forum over many number of years.
      What I do subscribe to though is the unequivocal fact that atmospheric tests involving harmful chemicals for the testing of weather modification and weapons related research have definitely taken place as well as others.
      This cannot be denied or argued away one iota because it’s 100% truth.
      Maybe the words I have chosen to use gave the impression that I believed in chemtrails conspiracy.
      Back in 2005-2006 or thereabouts did I actually confront the truth that all this chemtrails nonsense was hogwash when gaiaguys namely Dyson was permulgating this conspiracy theory on his website and only after Billy and the Plejaren had things to say about it.
      In regards to the atomic tests I am afraid you are wrong about that.
      The authorities knew very very well even as early as the 60’s what the dangers of atomic and nuclear testing and detonation of weapons were going to be but continued with their psychopathic tests anyway for another few decades.

  7. My comment on ignorance was not meant at you, Matt, but to us all as human beings, and in that previous context to our nuclear scientists. They knew certain dangers, but did not know exactly all the dangers involved. I doubt they do to this day, although they know much more now. Do they know the planet is shifting its orbit? There is so much to know about such complex devastating detonations that there must be ample they still do not know. A degree of ignorance is inevitable. They’ve learned enough to scare them off it that’s all.

    I too, know that chemtrail TESTS were carried out, as I said.

    1. Ok no worries Chris
      Not that I took it the way you thought I did I just stated the facts of my position as they were just incase misunderstanding may have occurred.
      Anyway no big deal.
      Whether on this blog, FIGU forum or elsewhere we do realise that what we write here is not meant to preach to the choir but basing on an acute sense in the back of our minds that there exist a different section of the audiences be they the secret service, scientists and military that monitor it that we are trying to reach.
      My guess in regards to the unknown dangers of nuclear tests is in the fine matter sphere where at the moment we are just at a level 5 of splitting particles at the quark, muon, gluon and so forth level through the Hedron collider.
      I think this is what the Plejaren were referring to about the ‘unknown dangers’ as these fine particles escape any and all forms of containment barriers and walls we have be they steel, lead, concrete and mixture of others.
      These fine particles must pose unknown dangers to people and the environment as the Plejaren said about nuclear power that we should only use this form of power when we have the ability to turn radiation into its original form or to that effect if my memory serves me correct.

  8. Re: Chemtrails.

    Notice how much clearer the air is after heavy snow? That’s because our atmosphere is full of microscopic dust particles called condensation nuclei and when water vapor condenses it clings to these specks to form clouds which fall to the ground as snow (or rain) removing these particles from the air.

    Therefore, particles, including industrial metal and chemical pollutants, provide the building blocks for all clouds, rain and snow and so will be found by anyone studying contrails too. Add in the real equipment associated with cloud seeding and we have all the ingredients for a conspiracy about chemtrails which others can profit from.

    The chemtrail conspiracy seems to stem from our avoiding responsibility for observably changing the sky; the last, limitless, vestige of a once, flawless, sky daddy who’s since being supplanted for some by unknown, heavily-armed, wannabees with the same propensity for killing. Religion may be, once again, the compensation nuclei for these theories, the hair of the dog that continually craps everywhere.

  9. Just saying:
    “… the adoption of the Montreal Protocol in 1987, which bans the production of CFCs, halons and other ozone-depleting chemicals.

    The ban came into effect in 1989. Ozone levels stabilized by the mid-1990s and began to recover in the 2000s. Recovery is projected to continue over the next century, and the ozone hole is expected to reach pre-1980 levels by around 2075…”
    ~ wikipedia

    And other factors, eg. atomic weapons testing, Chernobyl, Three Mile Island etc., pesticides etc., exhuast from factories, cars, planes, ships etc., deforestation etc., microplastics etc… and on and on and on…….

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