Overcoming Danger with Playful Certainty

How to overcome our pessimism, anxiety and worry

The Good News First

In studying the spiritual teaching, we find the most thought-provoking revelations, which may at first not be noticed for the insights they provide and lead to. I’ll give you a couple of examples.

On page 88 of The Psyche, Billy Meier speaks about how the products of the conscious thought processes of the human being sink “down very deeply…” into the unconscious and the way it “forms their life, their mode of thinking, their personality and their destiny.”

On page 94, Meier explains why a child “overcomes an appearing danger with playful certainty”. While the adult human no longer enjoys being unconscious of danger, etc., we are shown how to overcome our pessimism, anxiety and worry.

All throughout The Psyche we learn the value of choosing carefully what we think about and how the might of the thoughts, and cause and effect work. When we receive an unpleasant result from an unconsciously taken, or ill-thought out, action we could benefit by asking ourselves, “What was I thinking?”.

In order to comprehend the depth of what Meier presents, it must be contemplated by each interested person.


As we know from the prophecies and predictions from Billy Meier, as well as from those provided to him by Sfath more than 70 years ago, unfortunately, we are going to see a pronounced increase in many of the now unstoppable, turmoil laden events in the environmental, geopolitical and financial areas.

The media overflows with all sorts of stories and theories about president Trump. While a great deal of it is nonsense and exaggerated towards one side of the political spectrum or the other, this article does have an interesting perspective about some of the forthcoming and perhaps unexpected consequences of a stupid presidency.

However, as usual, the true extent of some of the worst policies of this president are not revealed in that article, nor spoken about too much by any of the various pundits. You’ll have to read the information from Meier and the Plejaren, which elaborates on the possibly devastating consequences of the president’s ill thought out policies and those of the many warmongering, degenerate string pullers. Here you can see some of the hypocrisy of these odious characters. Yes, people have actually voted these psychopaths into office, often repeatedly.

As I’ve said, Politics Makes People Stupid.

The ugly twin sisters of politics and religion, which are based in domination, enslavement, mind control, and other degenerations, have polluted human consciousness for so long that, as Meier says, the minority who know the truth can do nothing to prevent the coming catastrophes. Nonetheless, I do suggest being of good cheer.

The Deadly, Deluded UFO Industry

If you’re unaware of the cynical, profit-oriented industry that so-called UFOlogy has become, visit this page for links to the many mainly American UFO expos, conferences, etc., promoted by people who – to a person – don’t want the real truth to be known and certainly don’t want to promote it.

After all, what point would there be in having a myriad of speakers babble about speculative and largely irrelevant (if not completely inaccurate and erroneous) UFO nonsense…if the Billy Meier UFO contacts were presented?

And so, people like Bob Brown, who was a trailblazer in presenting the Billy Meier information beginning about 30 years ago, are now smiley-faced sell-outs complicit in suppressing the Meier info. While Wendelle Stevens is amply mentioned, of course there’s not a word about his unique, historic role in bringing the Meier case to the public. Brown’s partner, Lorien Fenton, made it clear that she doesn’t like my truthfully stating that the Meier contacts are singularly authentic. And it’s the same with all of the parasites who promote these pathetic circuses; the truth is bad for business.

As is all too common in America, these people have chosen, consciously, to suppress and/or ignore this gift to humankind, this pleading for us to come to our senses and recognize the real, ever-approaching, and now inescapable, danger to our future survival.

The greedy fools have chosen profit über alles. Screw self-responsibility, even survival. Let’s, have a party, sign autographs and…pretend that we know what we’re talking about.

So, take a look at all those events and the people chosen to entertain at them. Disinformation, distraction, and delusion all blatantly contributing to the coming destruction by their callous and contemptible complicity in escapist nonsense. The people were warned and, in the great American tradition, all they wanted to do was…make a buck.

A Song

Absolutely no fancy video or recording, just another song of mine  from many years ago.


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The Spiritual Teaching

The Might of the Thoughts · The Way to Live · The Psyche

The Goblet of the Truth · The Talmud Jmmanuel

Read. Learn. Apply.

Survive. Thrive.



Also, thanks to Bob Wiegand you can learn the truth about Trump and the wall right here.




17 Replies to “Overcoming Danger with Playful Certainty”

  1. “WOW David I hope you are right but the wayTrump has been acting lately, who knows what Trump might be up to next?” Rumor has it he wants to start a war with Iran. Dumping one war for another unethical to say the least with the taxpayers footing the bill for another war plus the Star Wars weapons above space etc who can afford to pay for more wars above and below space etc,etc,etc? But then Hll Kill Clinton would have been a lot worse!” Salome

    1. Hi, Terry

      I don’t think Trump really wishes for war (at least, not in the same way people like George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and John McCain did), but the ill-informed and haphazard nature of his decision-making process might just lead to such an outcome.
      Trump certainly doesn’t benefit from the particular advise of some of his cabinet members; characters like John Bolton and Mike Pence.
      Accelerating a new arms race with Russia and backing out of the Iran Nuclear Deal are probably Trump’s worst foreign policy mistakes thus far.
      Only time will tell if Trump and the rest of the U.S. leadership can show restraint and keep from sparking another conflict with devastating consequences for the world.


  2. Salome! Check out the YouTube channel “JonTronShow.” Jon’s most recent video is titled “Dan Aykroyd’s Crystal Skull Vodka.” A single picture is used in his commercial. On time stamp 4:25. Enjoy the video!

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