Trump Faithfully Follows the Script to Destruction

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any dumber

Last October, Billy Meier and Ptaah spoke at length about some fascinating aspects of Plejaren history pertaining to their having gone so far off track that somebody mercifully sent them some high-tech, consciousness-raising help.

Later, in the same conversation,* they discussed the ever-proceeding descent into stupidity by our dear president that portends the huge danger of provoking a major confrontation with Russia and China, as Trump’s recent moves seem destined to lead to.

So, just as one of his dumbest predecessors did, Trump is faithfully following the script to destruction, making Meier’s casual, pre-election assessment of Trump seem painfully prescient.

Lest he go off script, bi-partisan objections to Trump’s international policies only arise when he makes an intelligent move to actually reduce US military involvement somewhere in the world…where we didn’t belong in the first place.

But the law of cause and effect, and the prophecies derived from the understanding and application of it, can’t be outsmarted.

The Q Distract and Disinform Component

I was recently discussing the Q phenomenon with a friend. In my opinion, Q appeals mainly to Americans who prefer to engage in speculation about cryptic, superficial, vague and meaningless, conspiratorial, pro-Trump information, the totality of which doesn’t convey a fraction of the importance – or accuracy – of the information discussed by Meier and Ptaah.

I see it as the geopolitical equivalent of the Pokémon GO craze. It distracts people from reality, while making them think they’re doing something important by trying to decipher clues about what Trump and a cast of conspiratorial characters are or aren’t supposedly doing, etc. It’s a quasi-interactive combination of Trivial Pursuit and tabloid, where the participants enjoy the illusion that they’re actually involved in something of importance. In essence, it’s that ol’ American favorite, entertainment, the reliable distraction away from actually thinking about and understanding things in a comprehensive, objective way, a way that doesn’t automatically presuppose that America is the center of the universe, entitled to rule over and dictate to all others.

The Q game also brilliantly convinces its proponents that they are some kind of a real movement, a “we”…which for the most part ceases to exist as soon as the computer is turned off.

Separating the Garbage from the Treasure

I had emailed my friend these comments:

“This may prove to be an interesting exercise. I think it’s safe to say that the reason there is interest in various alternative news and conspiracies is because many of us recognize that there is way too much of what’s referred to as fake news.

So, since we don’t want fake news, we owe it to ourselves to make sure that the alternative sources are better, more accurate and truthful then the fake ones; we can and should check on their accuracy. After all, we do want the…truth, don’t we?

I suggest that you begin by going online and doing a search, which could be for something like this:

 How accurate have all the predictions by Q been?

Now, you may have to word that question differently, if you don’t see results that seem to address it.

Then, assuming you find a list compiled and composed of Q’s predictions, etc., then apply the challenge as it is also reflexively posed about Billy Meier’s information: “Anybody could’ve said that.”

As you apply that challenge to each of the Q predictions, note where they’re accurate and where they aren’t.

Further, notice how many things that are espoused, claimed and predicted by various sources online, are often…changed, not fulfilled and for which many excuses are made when they fail to be fulfilled and/or are challenged.

Now, so that you may have something…real to compare it with, simply go through the literally hundreds of specific examples of prophetically accurate information provided to and/or predicted by Billy Meier and verifiably published by him before the foretold events, discoveries, etc., occurred.

It may surprise you to find that the majority of claims and predictions of events, etc., through all of the other various sources, fall in the “Anybody could’ve said that.” category. When you see through all the hyperbole, sensationalism, distraction and other noise coming from the know-nothings out there, the unparalleled accuracy of Meier ‘s prophecies and predictions is mind-boggling.

If it’s still difficult to grasp and accept, don’t worry, you’re not alone. The majority of the world neither knows, comprehends nor, quite honestly, can grasp and deal with this, which is also why it has had to have been inserted into our world from a rather oblique angle, without the direct presence and interference from the far more advanced beings who have taught, mentored and tutored Meier, since 1942.”

Unfortunately, there’s plenty of fake news in the alternative outlets that pride themselves on calling out the mainstream fake news.

*Rough, online translation excerpt from Contact 711, October 8, 2018:

Billy Naturally, this is clear and cannot be refuted. But the whole thing requires a long training course, which we cannot simply deal with in our conversation, which is why I think that we will leave this topic alone. So I want to point out that recently in a private conversation it was said that the US-presidential Trampel Trump was not simply stupid, but pathologically stupid and also did not notice how he was badly influenced and abused in many things by his false <advisers> and other people surrounding him, <advisers> and vassals. This is especially the case with regard to Russia, because in this respect Trump is influenced by his surrounding Russia-hostile <consultants> in a unipolar and inflammatory way by Russia, which he does not realize in his stupidity.

PtaahThat is true, because Trump is so influenced all around both Russia and China and other countries in the world that the United States is the only state capable of unipolar leadership. In his stupidity and arrogance, Trump is increasingly degenerating into a more and more widespread form, attacking anything and everything he does not like in other countries, disrupting and destroying established contractual orders and agreements through false accusations, and also dissolving important treaties in order to enforce his <America first> in his confused sense. In doing so, he is also mistaken in the hope and belief that the whole American people will thank him for this. But this is not the case, because in spite of his unaccredited followers who are in bondage to him, there are also many clear-thinking and reasonable people who oppose his and his false <advisers> and vassals and unreasonable and hate-driving machinations with regard to hostility towards Russia, war, contempt of man, hegemony and disorder. It will come, however, that unneeded Trump madmen who have lost their minds will also viciously resort to dangerous acts of violence and treacherous attacks in order to infamously and insidiously take action against people who are not understood to be Trump’s machinations, to object to his confused actions and consequently to be eliminated. So people are to be brought to harm who publicly intervene against Trump’s unfair and all around hostility provoking machinations. It is a fact with regard to the pathological stupidity of Trump that he, in his paranoid state or in his constitution of ignorance and unreason, also shows a great degree of negative brain-organic changes, which is why he not only organizes confused cross drifts worldwide, but also builds up, arranges and stages malicious intrigues, in order to be able to really realize his electoral plans of his <America first>. The fact that he thus also endangers the security of the USA and the states of Asia and Europe and ultimately the dangerously shaky and dubious peace of the whole world, which suddenly can suddenly explode and lead to a nuclear war, is something neither Trump nor his misleading <advisers> and all those who negatively influence and support him in the hegemony delusion can grasp. All advisers> and other vassals who are ill with the same delusion and who are associated with his confused ideas are unable to judge what they conjure up with their irresponsible actions, let alone understand what misfortune that encompasses the world and mankind can arise from their delusional thinking and acting. Also that through the delusion of the naïve hostility towards Russia in the US government, as well as in that part of the US-American population, every peace effort is counteracted, which Russia since time immemorial and also in today’s time the Russian people and especially President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin are striving for, that does not bother all the fallible hostile towards peace in the government circles and in the part of the like-minded of the people in the United States of America.

This, while in contrast that understanding and rational minority of the US population is harassed and insulted as traitors, which wishes peace, freedom and justice as well as a conciliatory and social resp. accommodating and ready for peaceful concessions and treatable relationship with Russia. But the majority of the US government and US military as well as the US secret services, above all the CIA, but also the unneeded part of the anti-Russian US population, do not care about it.

And this carelessness also refers to the fact that Russia sees itself forced to go it alone with China, Syria, Turkey and Persia, etc., in order to do so. It is also the fact that Russia feels compelled to enter into unilateral relations with China, Syria, Turkey and Persia, etc., instead of establishing them in cooperation with the USA and involving all the other states in the world, thereby creating a start for world peace. But this will fail, as it has always failed due to the hegemonic mania of the USA, which will result in China and Japan – in spite of the old hostility from war times – also endeavouring to rapprochement and peace with each other again and possibly ultimately forming a unity against the hegemonic ambitions of the USA and defending themselves against them. But the power-hungry and anti-Russian state powerful of the USA, at present on the front line the Trump, which has fallen into pathological stupidity, his false <advisers> and the whole elitist vassalry cheering him on, as well as the unneeded anti-Russian part of the US population, are neither interested in peace, freedom nor justice in the world, but on the contrary only in their power and their increasing wealth from various sources from which they can enrich themselves. But also their cowardly fear of Russia urges the US state authorities to incite that part of the US-American people who are in bondage to them, as well as the states of the earth who are in bondage to them, against Russia, which is why they accuse Russia and President Putin of unfairness over their stupid President Donald Trump – who on the one hand is also in bondage to them, but on the other hand also increases himself foolishly and senselessly into an enmity against Russia. But Trump, in his pathological stupidity, in his self-assertion and in his megalomania, does not perceive how the malicious suggestive influence affects him, nor can he recognize and understand that, by carrying out his own and the agitation of his anti-Russian <era- ter> and vassals against Russia and other states into the world, he is only hanging on a loose thread – endangering <peace> and the continued existence of the world and its humanity. And the fact that he also cancels existing treaties and accuses other states, which at least maintain a <cold peace> in the world, of breaches of treaty and other unfair machinations etc., that he is not able to grasp either, nor the fact that in his stupidity he personally directs untenable suspicions of lies and defamation against Russia. He also does the same against other states, and by poeming them with dishonesty that has no truth, he also creates enmities that are directed against the USA. To this he also acts in this way by suggestively cheered on demands of his false <advisers> and vassals around him, whereby he is about to conjure up a new armament and arms race, whereby also nuclear weapons are included in these malicious plans.

It’s time we learned…

The Way to Live


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Thanks also to Norm DeCindis.


26 Replies to “Trump Faithfully Follows the Script to Destruction”

  1. What? This is the perfect definition of a self fulfilling prophecy I that you have a belief that Trump is stupid and therefore his Q supporters. Having no knowledge of the subject except to say that you know better, or that because certain Q truths have not come to pass make them invaid. This is insanity! In any military action deception is necessary you will use this as my way of using an excuse for why Q is not real and Trump has somehow gone off the rails. You have not done your homework on this assignment whatsoever. You are making assumptions and throwing blame as if YOU have the answers. I feel very afraid for you and your kind. What is it that you feel you know is happening within the tightest and most secure group on Earth which, we at backers don’t? I won’t poay this game. You are trying to play the role of some sort of master of reality. A reality that you know zero about. Peace with NK and Russia. Oh, I forgot. Russia is our sworn enemy and you know this. The back channels and the 2 hr meeting and ehatbthe ball meant by it being in Trumps court. Uranium being sold to our enemies along with our technology, but again you know the real truth. We, as supporters of Q, a very complex system of comms devised in order to discuss outside the fake news cycle. This is what’s called propoganda and they never ever thought he wouid win. How did he win? This could only be achieved IF the military was involved. Do you really wow us for being the idiots you say we are? That the world works the way you say it does because it’s the moossibie for a man to be so far ahead of you and all that think like you and to be winning. Winning beczuw if articles like this. This, again is a self fulfilling prophecy of its own or how effective the Q movement is. The man is cool as a cucumber and rants at the perfect times. Misspelled words for reasons you cannot comprehend because it lies outside your paradigm. You are a product of this world. A product of this deception going on for decades as a slow drip, drip, drip but because you do not understand it. Dear sir, you cannot understand it. The entire globe is erupt in chants of “we want Trump” yet the man is an idiot? The world is awakening from its slumber as in Times past and organizing against groups such as ANTIFA . Now there is a group that is idiotic, but I didn’t hear one peep about it. Who funds it? It’s no secret. Why is its flag the image of the Nazi flag? Yet, Trump supporters are Nazis. You are playing a game that you are losing. Badly. Study codes and code breaking and statistical anomalies and then get back to us. The world that is. You are stuck in a feedback loop of deception. Wake up young person Young soul and realize that your world is dying. You of all people should know what it is to be called an “idiot”.

    1. Let’s look at the statements and challenges you presented, which seem to be all over the place.

      You mention that “in any military action deception is necessary”, so I wonder if you consider the Q thing to be a “military action”, with you and others “soldiers” in the ranks. You misunderstand and think that I/we are in the “evil Russia” camp, apparently also thinking that we’re partisan to the left, care about tweets, support Antifa, etc., etc.

      So, the problem here is that, not surprisingly, you’re completely unfamiliar with the material that we reference and study, Let’s start with the fact that our friend, Mr. Meier, was already told, five months BEFORE the election that Trump would win. He was informed about the dangers he would face from the Democrats, the phony “Russian collusion” plot to steal the election, the fact that the defeat of Clinton prevented nuclear war…for now. I suggest you read this article and information linked from it:

      As I said, you apparently don’t know anything about this – and much more – while you enjoy the illusion of thinking that Q is some kind of “military action” that you’re actually involved in and that Trump is some kind of genius.

      You and many others get their “news” and insights from online pundits and various people who really don’t understand history or, especially…the law of cause and effect.

      Again, there’s no evidence of an actual “Q movement”, let alone an actual Q. Yes, we know, it’s really a bunch of brilliant patriots, intelligence insiders, etc., who send out cryptic messages some millennials can feel like they’re doing something important. One distraction after another, the “sealed indictments”, mysterious letter at the Bush funeral, military tribunals waiting to try the Clintons, Comey, etc.

      So you don’t notice the still ongoing military intrigues, the determination to provoke Russia into war in concert with NATO, and many other things. Catch up with some of this here:

      There’s quite a bit more that could be said but for now suffice it to say that in the…REAL world, important things aren’t accomplished by cartoon
      characters and their scattered followings. Nor do very impulsive leaders, even with some good intentions, portend a genuine movement towards peace and freedom.

      Please also use your full, real name for any subsequent posts. Unlike the heroes at Q, etc., we appreciate it when real people use their real names here. And feel free to learn more about this deep and extensive, amazingly accurate information, so that you can comment on it intelligently.


    2. Stay calm…use your emotional intelligence Go to jail. The guidance on the bottom right corner of the Q map should give you red flags. Why?

          1. The map is a little blurry on my phone, but does it say Pleiadian Guidance on the bottom right corner?

          2. Yes it does Melissa, spelled “Pleiadean guidence” which is like guidance, but, for dense guys.

          3. Well, well, well…it looks like the Plejaren may have known about Q all along. I guess Q doesn’t know everything after all or they would have known that there is no such thing as a “Pleiadean” connection. Thanks, Matt.

          4. Yes, those “Pleiadean” mishaps revealing, once again, the legible intelligence of the real Plejaren.

          5. LOL! Nice find Ryan!
            But me thinks the one wanting us to join it in it’s self-imposed jail believes the mendacious garbage these know-it-all megalomaniacal materialists with barely registerable intellects spew forth!

            And in agreeance with what Anthony”Bonzo Dog”Alagna said, further down the page, I think I might become a Chinese speaking faux Muslim. 😉

          6. On the bottom left of that map certainly explains the crazy Ascension nonsense so many spew.

    3. “Lookin’ like a muscle man
      You crawled out from the swamp
      Slimy, wild, you honey child
      Give me your hump (yeah baby!)

      You done my brain in
      You done my brain in
      Right in
      And I just can’t handle it
      You done my brain in!

      Don’t kiss me with your silver lip
      Don’t kiss me with your eye
      For god’s sake, gimme a break
      Let me crawl away and die….”

  2. As a long-term resident in Japan, I can attest to the changing heart relations between China and Japan. Chinese tourists are pouring into Japan to buy its products that it respects above its own unreliable ones. They are also increasingly appreciating the Japanese culture and how it has captivated the world. How the Japanese developed and refined their green tea culture that they inherited originally from China impresses them greatly, and they wish to emulate. The Japanese are also in appreciation of the immense economic boom this has been to their struggling economy. Japanese Chinese relations are growing ever stronger. The Japanese-Chinese nuclear power trade (yes, we know we’d all be better of without nuclear power, but that’s another issue) is under the radar yet staggering in content. Japan’s exports of nuclear power technology to China have grown to be as big as some of its major car exports! Such massive international trade is huge and of paramount importance to governments. They are working hand-in-glove on this.

    To our visitor with a focus on jail, I would just add that despite their influence and importance it’s not the military that decide who becomes president; it’s the voters. How many military votes were there compared with business, corporate, and industrial base votes? Perhaps it is repetition for you, but if not, I suggest you also look at the behind the scenes international war between the banking cartels and the industrial base. The corporate and industrial base silently support Trump because he stands against the banking cartels who want to control the issue of the US currency. Trumps stance there might be noble but that does not preclude idiocy or foolishness in any other areas.

  3. In my view, QAnon isn’t serious enough an agency to have picked up the deficit created by the fact-vacuum of western MSM. For example, their repeated story that North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un was a CIA puppet was just silly. Drugs are bad, mmmkay.

    On a positive note, many more people in the West now are turning to Russian media networks and not least because some of the most trustworthy Western journalists can still be found there.

  4. Sadly, the vast majority of people who refuse to put forth the effort and time to investigate Billy and his efforts since the 1940’s, will take the word of someone else that they “believe” will not lie to them. These same people always state “peer review” as their reason for accepting what others tell them, not even remotely realizing that the “peers” who review are no more knowledgeable about truth than the ones waiting to see the reviews. It is very much like my customers in automotive repairs, they want to call anyone who does not know what they don’t know incompetent, “so I’m the incompetent one because I can’t tell you what you don’t know”?

  5. In my opinion Trump has broken up and destroyed the West. This is connected to Meier’s 2020 collapse prophecy for the USA where he talks about her losing allies. There was a time when the Chinese hated the Japanese for example; wow how things can change. Now think how far Germany, as another example, has strayed, for better or worse, from the USA. Now who is more hated in the world than the USA, now more than ever, thanks to the “ugly American” fat man Donald Trump?

    Trump has also fractured western banking, by insulting and breaking with Europe and “making them pay”, when the whole financial system is dependent on all the allies maintaining the “best of the worst.” So it seems more and more Trump is creating chaos in the west… all the while Russia makes her strength and eastern alliances.

    Russia is a weapons leader and has made her revenge known if she is attacked. It is not like Russia in anything special when it comes to the spiritual teaching, and just plans to defend herself and others while bringing warmongers to justice on some deserted island. Certainly, Russia and other nations of the east, have not interfered with world affairs like the west has. But when one considers the Russian land mass and her population, there are more than enough resources to go around for everyone. On the contrary, the US world empire which has interfered in numerous foreign affairs to maintain currency/economic hegemony has needed to globalize to control the cost of living for average citizens by exploiting resources and cheap labor around the globe. This is especially true for Great Britain Pound and other dollar denominated currencies like the Euro, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar economies. The USA does this for survival and needs to seek resources abroad, along with the rest of the west, to keep up with this outrageous demand. Certainly it can be argued that US consumers, and most westerners, are WAY TOO GREEDY and should sacrifice their often outrages appetites so that the rest of the world can raise their standard of living.

    And in nature untouched by religious mankind, when overpopulation occurs with animals for example, in the wild, the limited ecosystem is eventually returned to balance. But not without a mass die out by the overpopulated. So it is natural that an overpopulated human mass will eventually kill themselves over their survival needs, with or without the USA in the lead.

    Forget about nations and their crackpot leaders, citizens have more freedom and opportunity in western nations than in countries like Russia where the limited economy is handed out to rich or connected cronies instead of organically rising from a rich and poor population with freedom to go from pauper to billionaire without being restricted by the state. This is one reason why the US economy is SO much bigger than the Russian. Certainly top predators battle it out when the jungle is strapped. But don’t think that up-and-coming world, economic leader China and her new fierce pet Russia will bring in a golden age once the USA finally loses her hegemony. Human greed is not solved once the US falls to a second or third world power. I would imagine that ordinary folks will have to continue to fight for their freedom and their peace for those 800 years or so. All the while, unless the up-and-coming eastern hegemony leaders solve the human overpopulation problem here on Earth, imo, there is still a threat of world war unless nations come together and control their populations so that the Earth reaches only 500 million humans as recommended by Figu.

    1. I would say I agree with you on many things. I don’t have all the intel that many have. I do know that 2020 doesn’t have to end with America being a third world country. I’m thinking more along the lines of why Billy said he would die years ago? Then didn’t. If Trump is the tree…I’m looking at the forrest. I’m clearing the thrush and burning the nonsense propaganda. It’s really hard work and takes a lot of rational thinking But we don’t have to set ablaze the entire forrest to find the truth. It’s gonna take time.

        1. I’m trying to find it for the board. As soon as I do I will post it. Also working on getting the “Qmap” link. Just wanted to respond so you know I’m working on it.

        2. I should clarify, I remember Billy being told he would die in an accident sooner. I’m doing my best to find this information. Thank you Michael. I’ve been wrong in the past and don’t feel hearsay helps the mission.

          1. In the early contact notes Semjase tells Billy that she doesn’t want to talk about his later death because it might make people think of him as a martyr. I always thought that likely to indicate an eventual assassination attempt would succeed. She didn’t say so, but thinking of him as a martyr would obviously not be the best feelings to help the mission go forward while he is alive.

  6. Interesting read however the name calling reveals the hatred the commenters posses toward other individuals.

    As for Billie? It seems his words are telling his readers that the Planet Earth, everyone & everything on its surface are merely a science experiment and however the human race reacts, the data will be collected.

    What good is a line of communication if the information is only to informs other.

    So if the old saying is “everyone has a role to play.”

    The questions are and remains, “Is Billie Meier & Michael Horn playing their role with the greatest efficiency?” and “Are these two men, with their shortcomings, doing more harm than good to those who read & listen to their words?”

    1. Hi Joe, the Earth humans are more like a nightmare than a science experiment. The data will be collected regardless of how we proceed and regardless of whether we all kill each other and the planet too. The Plejaren will not directly intervene in our affairs and why should they? They have done more to help us than any person on this planet, other than Billy. It is the Earth human’s unwavering selfishness, greed, laziness and religious delusion that would make someone believe that they owe us more than what they’ve already given. Humanity has no idea of the utter chaos and destruction that is coming, and when it does, they will cry and whine and wonder why no one warned us.

      Also, use your first and last name for any future comments. Thanks.

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