The Billy Meier UFO Prophecies Live in Sedona


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The real truth and the demise of the cynical UFOlogy fraud

This event is intended to inform people about the now unstoppable, coming, global upheaval, as foretold – often through time travel – by the Plejaren extraterrestrials and Billy Meier, as well as to break through the relentless barrage of disinformation directed at people interested in the topic of UFOs and extraterrestrials.

It’s time that the real truth was plainly spoken and available for those who are ready for it.

Unfortunately, UFOlogy itself has the least scientific, lowest standards of almost any field of interest, which allows the most nonsensical, patently false and outrageous claims, by completely unqualified and non-credible people, to be presented without evidence and/or substantiation.

Most of the disinformation-filled claims, willingly promulgated through the so-called UFO community, are generated by secret military (most UFOs are secret military craft) and intelligence groups. Their real, sole purpose is to prevent widespread awareness and examination of the singularly authentic Billy Meier UFO contacts, now spanning over 77 years in Switzerland. In fact, the Meier contacts are the real reason for, and object of, the so-called UFO cover-up.

Strangely enough, it is Meier’s singular authenticity that absolutely infuriates many so-called UFO enthusiasts, dabblers who trivialize the entire subject, childishly believing there “must” be any number of other actual “contactees” because they simply can’t fathom the staggering implications and significance of the actual, historically unprecedented reality.

For his trouble, Meier has been not only vilified and defamed but also the target of almost two dozen assassination attempts. While none of the many liars and charlatans peddling UFO nonsense are even mildly inconvenienced.

The self-seeking UFO profiteers, and those who pretend to be “contactees” with extraterrestrials, with their utter disregard for the truth, have harmed those they’ve misled, ensnaring them in their deceitful webs. And through their willful and knowing contempt for, and defilement of, the truth, they also bring upon themselves their own self-created consequences.

Certainly, the undiscerning, gullible, escapist, fantasy and entertainment seeking masses also willingly abdicate their own self-responsibility and critical thinking, thereby retarding their own evolution in the process.

The times demand that people get back into reality, to stop naively accepting outrageous claims as truth. Therefore, this event will…not be a forum to entertain people’s subjective claims  about UFO sightings, or so-called “alien abductions”, “alien-hybrid babies” and other delusions for which no actual, scientific evidence exists.

Now is the time that we must see things as they actually are, cease lying to ourselves and others, and prepare to deal with realities that will demand the utmost sobriety in order for us to successfully survive them. It will further require that we develop and/or strengthen healthy, mutually beneficial cooperative relationships.

All open-minded, rational, critical thinkers are welcome to pose any questions and challenges pertaining to the information and evidence presented. This event will be videotaped for subsequent widespread distribution.

The continuing fulfillment of the no longer avoidable events will also result in the inevitable demise of the cynical UFOlogy fraud, with its disinformation organizations like MUFON, TTSA, OpenMinds, etc., and equally complicit, pseudo-scientific groups like SETI.

The people were warned…and did they listen?

Some of the topics to be discussed include the:

  •  Global financial collapse and cashless society
  •  Massive, environmental changes and destruction
  •  Threats to the safety of the rulers and population of the USA
  •  Armed military and police attacks on the citizens of the country
  •  Plans for genocides against various groups by so-called elites
  • Illegal immigration and economic refugees
  • International terrorism and wars

Additionally, Michael will discuss aspects of the non-religious, belief-free spiritual teaching, the content of which holds the key to our future survival and conscious evolution.

There will be time for Q&A as well. You will definitely want to attend this very important presentation!

26 Replies to “The Billy Meier UFO Prophecies Live in Sedona”

  1. I dare you to murder 8.5B fellow human beings, no really, I dare you; and then stand there in the dark of night with absolutely no light but the starlight and say to yourself that you are better than those that you murdered.

  2. Dear Michael, I have been retired from the British fire service for seven years now and in that time I have completely changed my world view because I have had the time to educate myself. I know now that we are spiritual beings who reincarnate to progress spiritually. I know now that religion and democracy are an illusion. I know now that extraterrestrials are real, they are here and always have been. I try to see the positive in the world and in humanity. I know the “elite” have for millennia tried to turn us against each other to make us weak and easy to control.
    When I listen to what you have to say about such matters I am amazed that you seem to have come to the same conclusions as I have and it makes me feel less idealistic and foolish. I try to tell others close to me about the way things really are because I think that is the best I can do. Thank you sir.

    1. Thanks Michael, I’m always glad to hear from people who’ve discovered the truth. Of course it’s ever more important that we focus on the spiritual teaching and form healthy alliances with like-minded people. All indications are that the long foretold events and difficulties are coming to our world and we must do all that we can to be prepared in every way and remain balanced, helpful and of good cheer.

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