Welcoming the Dreamers

They determine their own path, goals, and even the methods by which to attain them

Before we jump to any conclusions, before we get riled up with assumptions about what this means, let me explain. The dreamers we are speaking about here are not relegated to any one political, racial, or ethnic group, life situation, age, or class, etc.

We are speaking about the real dreamers, the idea people, human beings who dare to dream, to imagine and to forge their lives according to their own creative impulses and inner values. They are not controlled by, nor live their lives according to the whims, wishes and manipulations of, others. They determine their own path, goals, and even the methods by which to attain them.

They are not rebels just for the sake of rebellion; they will in fact work with others so long as their own principles are not compromised. They are almost never the bureaucrats and politicians, or other acquisitive, self-promoting ones.

The real dreamers seek to improve the conditions of the world and the lives of others, as well as their own. And there is no doubt that quite often they will face enormous obstruction, resistance and even persecution should the magnitude and magnanimity of their dreams come into opposition with the small-minded ones, the ones who seek to control and dominate others because they haven’t found their own real inner being with its accompanying joy.

The real dreamers are far outnumbered by the mediocre ones, the visionless ones, the ones who always choose to follow the herd. While they may attempt to reign in, limit and control the dreamers, this opposition in itself can help to produce strength, resilience and resistance in the dreamers, even to the degree that they may serve as examples for those who try to constrain them. And they may even give these persons some hope, stir up some courage in them and thereby bring benefit to them too, as those who are more universally-minded, who see the connectedness of all people and things, would gladly do.

The dreamers are not unaware of the conditions around them that they wish to change. They are not mere fantasists and escapists. But they do not allow themselves to be uselessly distracted and embroiled in the pointless conflicts, conspiracies, debates and provocations that engulf the easily seduced masses.

The dreamers may be easily misunderstood by others who think they are selfish, unconcerned, lacking in compassion and empathy, etc. But nothing could be further from the truth. They know all too well what the real conditions are and how they came about. Understanding the law of cause-and-effect, they choose to create positive causes within themselves through the control and conscious direction of their own thoughts.

The Sea You Are Swimming In

To be a dreamer is to swim against the prevailing current. The mindset of the neutral-positive, creative and optimistic dreamer stands in stark contrast to the overall sad state of consciousness of much, even most, of humankind.

In Contact Report 476, Meier explains how climate warming further compounds and exacerbates  the decline and degeneration of human consciousness:

“All that is, however, not the only result of climatic warming, because, truthfully, through this the human is also negatively influenced in physical, psychic and mental ways. So depression occurs, which takes hold more and more with many humans on the Earth and becomes a chronic state. Also, disturbances of consciousness emerge more and more often and, so, states of angst, and states comprising thoughts and feelings of loss, take hold more and more, as does the cooling of thoughts and the numbness which results from it. Brutality, violence and absence of conscience become more and more stark and lead to the murder of one’s fellow humans.”

Add to that realization what Ptaah and Meier expound in depth and detail about the unique, ubiquitous state of American psychopathy, in the second part of this Contact.

Indeed, we are swimming in a sea of psychopathy against a tsunami of cynicism. And while we are battered by the oncoming waves, with each stroke we must dream the dream we want to dream.


The following items can be useful for tapping into your creativity, learning how to successfully determine and reach your goals and surmounting negativity, cynicism and criticisms by those who prefer to…pop balloons, instead of filling them with the breath of life and creativity:

The Bulb Heads and the Pin Heads

A teaching story children’s book for all ages that “connects with your deepest inner needs and dreams“.

Future Self

How to set goals and accomplish them, using your cell phone, tablet, or computer and be the authority in your own life and “how to focus on changing yourself from within by focusing on and recording where you are now and where you want to be.”

The Spiritual Teaching

Some of the books by Billy Meier containing the masterfully brilliant spiritual teaching, available here:

The Way to Live      

The Might of the Thoughts

See also:

Starting at 15:06 here, the information about the FBI false flag terror attacks in the US was, of course, already explained by Billy Meier, in 2015.


Thanks to Ken Smith for the link to Special Bulletin 49.

15 Replies to “Welcoming the Dreamers”

  1. After reading, again, that a great part of the USA population suffers from an irreversible psychosis, I think a very large amount of anesthetising gas and other anesthetising substances are going to be needed if we think we are going to take DC, NYC, Hollywood, etc. and then onto EU, Middle East, etc…
    How about we just gas the whole god and tin god damned planet! Gas masks for the 15%.
    I think of the KG49 and envision a Presidential 7 with 6 other groups of 7 to keep those 7 in check; and all groups of 7 weed out the reality-estranged naive few that lied their way into the group of 7 by each group of 7 policing each group of 7. And this will also be applied to Banks, Oil, Energy, telecommunications, Faceplant, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, etc… EVERYTHING!!!

      1. That is pure GOLD, you spike warrior, you. Do you mind if I go aak rj if there is a silver lining to all of this!
        What state are you in?
        When did you start thinking about this concept?
        What brought the thinking about this concept about?

  2. What a great article, Michael! I was pleasantly delighted by your words and a warm joyous feeling settled in me. The past few weeks I have been feeling a bit melancholic after losing my job and having to endure the seemingly eternal dark Finnish winter, but your post reminded me to always cherish the dreamer in me and to always take the next step towards fulfilling my dreams. So, thank you for that!

  3. Very inspirational Michael.
    Be resilient dreamers for truth is on your side.
    “The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it”.

    ~George Orwell

  4. Excellent writing, Michael. Thank you for the dose of inspiration and wisdom. Just to paraphrase the words spoken by a famous person: “they may say we’re dreamers, but never alone do we dream. And one day, when they finally join us, the world like a beautiful dream will become.”


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