The Mysterious Energy Spheres that Saved the Plejaren

How an extraterrestrial race avoided destruction 52,000 years ago

In a 2018 contact, the Plejaren gave Billy Meier more information about their own true history, including how mysterious energy spheres helped them to dramatically change their own thinking and consciousness and assist them to attain a peace that has lasted over 52,000 years.

Michael Horn live, EP 43

Friday, January 4, 2019

7:00 PM Pacific Time

Some of the new information from Billy Meier and the Plejaren we will discuss, includes the:

  • Mysterious energy spheres that saved the Plejaren
  • Time travels of Sfath
  • Earliest original human inhabitants of Earth
  • New alliance between China and Japan
  • Fatal mistakes Trump is making
  • Coming violence from Trump supporters
  • Danger of war with Russia
  • Now unavoidable worldwide crises
  • Degeneration of the human race*

The Wall

In regards to Trumps’ wall, here are some comments from Christian Frehner, of FIGU in Switzerland:

“Instead of building a wall the USA should considerably and substantially reduce their expenditures for the military and CIA etc. (withdraw the Army and Navy etc. from everywhere abroad, etc.), and use the money for the improvement within the USA (infrastructure, education, welfare, etc.), while also supporting the poor countries with aid that is directed to increase the chance and abilities for self-help (no imperialism). And this new policy should, or rather must be connected with a wake-up call to openly discuss the overpopulation catastrophe and to find effective counter-measures. Any help or aid without addressing the overpopulation catastrophe is futile and worsening the situation for our planet.

Building walls does not solve problems, at least not at their roots and for a long time. When Trump is pulling troops out of various countries, that of course is a positive measure and long overdue. And it would be even more positive, if the activities of the CIA in various countries is also stopped. The protection of the borders can be achieved without walls, but I think that fences are needed in populated areas to help keeping up control.

Naturally, protecting the borders to prevent illegal immigration is each nation’s/country’s right. It’s the same principle as with one’s own private house or apartment: The owner or rightful leaser must have the right to decide which other persons my enter one’s personal rooms, or which ones are not welcome.”

*For the Survivors

Because certain things can no longer be changed to the better, it’s suggested for those who wish to go beyond the news, sensationalism, conspiracies and disinformation that abounds, the real key to our future survival is well within reach in the spiritual teaching, such as:

The Might of the Thoughts

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Michael Horn live, EP 43

Friday, January 4, 2019

7:00 PM Pacific Time



60 Replies to “The Mysterious Energy Spheres that Saved the Plejaren”

  1. Does anyone ever notice how on the news no one ever brings up the subject of overpopulation,peace, alternarive sustaining energies such as solar energy for example etc?

  2. Hi Melissa I just caught your bio under who is Michael Horn. I to am very much into cosmology when not reading Thy Fly Blog. I use to own a a sall telescope beck in the early 1970s and loved going out to look up at the stars at night back then. Now thanks to the internet I spend my extra time reading about galaxies, and the universe etc whenIhave afewminutesto read and look at pictures of galaxies and the universe. If it weren`t fior the internet we woiuld never have ever learned about Billy and the Pljarens for I too am a passive member too. I think we are living in a snall little fishbowl of a planet that is only one in millions of other worlds just like earth for better or worse given the fact the we on earth are just small potatoes compared to all these galaxies and universes and that we are NOT the only human beings thanks to the Plejarens. If it were not for Billy and the Ps we`de never ever know any of this by now. Salome Terry

  3. This may be off topic but George Noory judt had William R. Forestchen on c2cfor the first half to give updates on the ongoing campaign to bolster the Grid against EMP attacks, asteroid strikes solar storms etc. “We NEED to think about doing something to protect ourselves from such devastating events like this and I might also include thinking about the red meteor Apothis too as well. We NEED to be prepared for any disaster that could that might just kill us all in a matter of time! Please check this out on c2c radio because MIchae Horn has brought this up in the past and we all NEED to takethese issues seriously if we want to save lives here on Earth!”

  4. William R. Forstchen Ph.D does not have a website but he has a book out titled 48 Hours which I think should also be made into a movie to get the message out in securing the grid so that we don`t we don`t end up looking like Porto Rico or even worse like California with al those terrible fires etc. to say nothing about all those nukes, nuclear power plants and satellites and nukes sitiing above the Earth`s atmosphere.

  5. Has Billy Meier taken any recent photographs of the space ships with the more advanced digital cameras? Or a smart phone? If not, why?

    1. Hi Shawn, the photos that Billy took were taken prior to the digital, computer and photoshop age. Photos in this day and age are too easy to manipulate. If you have experience with cameras and video recorders from the 60’s and 70’s, you’ll find that it’s much more difficult to manipulate pictures and videos.

      From The Future of Mankind Website:

      Billy’s Photo and film footage leads back to a time when today’s computer technology was not even in its infancy. When he took his photos and films and shot them, the photo and film industry was in a position to produce trickery or the so-called special effects but was so expensive that they could only be carried out by heavy-duty photo and film studios. So for Billy it would have been financially prohibitive to produce trick photos and animated films in such a good and perfect quality as this one was created by him. Not to mention the fact that he never had a studio and the necessary utensils for it and also no knowledge of photo and film technology.

  6. I would like to make a request to your readership / viewership.
    A few months ago, I found the website

    I have seen Michael on there. I would like to ask fans of Michael to use the website in order to answer questions people
    have about UFOs and ETs, in support of Billy Meier and the Plejaren. It is not proselytizing because people ask
    and are seeking answers to this subject. With a dozen or more users with knowledge about Billy Meier, we
    can upvote answers that support the case, and downvote answers that include false or misleading information.

    There are a lot of people on there who claim there are no E.T.s, or claim that there is zero evidence of E.T.s. is a great place to get lots of views. Regarding my two websites, I only get a few dozen visitors
    per day. On Quora, I get several hundred views per day, and just the other day, got over 3000 views in one day.

    This is a great way for all of us to get the word out about the Meier case, and get more people to discover and
    join us in the mission and in learning the spiritual teachings.

    If you want to help the mission, I think this is a great way to do it.

  7. Greg and Melissa, Has anybody ever seen theses these mysterious energy spheres on Youtube or even in pictures. I`d love to see and hear just what these mysterious energy pheres look and sound like too. I wonder if just the few of us who are members of figu are aware of these mysterious energy spheres could possibly experience theses energy spheres despite all the nuclear testing still going on here on “Planet Stupid”. Maybe the few of us might like to go through the the same thing the the Plejarens went though if this might help save all the members passive members too as well so we can live healthier happier more peaceful loving lives and not get hurt and die etc, etc,etc.

  8. It wouldn’t be so bad if it was a case of believing in gods OR tin gods; one or the bloody other, but it is a case of believing in gods AND tin gods.
    why is tennis scored as 15-love, 30-love……. is love nothing?
    After playing 14 days of tennis and being handed $4.1million has the population gone down or the gods and tin gods been exposed?

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